Terrace dinner at Lumbini "Tashi Delek Restaurant.

Buddha's birthplace "Lumbini Garden (Lumbini Garden)"Tour, half day、Evening at 5 pm dinner early to you to Tibet and Nepal cuisine restaurant "Tashi Delek Restaurant"To! Restless is the heat of the day、You set the air outside is cozy terrace、You can cook up to have a drink here!

Lumbini Bazaar (Lumbini Bazar)The will is at the entrance to the restaurant! To the terrace、Us set two huge fans and comfortable!

Click here also、In the merged company and Carlsberg of Denmark's golkabrewery "TUBORG" And "Gorkha (GORKHA)"Order! This time、I'm a heat stroke-like symptoms (dizziness, facial hot flashes、Nausea、Severe headache), and unbalanced condition、Because it was constantly upset、Stop the beer to soda pop。At this time yet.、But I was totally unaware that the insect had bitten both ankles in the misono、Much like already the poison eats my body.、Gradually became worse symptoms! This time、During the special considerations when traveling to Lumbini、UV and insect protectionHad been important for、UV spray brought from Japan and bug spray was blowing throughout the body。However,、It is later found out that the、Japan insect repellent spray、That seems to work on mosquitoes in Nepal、That doesn't help much in the geographical、Speaking of either、It is effectively like Tiger Balm Peppermint scent!

Of the mission started.、The oldestSugiyama NoboruIs it even physically at all be acceptable、I have been happily spent the long-awaited Bill time.

"Lijjat papad"The lijjat papad better eaten in South Asia、Like how to make depending on region and home every、Like a thin crackers made from beans or rice flour。Salt and spices are formulated for、Enjoy a crisp and delicious even with、Even on the beer is the best!

On the road driving off the tractor、Are seaweed cow roams gracefully!

Not even connected to anything、Not even drawn by someone、Air was walking on the streets and calm streets made me think!

White-haired dandy for Nepal Hat look like local people岸山 so,Mr.! Was musing to one hand very good nice!

Ready meal by the time store to shop!

"Dal Bhat tarkari (Dhal Bhat Talkari)"。The cuisine of Nepal cuisine、Dal (bean soup)、Bart (rice)、Tarkari (side dish)、It is a well-balanced Achar (pickles) were placed in the plate lunch! This is、Bean soup, or piled on the plate、Rice and are molded into location by type、Looks pretty easy to eat! Mitch! (मिठो छ) delicious!

"Spicy Braised beef ribs"Bone is、Very relaxed and pulled himself has been Braised soft、It is a lingering spicy and delicious!

"Vegetable soup"。Staple "Dal Bhat tarkari (Dhal Bhat Talkari)"The、For hot, I totally eat、Ares's Guide please、I just had to order soup separately。Could not the mouth only about half、Delicacy gentle can't believe my stomach happy!

My husband had eaten "Dal Bhat tarkari (Dhal Bhat Talkari)"Even that I got just a little taste、The restaurant、What food is delicious!

At the end of the meal, sink、Here is Dim! Return to the hotel is within walking distance、After a review of the day's schedule、Early dissolution at 7 pm! To heal the sick、To rehydrate, and went to bed early with a headache medication、Became an overnight hit by thunderstorms like lie on this sunny day、Thanks to the drugs and get deep sleep!

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