Explore the trendy Street in Taipei's Zhongshan station neighborhood luxury hotel, famous brand shops


Zhongshan station

As the trees were beautiful luxury hotels and famous brand shops、The upscale department store "Shin San Viet Nam West"Such as full、
One step、Renovated into alleys and cafes and grocery stores are scattered、
Is easy to enjoy the meals to shopping streets.、
RecommendedTaipeiOfZhongshanOf the city。This time the、So the stylish Street show。
Zhongshan stationFrom、Of the main streetZhongshan North RoadTo the head、3TurnOr4 ExitIt is recommended!

There are many hotels around, is a popular area in Japanese
In particular, perfect for the "Hotel」!

And a little luxury to those who seeHotel"Even stylish, is recommended.

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MRT freshwater lineOfZhongshan stationThe、
At the next stationTaipei stationAnd are connected by a long long underpass、
We enjoyed walking around15Minutes inTaipei main stationTo arrive。
ThisIn the mountains under the cityThe、The world's longestUnderground BookstoreKnown as、Often elongated Bookstore!


"Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department store"

Luxury department storesShin Kong Mitsukoshi Department storeThe、A famous dumpling "Ding Tai Feng"ofSouthwest storeAnd
Now known as a representative of the Taiwan restaurant "Kin leaves SHIN YEH"In。


"Ding Tai feng dingtaifung"

In the New York Times 'Top 10 restaurant in the world"Even baos chosen speciality served on
Shanghai cuisine restaurant chain store "Ding Tai feng dingtaifung"The new store"Ding Tai feng Southwest store"
2014On September 12,.To seeShin San Viet Nam West"1HotelOf2 floors undergroundA has been opened。
There is a popular restaurant、Filled with touristsHead Office of the Yong Kang cityAndTaipei 101 storeThe、
Wait approximately14 hoursIs necessary to determine the、Relatively、Click hereDIN Tai FungAnd I will feel that free。
However, as Taiwan's famous cuisine to eat once and、Are not very good at waiting for much more might!

Xiaolong inclusion famous praised as world's top ten restaurant DIN Tai Fung (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Southwest) of new stores


"Kin leaves SHIN YEH"

1977 yearTo just above Castle Street in Taipei started a small restaurant called 11 desktop "Kin leaves SHIN YEH"。
Reversed image of the Taiwan food had been told there are only porridge and small dishes、
Now known as a representative of the Taiwan restaurant、
Shop name、"Rosedale on the park for young、Leaf leaf flourish' From 'Kin leaves"And has been renamed。
Now、Taiwan food stores-5、Japan restaurant (buffet) 4 stores、Shabu Shabu cooking store、2 Curry restaurants, such as expanded、
Japan and Beijing、Have been opened in Singapore。
"Kin leaves"That took place in Japan"World travel fair"In the、In the famous restaurant as you introduce Taiwan cuisine、
Coming in many Japan celebrities are!
The singer's famous pork soft boiled is especially recommended dish!

In typical restaurants of the Taiwan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Southwest kin leaves and enjoy a variety of Taiwan cuisine!


"Taipei milk King (typeinyuluderwan)"

Here is、1994 yearIn the newly openedQuince milk (papaya milk)The specialty retailer
Using the Taiwan vegetables and crops、We devised a wide variety of drinks。
The papaya、Amount of high-quality enzymes、Woman is recommended for breaking down carbohydrates and lipids.


Zhongshan station areaIn a back alley、Lined with cafes and shops、Young people are popular.


"Miss V Bakery"

To reproduce the familiar childhood American bakery in Taipei、
In the flagship product "Cinnamon rolls-"In popularity、In a hot topic "Miss V Bakery"。
MRT "Zhongshan Station"From exit 4, 5 minutes walking distance、Also"Shuang Lian station"Exit 1 5 minutes walk in the back alley of、
White looks particularly eye-catching Navy awning is reflected in Bakery Café。

"Miss V Bakery" Want to give dreams to children to reproduce the familiar American bakery in Taipei!


