Pilgrimage at the holy place of Buddhism and the birthplace of the Buddha that Lumbini garden

In the Buddha's birth placeLumbini (Lumbini)For the Buddhist holy land "Lumbini Garden (Lumbini Garden)"The entrance、We came to the East Gate. The Lumbini Park、1997Year and registered on the UNESCO World Heritage site、Seeking peace of mind and peace Buddhists from all over the world and attracts pilgrims!

In the extensive grounds、Built to commemorate the birthplace of Buddha, "Mayadevi Temple (Maya Devi Temple) Maya Temple"For as well as the misono、Buddhist temples around the world (World Temple in 15 European countries 22) to seeTemple district (Monastic Zone)"、Hotels "New Lumbini village (New Lumbini Village)"And divided into three areas、Places as a holy place for Buddhist pilgrimage to Buddhists around the world. The Lumbini garden、Under the various archaeologists unearth、1970To be developed as a Center for pilgrimage and tourist destination in、International Committee。After、Are being developed、1985Lumbini Development Corporation was established in the year、Japanese architects ' urban planning 'Kenzo Tange"According to the master plan designed by Mr.、Built around the temple, where it remains today.

The extensive grounds、Turn on foot because it takes time too、In Thailand tuk tuk-tuks rather like "Tempo (Tempo)"Or a three-wheeled rickshaw"Rickshaw (Rickshaw)"It is recommended! This time、4-Seater "Tempo (Tempo)"In 4 groups、Due to the turn、GuideNilesMr. driver was negotiating the price! Why is、Double the price in Nepal and tourists is different from or more!

Standard Chartered approximately 2 hours "Tempo (Tempo)"The、1Car1,000RS (Japan Yen JPY 1070)The chips as payment! However,、This day was over in 2 hours、Now it takes 4 times as long to、Took no extra charge! The colours "Tempo (Tempo)"The、Awning covered, so I'm happy!

We ride "Tempo (Tempo)"The driver is、The finely chiseled and featuresHadirataniLet's you charge! Driving speed is about 30 km、Pleasant breeze, feeling nature park shows a exhilarating ride in!

Around and watching all the temple located in the temple garden、For hanging over time too.、A representative Temple will up for grabs! First visited the Temple "Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan Monastery)"It is! Or rather than Temple、Resort hotel-like building is impressive! Go up the stairs and、Golden in the Zazen meditation Buddha is a hit!

Temples around the world、Organised by donation (donate)、Temple has set up donation boxes! The Temple of Sri Lanka、Nice vivid colors depicting the life of Buddha murals!

Golden Temple "Myanmar (Myanmar Monastery) Myanmar Golden Temple' Is!Loka many Kura pagoda (Pagoda Lokamani Cula)The、In YangonShwedagon Pagoda (Shwedagon Pagoda)And style、It is a stunning Golden stupa. In Myanmar、Because it is what barefoot in the Temple of、Take off your shoes and worship! This was built in 1996 and、In the monastery, one of the oldest temples.

Next is "Nepal Temple:Gautam nun Temple (Gautami Nun & # 8217s; s Temple)"It is! Features of the Temple in Nepal、Cute eyes seen in the pagoda that is! Pagoda and looking quite surreal.、Because they represent the figure actually Buddha sitting Buddha eyes. Here we、GuideNilesSan's motherPremia (Premmaya)Mr. sister's(Rita)Visit was!

In the Park、Cattles and buffaloes、Goats and monkeys、Birds, such as freedom to coexist、In the eyes of animals show will get relief!

Next is "India Buddhist institutions:Maha-body Association (Maha Bodhi Society)"。The Buddha and the founder of Buddhism、Here in NepalLumbini (Lumbini)The Prince ShakyamuniGautama Siddhartha (Gautama Siddhartha)And became a priest after the birth and、Of IndiaBodh Gaya (Bodhgaya)The "Body Temple, Maha (Maha Bodhi Temple)"The open enlightenment under the Bodhi tree is!

Beautiful temple with a glamorous Royal white "Royal Monastery of Thailand (Royal Thai Monastery)"It is! The Temple of the Kingdom of Thailand, love、It will be magnificent decoration!

Flows through the center of the ParkCentral (The Central Canal)The next to the South through the dash、More and more towards Japan Temple!

Is ahead of the Canal "Lumbini (Lumbini Museum)"We have seen!

Cretaceous Canal where the towering pagoda "Japan Mountain Temple, also known as:Japan Temple (world peace Buddhist Stupa:World Peace Pagoda)"My will! Temples around the world、The training experience with、Japan Temple is famous for very severe、Not so much in popularity for tourists Japan Mountain Temple is so (laughs), Nichiren Buddhism for "Namu Myoho renge Kyo"Disagree.、Early morning prayer begins from 4:30、It was continued until the evening、And modest meals such as vegetarian meals、Extreme ascetic monk experience is waiting!

"Japan Mountain Temple, also known as:Japan Temple (world peace Buddhist Stupa:World Peace Pagoda)"In the background、Heavens whole countryThe shot at posing!Buddha (Buddha)The、Mrs. Maya (Māā)The has been born from the right side and、Immediately walking 7 steps、Right in pointing to heaven、With his left hand pointing to the ground "Heavens whole country (tennjioutennge uigdokusonn)"And disagreed with tradition!

Blue、White、Tri color red Temple、All the same "France (French Monastery)' Is!

Sally up wear wearing、People go on a pilgrimage。

Surprisingly the glitz "Germany (German Monastery)"。

Had been closed "Tibetan Temple (Tibetan Temple)"。

"Lin Sun Temple (Linh Son Temple)"。Here also was closing!

In the Mahayana Buddhist sect of Buddhism "Nepal-Mahayana monastery (Nepal Mahayana)"。

Nepal temple for、GuideNilesSan's motherPremia (Premmaya)Mr. sister's(Rita)Your visit!

In the yellow color of the big impact "Canada Richmond Priory (Thrangu Monastery Canada)"。It is a traditional Tibetan monastery was built at the beginning of Canada Richmond!

But in the Park continued scale and scale "China (Chinese Monastery)"。

The Chinese temple、Greater than any country with temples、It is obvious that construction costs are astronomical!

Pomp in the decoration of the temple is a sight to behold.

That last's most popular training experience "Korea (Korean Monastery)"! And training among meat eating、I heard very good restaurant!

Central (The Central Canal)Around and around and around、On the Canal and seeJapan Mountain Temple, also known as:Japan Temple (world peace Buddhist Stupa:World Peace Pagoda)"Looks like floating、It is a beautiful sight it is! Also built in such great place、Japanese architect "Kenzo Tange"Thanks to the said master plan?!

From here forward "Misono (Sacred Garden)"The、Could not get in on foot except for、Once "Tempo (Tempo)"Walking down the head。Used the fitness equivalent staff in various temples so far、All the same "Tempo (Tempo)"The can be kept during a move fitness thanks to helpful! Hot intense cumshots and humid very hard on the body is、Now buckle down to it!

Young Buddha "The Budhisattiva Siddhartha"Along with the picture! And I、I may be.、Which as the birthplace of the Buddha "Misono (Sacred Garden)"To and enter!

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