Buffet style breakfast at Lumbini, casual hotel "Hotel Ananda Inn"

"Lumbini Garden (Lumbini Garden)"The entrance gate,Lumbini Bazaar (Lumbini Bazar)To be walking "Ananda hotel (Hotel Ananda Inn)"To the night! Had a thunderstorm the night before、Morning temperatures are mild as unthinkable in the Lumbini late29℃Next、2On the day had the privilege of crossing very good weather! Nepal stay 10 days from beginning to end up sunny day、Sunny is pleased with girl power!

Early in the morning、His family goats to take a walk on the street day I will be healed fluff!

A stroll around the hotel、Guests can enjoy a peaceful town of Lumbini.

1Restaurant for breakfast、Set 7:30 in the morning, Let's enjoy the breakfast!

Breakfast is、It is Buffet Style for、Side by side individually and serve!

Toast two fried eggs、Sauteed potatoes、Water buffalo milk with coffee、Whats the mango juice Pack?

Health was constantly upset in the day eased symptoms and、Is headaches and nausea was relieved because meals and breakfast! At this time、Both ankles was bitten by a poisonous was the incubation period、After this, from the domestic flight area、It is going to feel the swelling of the ankles! Lumbini day two、Small spent childhood Buddha "Kapilvastu (Kapilavastu)"To go!

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