"RUSUKASA"Furniture shops
All materials and using trees of Maple imported from the United States、
Without the use of chemical substances、Good furniture is handcrafted in Tainan plant。
The next 'g.love"Apparel Shop


"Taipei, home (Taipei Ze Messenger)"

Film director "Hou study k."And then produce、Former American Embassy residenceNice stylish café & bar & grocery stores。
Click the article introduction to this facility!

' Taipei, House ' complex which plays former U.S. Embassy site and produced by film director


Nanjing West RoadAndFurther, North Zhongshan Rd.The intersection


"The Okura Prestige Taipei Okura prestige Taipei"

From Zhongshan station 3 minutes walk、5 minutes by car from the Taipei main station.、Taipei Songshan Airport by car about 15 minutes。
Japan beauty and elegance to modern classic space offers a high-quality service。


Okura original souvenirs a great pineapple cake

Pineapple cake sold in this ground floor shop is perfect for souvenirs。Major in Taiwan fever mountain hills and the same sour Taiwan pineapples, as a material、Different every single package is being used is pretty ♪ price 12 pieces is 480 original、20Pieces are 780 Yuan。


"Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei Hotel, Royal, Fisherman's Wharf, Taipei"
Located in the North of the Okura、From Zhongshan station 3 minutes walk、5 minutes by car from the Taipei main station.、Taipei Songshan Airport by car about 15 minutes。
JAL Hotels GroupIn the hotel under the umbrella of、Use of many Japanese tourists。


"Regent Regent Taipei Taipei"

From Zhongshan station 5 minutes walk、Civic Center、Cultural monuments、Shopping、Convenient access to entertainment venues。
Forest ParkIn the adjacent and the location was good、Is a popular Japanese high-quality。
The basement of the hotel and shopping mall,、Also area is linked by high-quality brand-name shops、Convenient shopping。


"Zhongshan amba Taipei"

North Regent
As a second brand Ambassador "Eco-friendly、High-tech、Creative"Three major concept
"Zhongshan amba Taipei"2015March 5In the open。
Here is、1970DatingOf the over one-year old office building and renovating、
Design、Eco-friendly architecture and famous designerGuo Ying 釗Are responsible for。
Fashionable, reasonably priced amba is on young people is very popular!

AMBA-North mountain articles, click here!




Without going into the back alley of Okura、Because there are souvenir shops and eateries、It is fun to stroll around the hotel.
Showa area include Mountain House's hideaway restaurant。
Pattern of eating at your restaurant click here!

Gorgeous Taiwan hospitality food behave Sankai 樓 early modern Western-style building was renovated


Nanjing East Road further and Lin Sen North Road intersection

Zhongshan station in the area to park more green、Blessed with the environment.


Nanjing East Road further and Lin Sen North Road intersection

"Wen Zhou great 餛 飩 (wenzhowderfntun)"

At the store front looks aWontonYield to temptation of sister showing off his sleight of hand to enter the shop (lol)
Very cheap、In the moment when alot of shops!
Of the diet here、Please click here!

Wenzhou University 餛 飩 fresh handmade dumplings and soup are delicious Taiwan local food


In the 2 floor of the building next to the McDonald's "吉星港式飲茶"The business is very convenient 24-hour。
Have reasonable restaurants and shops、The taste is good, is a good idea!
Of the diet here、Please click here!

"吉星港式飲茶" Family restaurant specific breakfast set menu 24 hours a day by far Desc.




Walking around in the alley down the Nanjing East Road further South to variously still hits the shops so interesting!


"Aoba Zhongshan store"

To the Japanese of the familiar long-established Taiwan restaurantAoba groupThe head office in、Menu is the Japan language, easy-to-order shops。


"High above Zhongshan Kai Chi"

Retro 3-storey building、3Shanghai specialty shop of long standing have been handed down over the generations.。


Next in line、Tea leaves and Xiao Long Bao、The massage storeZhongshan North Road, one...NorthChangchun Road.The introduction!

Xiao Long Bao and Taipei Zhongshan station master spring road tea leaves、Massage shops with local shopping

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Nanjing East Road, Taipei, 9th

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