Monastery caught enlightened Buddha and the monks 'kudan' site

Tilauracott (Tilaurakot)From a location 10 km South、EnlightenedShakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)The monastery "Kahn (Kudan)"There remains!

Lush grass green grounds overflowing、We are nigroda Arboretum site、Now became a mango forest、We have a park-like landscape!

EnlightenedShakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)The、6Year by Shakyamuni Buddha in his hometown after country "Kapilvastu (Kapilavastu) Kapila"To when you return、My father'sKing suddhodana (Śuddhodana)Returning to the Royal Palace.、This monastery "Kahn (Kudan)"The has been caught and fellow monks and。

On the outer wall、He engraved designs!

On the Hill、The Chedi (Stupa)Also obsolete and、During the、In the business of GodGanesha (Ganesha)For there was a stone statue!

Probably in the village came closer in their innocent face!

Also visit tourist destinations in Nepal、Young children rupees、Will be using, such as "money" and begging。Poor children are told from parents、Collect money in the tourist attractions?。The innocent faces of children from compassion?、Many tourists end up giving money to、Parent's staking to taste it、Without children to school in the past has said。GuideNareshAnd it is why。"Education is necessary for the development of this country。Stop giving money for the children's future "and。

From the staircase of the monastery ruins overlooking the grounds and、It increases your feeling good it is!

Got straight to the Liceu、India-Nepal borderTo!

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