"Hotayama Sonnagaji Temple" Wind chime festival full of colorful hydrangeas and refreshing tones in full bloom

Belongs to the Koyasan Shinshu sect and is known as amulet Kannon、Together with The Sleepsai and Ayesan-ji Temple, it is one of the "Three Mountains of Tobu"、It is also famous as a tourist attraction representing Fukuroi City, Shizuoka PrefectureMethod for many temple"To!

※ We have special permission to enter the vehicle。

There are 220 cedar trees that have a history of 400 to 500 years old on the approach to the precincts、550The appearance that the length of about 100 m continues is a masterpiece!
Although it is mid-June when the rainy season is entering、Miraculously let me see the sunny weather when I stay on this day.、I was able to walk along a lively cedar tree lined with water after the rain.。

The dazzling cedar trees of this time of year when the green is getting darker、It becomes a refreshing approach where you can feel the coolness of the shade of the trees、It is a feeling that makes the heart light!

Statue of Fudo Myo-oh and Octopus Yakushido、You can see the area around BenzaiTendo in 3D virtual!

In the water shop in front of the main hall、Fukuroi City Flower ShopNaori Hana ClubHidemi 2010 is regularly in charge of flower hand water、On this day, refreshing green hydrangeas and blue delphinum、It softens the hand water with a refreshing dress that does not feel the depression of the rainy season such as Corius!

In Mt. Dhotabi, which boasts a vast site surrounded by the rich forest of Fukuroi、In nature where you can feel the 4 seasons each change、We hold events with various tastes so that you can feel the season more、It entertains visitors!

Now in the main hall、The Wind Chime Festival is being held to decorate the wind chimes, which are also representative of Japanese summer traditions!

"Wish wind chimes(*) and wind chimes that are put on wind chimes are also sold at "Omamedo Reception"、Many worshippers participated and enjoyed it! (※After the strip which wrote the wish is dedicated to the main hall、You can wind chimes for about a month.:Fee 200 yen)

When a gentle tone sounds with a gentle sound in the breeze、The rhythm of the fluctuation is comfortable and familiar to the ear、It seems that the mind is calm and healed♪

[Wind Chime Festival]
Held period:5Saturday, August 22 - Tuesday, August 31
Location:The main hall、Morosondo Hall、Dangoya East Square

The specialty of Mt. D'O'dAmulet DangoIn the square in front of Dango Chaya that sells、"Umbrella Sky" is installed colorfully as a display in line with the hydrangea season!

The rainbow shadow floating under your feet will entertain you with a fantastic view of the world!

I stretched out a little and tried to hold an umbrella.。
Claude Monet's "Woman With a Walk and Parasol", but Is She a "Totoro"? (laughs)

I took it because it was stored in a photograph in a very nice shooting spot for those with their dog!
It is a smart dog who sits well with Chocon♪
Because you can enjoy walking with your dog except for the main hall in the precincts、It would be great if you could bring my chocolate next time!

The hydrangeas in the precincts, which can be said to be a tradition of Mt. Hota during the rainy season, are in full bloom.、Let's visit "Ajisa Square" which has a wonderful production!

"Hydrangeas and Umbrellas"

I also tried to coordinate according to my favorite hydrangea blue!

Bright hydrangea blue that wakes up!
It's like an exhilarating blue sky that lets you peek between the rainy season!

In the precincts, mainly Western hydrangeas, japanese hydrangeas, yama hydrangeas, etc.、About 3,000 hydrangeas are planted.、Around Ajisa Square and Dangoya、Approach, etc.、You can enjoy it all over the precincts!

Worshippers come to see the collaboration between this beautiful hydrangea and umbrella、There are many fun and fun appearances that are recognized in the photograph of the memories、It has been posted a lot on SNS etc!

This is an umbrella shop in Shizuoka City as well as the previous Umbrella Sky"Party Rain FujitayaIn the production using the umbrella of ]、It is "Hydrangea Square" vividly decorated with an installation that mimics an umbrella with a delicate color gradation like hydrangea color!

Taking advantage of what is natural、It is considered that the production etc. elaborate variously so that many people can enjoy、He has worked at 20 years in D'Artayama and is in charge of public relations.Makoto Uchiyamada(Right photo):6It is taken in Kotokoto City 20 years ago!)

Public relations centering on Mr. Uchiyamada who has known the charm of Mt. Uchiyama for many years is photographed to mame the daily state of the precincts、By events and productions filled with daily efforts and skillful ideas of public relations that are well distributed on SNS such as Facebook and Instagram、It seems that the range of age groups to enjoy them is expanding!

The best time to see hydrangeas in Mt. Hotsa is from early June to early July.、This year, the timing to enter the rainy season was a little early.、Please check the SNS that is distributed such as daily situation and flowering situation!

In future Mt. D'Oeyama、7The annual Manto Festival, which takes place over two days from Friday, July 9 to Saturday, July 10, is coming up.、Thousands of lanterns are dedicated in front of the main hall、Events where you can enjoy a fantastic summer night、7From Saturday, August 13 to Sunday, August 25, hirofumi Gomi, a popular haunted house producer, will start his work "Cursed Band"、It is said that a haunted house will be held on a hot night in midsummer that will be a chilling horror experience、It is likely to be able to keep an eye on Mt. Hot And Mountain where a hot night continues at all!
For details of events, etc., please visit the official website!

Method for many temple
Location:2777 Toyosawa, Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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