Michelin chef Hideki Matsuhisa, who is attracting attention for "Koy shunka", struggles in Barcelona, where corona infection is spreading!

Covid-19 infection is spreading in Japan as well. A state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo. The situation is even worse in Europe. The UK has a strong curfew.
In Spain, as many as 10% of the population are infected, and restaurants are usually difficult to open. In Barcelona, Spain, Japanese michelin chef Hideki Matsuhisa (Restaurant Koy Shunka) is working hard to break through the situation by opening a takeaway shop with famous chefs. He is trying to survive with new ideas without giving up even in difficult situations!

KOY SHUNKA’s Chef Hideki Matsuhisa is a professional Japanese chef, trained in the art of Japanese cuisine since young. Since his arrival in Barcelona Spain in 1997, he opened KOY SHUNKA in 2008, aiming to make the store a refined version of his former restaurant, SHUNKA.

It is a restaurant managed by Hideki Matsuhisa, the winner of a Michelin star. The chef and his team make Japanese cuisine with creative touches, a cuisine in which the produce is the most important thing, without forgetting the preparation and presentation of the dishes. They have two tasting menus which can be enjoyed in the dining room or at the bar, in front of which is the kitchen: this means that you can watch the chefs working. There is also a well-prepared wine menu.

Japanese restaurant in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter headed by chef Hideki Matsuhisa, winner of a Michelin Star. The chef and his team create Japanese dishes with original touches. The philosophy is that the quality of the product is pivotal, as well as, naturally, the creative process and the presentation, all perfectly executed in this restaurant. There are two tasting menus that can be enjoyed in the dining area or in the bar in front of the kitchen, where guests can see the chefs at work whilst sampling their dishes. The establishment also has an impressive wine list available for guests.

The number of corona infections in Tokyo exceeded 1,300 at the end of last year、Even this year, the number of people remains high at around 1,000 every day.、In the end, as many as 2,500 infected people have been confirmed.。In light of these circumstances,、Prime Minister Naoto Kan told a press conference that he would declare a state of emergency in response to the spread of the new coronavirus.。Therefore, one city and three prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area、We are adjusting the direction to move forward the request for shortening to restaurants。When a declaration is announced、The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is considering the target industry from the viewpoint of suppressing the flow of people.。

Tokyo is currently、We have requested restaurants that provide alcoholic beverages to shorten operations until 10:00 p.m.、The target is expanded to restaurants in general, and the opening hours are until 8:00 p.m. and alcohol is served until 7:00 p.m.。
When operating in accordance with a short request at this time、Restaurants serving course meals in the evenings are difficult to open as usual and may have to switch to à la carte.、In addition, izakaya etc. will not be able to open at the main time、It seems that more stores will be closed.。

Considering the situation where the infection will spread in the future, it may be a countermeasure that can not be possible、I'm skeptical that the infection will end by regulating only restaurants.。Even if you ask for a short time, the customer will eventually concentrate on the early hours and become denser.。Maybe it's time for more drastic behavioral regulations。

Still, Japan still has fewer infected people than the world.。In some parts of Europe, the infection situation is quite severe, especially in the UK, with more than 50,000 people infected a day.、We just issued strong outing restrictions across the country.。

In Europe, where there has been no improvement in the situation,、It was three years ago that I traveled to Europe before, and Barcelona in Spain will be the last.。

Rent an apartment right in front of Sagrada Familia to coincide with his wife's birthday、I miss the two weeks I spent watching the Sagrada Familia every day.。

While touring various Gaudí architecture, memories of touring various bar will be revived!

