9 day finally came the last day breakfast and pensions area walks

Nepal tour 9 day and last day、PatanOfPLE chowk (Pulchock)Located in the district "Pension assert (Pension Suzt)"The staff greet and will last! On this day、To cherish each day in Nepal、National Costume "Kultur & SL world (Kurta Suruwal)"Wearing、In the amount ofTICA (Tika)With、Return home in style!Namaste! (नमस्ते) good morning!

Breakfast became subject to additional fees and expenses、1Foods $6.5(Japan yen approximately 728 yen) becomes increasingly! It is a breakfast of the last days I'm happy as long as Japan! Also、Freshly cooked dinner for tour membersKatahira Jin man (Kimio Katahira)Let's you bring homemade pickled ume、The time of bliss! The ideal breakfast、But Japan food.

After breakfast、For about an hour until the set time、And to walk around the hotel、Shops had been ago "Readymade Kultur Pasar (Readymade Kurtha Pasal)"To enter the shop!

Daughter mother and family inResume (Joshi Reshma)The shop、Tell you about design、Kultur (Kurta)Showing、Purchased with a pashmina scarf!

Kultur (Kurta)The often flamboyant designs、Effective aperture in the Westmark design comes the feminine line、Is so popular with young women.

Any grown-up feeling、Yet some 24-year-oldResume (Reshma)In "you are heck some one? "And asked、"I am 44 years old. "and to tell you、And your motherResume (Reshma)The first round, we are surprised。"What should I do、For being so young? "The question、But my husband see It & # 8217s; s a Magic!"And tell me, I have been taking the laughter (lol)

Back to the pension and、GuideMaharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)San's motherPremia (Premmaya)Mr. sister's(Rita)Me come and see! Very gently, look for good(Rita)The、Nepal to teach many an enjoyable day。The next time、Upon meeting "Sally to try!"And I promise!

"Pension assert (Pension Suzt)"ofQin from the enmei (Nobuaki Hata)Facebook and become a wifeMotives choli Shaka (Chhori Sanu Shakya) And it is whats been really good! Hospitality unique to Japanese owners feel sunlit suspension also take advantage!

Is the pick-up of the Liceu.、Luggage is starting! Farewell to this life also soon became accustomed to it that when I was facing for、If you have the opportunity、It is you want to stay a little bit slowly.

PatanFrom capital approximately 30 minutes by car.Kathmandu (Kathmandu)To be 'Tribuvan International Airport (Tribhuvan International Airport)"To go!

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