"Palais de Singh Taipei, rooms is classical and modern antiques, filled with restless.

Taipei underground station and well-located hotel with direct access "Your products Hotel Palais de Chine Hotel Taipei(Paredesin) "our rooms become indebted in!

Here you will、97 single rooms、175 rooms、Suite 12 rooms、Presidential Suite and Vice Presidential suites, each one provided by guest、Provides a total 286 guest rooms and comfortable rooms、Standard floor, 7th floor ~ located on the 12th floor、14th floor, Executive floor and imposes on the 16th floor!

7th floor on the standard floor-12th floor、Used khaki colours、Fabric has been used。

Executive floor is 14 floor ~ located on the 16th floor、In a modern and chic attire、Extensive use of colours full of restlessness and high-quality wood、And image of horse-drawn carriage ceiling hallway、Impression is loosely drawn curve design build!

One of the attraction is installed library room guests are free to enjoy!

1437Room "Premier Suite (Premier Suite)" 20 square meters / 67㎡

This would be tall-Executive floor room、Classic modern furnished design rooms、Providing a space filled with restless!

At the entrance、And for greeting the guest parlor、Put the living room welcoming back!

In the "e-Butler' system was developed with TV monitor built-in、With one remote control such as air conditioning and lighting adjustments possible and、Most recent audio、Video systems are equipped、In spaces that are both functional and luxury comfort stay!

Free lending Smartphone "handy"In addition、In the suite、A special new feature、Artificial intelligence AI speakers "Google Home(Google home) "was established、"OK!! Google!! ◯ ◯ you! "And to them that、You can play background music flowing from the dimming of lights and speakers、Just skim the top of the unit circle, draw with your finger as well as adjust the volume and、And equipped with high-tech features of the superior、It is very useful!

Secure and spacious bedroom with 2 double beds or 1 King-size bed、Mattress、English country office warrant honor given "Slumberland UK(Slumberland) "and use、In the General and executive floors divided grade mattresses、Ensure a good night's sleep!

And full of airy bathrooms with window、Provides helpful tub Chair of velour、Princess pamper themselves!

As the Executive floor benefits、17-Floor private Executive floor lounge "Le Salon (Le Salon) * not allowed to take" freely available and、Breakfast and snacks、Drinks provided! Very nice space that is part owner of a valuable antique collection of open.

1227Room "deluxe room (Deluxe Room)" 11 square meters / 37㎡

The space your sense of freedom and convenience、Chen Rui, (Ray Chen) of architects and designers that specialize in、By separating and basin boundary in the mirror one here a work desk、Eliminating the sense of oppression by the wall and felt the depth!

This mirror is half type、You can light a small round lights on the mirror switch provided on the side、When the makeup woman is very useful!

In the desk drawer、Stationary goods also set、For in the hotel all have free Wi-Fi、It is valid in the business!

Marble bathrooms、Corner placement round bathtub、Is equipped with separate shower room and toilet with Washlet、Now fully equipped!

In the General and executive floors、Although not much different from design、The difference is seen in the attention to detail performance speaker and TV sizes and room、For both decorated antique furniture、Spend time in a relaxed atmosphere!

Herr paredesin (Palais de Chine Hotel) hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2181 9999

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