Lumbini Hotel Hotel,"Little Buddha" restaurant at lunch.

Lumbini (Lumbini)The "Ananda hotel (Hotel Ananda Inn)"From the hotel on foot"Little Buddha hotel (Little Buddha Hotel)"Head to the restaurant! The Hat will have coordinated all of the delegation of Nepal tour, Nepal、Nepal tour tour guideMaharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)Sannnosannno's motherPremia (Premmaya)Mr. sister's(Rita)It is a great gift from! 被reba Hat、Still wondering whoNepali (Nepali)In the you can!

Cattle on the back with the big Cobb、A kind of cattle "Cattles or Cebu cattle"And says!

Located in the alley next to the bottle in 2 minutes walk from "Little Buddha hotel (Little Buddha Hotel)"To arrive!

Hotel restaurant at lunchtime! To tell the truth this time.、And still having periods early 11 am lunch、Place to stay "Ananda hotel (Hotel Ananda Inn)"In the restaurant、It could not be ready in time out、"Little Buddha hotel (Little Buddha Hotel)"Now in the restaurant! Also being hit by the sudden schedule change and trouble、It was in many ways really thanks to Ares, who promptly! Thanks!

Even to this day cheer better beer at cheers! During the Nepal tour "It started with beer、Over beer."And feel、Really were drinking beer! (Lol)

"EVEREST"The、Everest beer brewery in Mount Everest has built Premium Lager、You ever seeTUBORG' , 'Gorkha (GORKHA)"Even more crisp and spicy in taste by far! But beer must be dry! Everest beer ingredients、Chosen to stream water from the Himalayas with domestically produced barley malt and aromatic are used in、Is the Mt. Everest 8848 m above sea level the world's highest level of deliciousness!

In the morning depart Kathmandu、Because it was without breakfast、Order a staple food in a short period of time and the Swish!

"Fried rice (Fried Rice)"Nepal is、Because its neighbors China and India、I feel the impact of China and India cuisine。Long known as basmati, flip and the IndicaRice、Perfectly fried rice! Than fried rice with Chinese cuisine and light and tender and flavorful!

"Thukpa (Thukp)"With dishes such as udon and ramen noodles、Tibetan cuisine blend to the eating habits of the people of Nepal. Also salt-based tender and flavorful soup.

Noodles、In the straight noodles made with wheat flour a little soft.。Vegetables contains plenty of、I feel too sweet! Enjoy the taste changes in who served with chili peppers in vinegar!

By the way well made、And the birthplace of the Buddha、And holy places of Buddhism "Lumbini Garden (Lumbini Garden)"To go! Boasting extensive grounds in the garden、In Thailand tuk tuk-tuks rather like "Tempo (Tempo)"Or a three-wheeled rickshaw"Rickshaw (Rickshaw)"It is recommended!

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