To the border between India and Nepal, Buddha home to Kapilavastu and South

Shakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)In his hometown inKapilvastu (Kapilavastu) KapilaFrom、EnlightenedBuddhaThe monastery "Kahn (Kudan)"Visits to the ruins、Through the GOTY how (Gotihawa) village and bedauli (Bedauli)、Located about 30 minutes south by car. "Border between India and Nepal (India-Nepal Boder)"To!

On the border between India and Nepal between、Is the most frequently visited tourist border "Snowli (Sunauli)"To be、This is not widely known borders! Nepal-India among、In all six areas and borders open to foreign travelers、If the Japanese entry into India、Required to obtain a visa in advance.

You can watch the scenery of the border to India from Nepal! His calm for Nepal、India people will say it looks like a rugged countenance?

At border checkpoints、The guards eyes are glowing!

Guide in NepalNareshAnd I'm getting、Mother'sPremia (Premmaya)Mr. sister's(Rita)The、Nepal-order can move freely across India during、Temporary、To India!

Nepal-India between border、2015The new Constitution was enacted in September、India ethnicity "Madhesh" has complained to the contents of the new Constitution、Did protests at border crossings to 2/2016 until about 4 months things between、India is unofficial, it closed the border to。The border blockade logistics flows.、The Nepal relied on imports from India.、Decreased supply of necessities of life、Primarily a lack of fuel and medicines has been serious is。The possible cause delays reconstruction problem and meanwhile is India?。

Women Sari clad in a body、Have been seen carrying carrying food, such as overhead、It deftly transports with a fine sense of balance! Among them、Women walking with the huge drum was!

CapitalKathmandu (Kathmandu)Compared to the lower over 1000 m、Humidity will increase me Sims hotLumbini (Lumbini)In the Buddha birthplace Tour concludes in this! Touching on the history of the Buddha was a valuable experience of the countryside!

Towards the evening flight、The straight "Bylaw Airport (Bhairahawa Airport), also known as Gautama Buddha Airport (Gautam Buddha Airport)."To go!

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