In the Nepal national costume [Kultur & SL world"challenge in style!

The final day、And enjoy the end of Nepal、PatanThe "Durbar square (Durbar Square)"Head went in costume shop!

Go to enjoy the fashionable women of Nepal "Mini & # 8217s; s Collections"To! To celebrate Nepal tour、I want to pick up with a Nepal women clad in their costumes and、Many many went to the one that、Our hospitality in the most polite、This was the favorite design shops!

Of the ownerMiniace Shaka (Minisha Shakya)To、Bright orange and green with integrity、Like in shades such as blue clear、Studded neckline bijoux ornate designs that communicate、It fitsKultur (Kurta)Extend whats the point!

The women of Nepal、Traditional costumesSally (Sā Nirvana ī)Of any other、-Length and long coatKultur (Kurta)And long pantsSL world (Suruwal)The set of "Kultur & SL world (Kurta Suruwal)"Have。Sally、And considered the winding cloth on their own hard、Click here feel free to choose! I love costumes、Dress-up doll to try this or that while spend blissful hours! Finally、In a perfectly fit my taste and my husband's favorite so far、Number of pointsKultur (Kurta)We have to buy!

Owners assiduously polite variously advised meMiniace Shaka (Minisha Shakya)Of thanks、I also get the desire in style! Patterns that will benefit from、Come see"Mini & # 8217s; s Collections"To!

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