Enjoy a "2961 COFFEE" espresso and coffee siphon coffee Shoppe


Balanced food fun sectionAnd it's grounds today2015May 20, (Wednesday)The food court was born in newRecreation zone
In the food court、Of shops 3 stores are.。

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Fukuroi to birth! The Court can enjoy balanced food fun section food and siphon coffee!

In that one "2961COFFEE"
Fukuroi coffee and read。
Known as homemade roasted coffee bean shop in Fukuroi "Blister and Japanese restaurant"Mr.First productionAnd、
Is a coffee shop where you can enjoy delicious espresso & siphon coffee.


Store Manager、To learn the knowledge of the coffee、Has gone abroad, such as the United States and Canada、
Continues to grow as a baristaKuno, yutaroMr。
Passion for coffee to be contrary、Mild-mannered and friendly personalityYutaroIs Mr. hospitality、Refreshing and smart。
1Anyone want to many people deliver the best smile accompanied by delicious coffee! Upholds the belief、
From passion to face up to one cup of coffee、You may feel and I love their coffee!


2961COFFEEMr. so、The original coffee beans are sold、
And with lots of Ethiopia from Mocha、Aroma and good balance of mild2961 blend 150 g ¥ 900And
Finish full bodied and rich is out of bitterness and enjoyBitter blend 150 g ¥ 900For there are two。
And the simple, stylish black and white with large logo design package
Also very pretty matte machined blackCanister (for storing coffee beans) 1000 yenAlso already is the most popular sales booming!


A great giftGift box 2000 yen
Use my Cup in the House or company"Mug" 1200 Yen
And that appeal to love coffee while you shop"Eco" 1300 YenAlso very cute design!


Also the coffee study、YutaroTo support the-Kun
The Kakegawa "CO Я EM - grocery klem-"The ownerMichiyo SanoHer help has been。
And plenty of interacting、Would be particularly shine as a draw.


"HARRY" Beam Heather coffee syphon hario

It takes approximately 4 minutes to extract the、
Using the heater electrical beam hario boil water siphon coffee with halogen light
Each Cup to BREW coffee。
Visit the moment it sucked in the red light slowly and quietly and、I am shrouded by the scent of peace there.


2961 blend 1 cup 400 Yen

Use Moka from Ethiopia, lavished in luxury and、Blend gorgeous aroma and good balance。
Guests can enjoy a refreshing and mild taste.


Synesso's espresso machine

2004JulyThan、Has attracted attention in the espresso machine industry "SYNESSO synesso"The espresso machine has invested。
The extraction temperature control severe PID control system、
Top barista who started and relate to produce high-quality espresso coffee、
Now select the shined so were the top barista in the world、Has been introduced in many cafes。
Reputation is capable of、It is the strongest weapon the most popular real estate!
Such machines will2961COFFEEIs it the baristaYutaroCome and see cum?!


"Espresso" 350 yen

Extract the finished full-body enjoy the richness and is out of bitterness and bitter blend。
Define a punch of flavor and deep bitterness、
Is the best cup of espresso can enjoy high quality fragrance.


2961COFFEEOf the members、
Through the coffee can deliver something happy and smile、Passion or are sending in a cup of coffee。
You would want to meet the best coffee、2961COFFEETo come in。

2961Ezo Fukuroi
Fukuroi-shi yamana-Cho 3-3 TEL:080-3937-2961
Hours of operation:9:00-17:00Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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