We also had a really great time enjoying delicious food at a restaurant prepared by Hideki Matsuhisa / HIDEKI MATSUHIA, a Japanese chef who attracts attention in Barcelona.。

Mr. Matsuhisa is active in Barcelona.、My parents' home is a sushi restaurant, so I went on the path of a chef from the age of 15.、After that, I went to Barcelona on the back of my sister who was studying abroad.。At that time, there were only about 20 Japanese restaurants in Barcelona, and the level was not so high.。Mr. Matsuhisa, who sees it as an opportunity, opened Shunka in 2001.。"Shunka" is popular by word of mouth when you can eat new Japanese dishes tailored to local people sticking to the ingredients at the counter seat。

Koy Shunka, which opened after that, had a big impact on the Spanish food and beverage industry with the concept of "a restaurant where you can see even cutting boards".、2013acquired a Michelin star in 2008、Sports from the business world、Captivating even Hollywood celebrities、He is now attracting a lot of attention as a Japanese chef who is active overseas.。

Also、Not only the operation of the restaurant、Actively holding various events and cooking classes to improve Japanese food culture in Barcelona。Such activities are evaluated、2017From the Consul General of Japan in Barcelona in 2008、Appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for The Spread of Japanese Food in 2017 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries。

Koy Shunka
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Koy Shunka/129751100419205/

Matsuhisa-san's Introduction Video

Koy Shunka is a restaurant with an open kitchen.、There was a live feeling because I could see the cooking in front of me!

It's as if you're being showed the stage you're directing.、It was an impressive restaurant that the staff who worked there also enjoyed it very much.。I was honestly surprised that you can eat japanese food of this quality in Barcelona!

At kaboyaki specialty store "Kak Koy", we will eat with Mr. Matsuhisa's family.、I had a very good time.。 Mr. Matsuhisa is very good friends with his wife,Mari Matsuhisa.、My youngest daughter Ena-chan still has a very cute impression! Recently, both the eldest son and the second son seem to be helping the shop.、Mr. Matsuhisa is supported by the family!

Mr. Matsuhisa's restaurant has nearly 100 employees in the entire group.、9Even though I'm a foreigner、Facing each person and japanese-style etiquette and manners、And we share our thinking and create strong teamwork.。

Mr. Matsuhisa values trust with the staff the most.、I'm surprised that there are half of the founding members left.。

It's hard to start your own business overseas.、Build a big team while educating the local people、Mr. Matsushita, who is leading the local restaurant industry, is no longer only a chef but also a manager、And he is expected to continue to play an active role as a mentor who gives dreams and hopes.。

Unfortunately, I can't go to Barcelona, Spain for the time being.。

Among Europe, Corona infection is spreading in Spain、Nearly twice as many people are infected than in the summer, and 10% of the population is infected.、Infection is spreading, especially in Barcelona。

The always lively old town and Gracia Street are also unbanked、Gaudí's architectural representatives, Casa Mila and Casa Batlló, also seem to be closed except on weekends.。

Of course, the Sagrada Familia, which was the most crowded with tourists, is also closed.。
There are now situations that we could not have imagined at all when we traveled.。

On October 25, the end of last year, a second state of emergency was declared.、It is prohibited to go out from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next morning.。

Madrid has moved in a direction that does not have major restrictions on the food and beverage industry.、Only Catalonia, mainly in Barcelona, has issued a 15-day suspension of operations to the food and beverage industry, leading to major demonstrations in the restaurant industry due to life and death issues.。

"The World's 50 El Celler de Can Roca is also a regular at Best Restaurants & BBVA' Chef Joan Roca laments this。
"We don't close restaurants in Madrid.、Closed in Catalonia。Nevertheless,、Corona-related figures are worse in Barcelona than madrid。You don't have to close the bar or the restaurant."。

More than 50,000 food and drink workers are said to have lost their jobs in Catalonia、It is expected that the situation will deteriorate further in the future.。

Regulations were lifted little by little toward the end of the year.、12Takeout from April 21:00To 22:00、Restaurant business is morning 7:30To 9:30、13 for lunch:00-15:30It seems that only only can be made.。
Given this situation, I think Japan is still better off.。

Mr. Matsuhisa's restaurant seems to be closed now.、Instead, famous chefs set up a takeout specialty store at Ametler Origen, an eco-themed luxury supermarket that opened last spring, and Japanese dishes such as sushi and sashimi、China、Italian、It seems to be popular locally when Catalan food can be tasted at a reasonable price.。

Ametller Origen

Introduction Video

Even under the hard circumstances of corona、Always having fun、Exploring new ways of life、I would like to support Mr. Matsuhisa, who is moving positively, from far away from Japan!

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