Historic Taiwan around! Seeking a new attraction to major hotel and restaurant coverage


2016 March 27, (Sunday)-4/10 (Sunday)Until the2Weeks
ladeTheTaiwanOf the capitalTaipei CityAnd、
KentingKaohsiungTainanyilanAnd、This time theTaiwanAround and around Ko、Interview travel。
The Taipei City, Taiwan、And the capital city of Taiwan well on the banks of the river flows through the northern part of Taiwan and on descending River。
Taipei City, which is located near East Asia and the Pacific between 25 degrees north latitude,、
Characterized by a subtropical climate affected by Mongolian high pressure and warm and humid Pacific high pressure system、Remarkable seasonal variation area、
Generally 3-spring month of may、6-August, summer、9-Fall for 11 months、12Between February and winter、
Current、Temperatures in Taipei City facing a spring as with Japan13From around 26 ° c. in、
And the climate of Japan in spring and autumn、Is somewhat warmer than spring in Japan。
In additionSouthern part of TaiwanTo hitKentingAndKaohsiungTainanThe、15-At around 29 ° C will be warmer than Taipei.。
The best season for the Taiwan travel、3-May、Also 10-11To become、This makes Taiwan weather great!
Time difference with JapanThe、Minus 1 hourAs for the、Not to worry about jet lag。
TaiwanOf the currency is、NT $ (New Taiwan dollar) in、2016March, 27.In the current rateNT$1=3.47CircleAnd will be。
Pro homeFor many Taiwan security、Has been relatively safe and。

The last、2015January 7, (Thursday)-1/15 (Friday)The travelers visited Taiwan,、
The newly opened and major hotels in Taipei Steakhouse and freest run has been covering mainly、
This time the、TaipeiOnly to go beyond、TaiwanThe second largest city inKaohsiungIntroduction、
TaiwanThe southernmost resortsKentingSuch as、Most of the major hotels in CentralTaiwan gourmetThat became a journey、
WholeTaiwanThe new appeal could tell you。
And edit the article after you return home、Will be up, so please stay tuned! (look!)

[HOTEL stay:
Taipei "PALAIS de CHINE (your hotel)"、
Kenting "GLORIA MANOR (Kenting Ding Hua Tai Jui-en)"、
Tainan "Silks Place Tainan (English-South Pudong)"、
Kaohsiung "CHATEAU de CHINE (mikegb Taipei Kaohsiung)"、
Ilan "Silks Place Yilan (ran Jing Ying hotel)"、
Taipei "The Sherwood Taipei Taipei West China"
[Interview Restaurant]
"La Rotisserie"、"Le Palais"、"MU lounge"、"MU RESTAURANT"、"City at night"、
"ROBIN's"、"Pasadena"、"Jing Ying hotel"、"Harbour Restaurant"、
"Red Lantern"、"Yi Yuan"、"TOSCANA"、"B-one"、"Yellow Lemon"、"Bencotto"、"Pin Chuan Lan"、
"Dunhua No.168 PRIME Steak House"、"Shun Yu hotel"、"Chunyu"、Fishermen who ferry heads yum cha、"32Row House"。

[Last interview Taipei special page]
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