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To the Japanese owned hotel "Lumbini Hotel Kasai"!


Lumbini (Lumbini)Then boarded the Liceu two were booked in advance、2Day started very well! In the capital Kathmandu have no rush、Is a comfortable and peaceful city.

In the Lumbini、Hotel operated by Japanese owner Kasai devout (Tokushin Kasai) said "Lumbini, hotels, Kasai (Lumbini Hotel Kasai)"There! This is、"Lumbini Garden (Lumbini Garden)" Of "New Lumbini village (New Lumbini Village)"Of the area、It is very convenient to enter a Lumbini garden!

Lumbini Hotel KasaiThe、2005Since it opened on the 20th October、At all times、For the time of healing and resident staff、Greeted us with great hospitality! Also、Thorough and Japan standard of services to the local Nepal who staff、Attention can be seen!

In the hotel lobby、There is a shop selling outfits in Nepal and handicrafts such as! In the restaurant、Made with fresh organic vegetables were grown in the hotel's organic farm、Japan and Nepal cuisine、New sensations with India cuisine, such as Fusion cuisine is served!

And of the 30 guest rooms、3228 rooms with square meters of standard class、90Square-meter suite and 2 rooms available、All rooms have air conditioning and refrigerator as well as、Surprise that will made in Japan TOTO Washlet toilet! Floor and bathtub Asuka yuuki、Enhanced features such as hair dryers and toiletries is service to women!

With exhilarating views of the interior courtyard planted with lush green grass、Enclose around at intervals as spacious designed rooms、You can have a quiet time!

Morning soft natural light poured in the courtyard、Rain on the eve of the 艶meki、To plant their fresh face peeps will be healed!

Hotel Japan Representative ManagerMasami sodeyama (Masami Sodeyama)Is going to make for your greeting、Hotels in Lumbini, ask! Also currently under construction in Lumbini international airport scheduled completion in 2020、Towards increasing our international tourism、Also it is bustling with construction and。When next visiting the Lumbini、May have different views view。Lumbini Hotel KasaiThe、That is poor at English and is recommended for those who are asked to secure stable service hotel!

Buffet style breakfast at Lumbini, casual hotel "Hotel Ananda Inn" To the palace ruins of Shakyamuni Buddha spent 29 years 'Kapilavastu"!
Buffet style breakfast at Lumbini, casual hotel "Hotel Ananda Inn"
To the palace ruins of Shakyamuni Buddha spent 29 years 'Kapilavastu"!


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