Great success! "16th annual slow city in law was" happy adult gadgets, city's concept


Every year the annual general eventSlow cityAlso16ThNow。
Fukuroi, Shizuoka PrefectureTo the oneHattasan in2016April 24-day(Day)To organize、
Too much uneasiness of sudden bad weather the day before we had、
On the day of everyone's thoughts reach though、Even with good weather, many people visiting us for、
Usual sequence.、We will look at that became a great success more than 3000 visitors。

And the low city、Sewing machine with low、Made to slow cooker,
Imagine the sounds of handwork "Slow city"And was named、
Western general store、Eating and drinking places、Woodworking at the Baker Center、Cloth、Skin、Pottery、Such as glass
Popular writers, this is a market where only one day。

The theme is "Glad grown-up gadgets city"。
Material like、Like texture、Love the design。
Aim gadgets city will satisfy discerning eyes and tongue Dolly。

We put together special page photo album can look back on a lively pattern of such low。
Enjoy the snapshot, click your favorite booth.


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Reprinted fromlade | Lifestyle WEB Magazine de la Espriella

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