"Cafe Ballet" The siphon coffee which does private roast of more than 20 kinds of coffee beans and makes tea politely


"Taipei Songshan Airport"I was allowed to open in the corner of a quiet residential area near
It is wooden furniture of Japan "Karimoku 60And mainly deal with ","Ballet HOME"And
Ballet GroupIt is but to commemorate the founding '10
2015In April, one day.Italian restaurant that was open to "ZucchiniIt is between the ""Cafe Ballet"。
3Hotels next to each other for、And back and forth、Watching the furniture、Lunch、Plays such as a tea to get started.
Of the owner蔡振田(Chris Tsai)With his wife林婷婷(Tina Lin).
Coffee's love interest、Is aimed at the cafe owner was in the dream、2005On July 6It is open to ♪


"Cafe Ballet"Now、In the open kitchen style、
Approximately 20 or more kinds of coffee beans around the world
(Kenya、Ethiopia、Colombia、Guatemala、Brazil、Panama、Bolivia、Mexico、Indonesia、India、Papua New Guinea)
And from the suppliers, and roasting house、
"Aburi freshly"、"Freshly ground"、"It has been brewed"of"3 fresh"In offers ♪


72Light of the light source and is made by the hand of operatives to strike the correct all blades
"Louis Poulsen (LouisPoulsen)The pendant light of ] is delivering a soft light to all sides.。
To relax and enjoy reading、Many of the owner's hobby books are placed on the bookcase.。
It will be the appropriate place to enjoy a quiet moment ♪


"Ballet HOME' , 'ZucchiniIt was me devoted to interpreters "陳郁涵 (Hilda Chen)Mr. a、
Click here "Cafe BalletIt will be the varistor of "♪


The menu is、A variety of home roasted coffee、
Tea leaf tea is a authentic was born in Portland
"Stephen Smith tea maker (STEVEN SMITH TEAMAKER)Use the、
And、I'm happy to hear thatLtd. MarsIt is a commodity of "
Powder tea "Royal Emerald tee (Royal Emerald Tea)Until tea I used the "you can enjoy even if ♪


Cakes and snacks are provided for tea.、
Tiramisu and Cheesecake、Mont-Blanc、Chocolate cake、Scones、Quiche、Sandwiches and more.
The ♪ offers by issuing the originality in every season


Etc. are perfect tea leaves gift "Stephen Smith tea maker (STEVEN SMITH TEAMAKER)"And、
Using a Japanese tea "Ltd. Mars" Of "Royal Emerald tea (Royal Emerald Tea)"、
And it is located in the eastern Taiwan flower lotus that becomes the cake of material "Goniwa" Of "EggIn addition to such、
Coffee beans are also sold, which is self-roasting here ♪


coffee that is carefully brewed with one cup per order。
The name "Ballet"、Dancing "Ballet"Means and、
Coffee beans to roast yourself、bouncing around lightly to dance、
Every time I drink that coffee、
"I want it so as to taste the delicious coffee feel the dance in the mouth"And I wish it seems to put the ♪


Siphon、"Hario (Hario)Use the。
The history of coffee utensils in Hario is old since the launch of the S7-inch siphon in 1957.、
50We have been working on the development of coffee equipment for many years.。
Siphons are said to be a good instrument for bringing out the taste of straight coffee.、
Is not dynamic and extraction method to the other is the charm ♪


"Original blend coffee" 200TWD
(About 740 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Britain is a Royal Warrant brand "WEDGWOOD WedgwoodElegant coffee break。
Strong、We had indonesian blended coffee with a rich bitterness♪


「カ フ ェ オ レ (Cafe au lait)」 150TWD
(About 560 yen in the Japanese Yen)

When drinking coffee in Taiwan、The size of the cup is always surprising!
It is twice the normal size in Japan.。
As well as coffee、Because there is a lot of food,、
Should I get a good deal?、Or should I say there are many?、I think according to the person, let's not touch it.。
Cafe Aulais with plenty of Espuma、It is a cup that is mellow and warms to the heart ♪


"Matcha I" 150TWD
(About 560 yen in the Japanese Yen)

"WEDGWOOD Wedgwood" Of "Wild StrawberryMatcha Ole。
Japanese"Ltd. MarsIt is a commodity of "
Powder tea "Royal Emerald tee (Royal Emerald Tea)"Using。
Royal Emerald teeAnd the、Using the rare variety of Shizuoka,Tsuyu Hikari, as the main raw material、
Powdered tea finished in fine powder by introducing the latest processing technology、
Bright emerald green and beautiful light blue、It is characterized by a mellow taste that suppresses bitterness different from conventional green tea.。
No way is a fragrant flavor and mellow sweetness very surprised that enjoy the luxury of Japanese tea in Taiwan ♪


"Mont Blanc Cheesecake" 100TWD
(About 370 yen in the Japanese Yen)

On top of a cheesecake made with plenty of cream cheese、
Montblanc cheesecake with chestnut cream。
It is a delicious can To aftertaste refreshing with rich chestnut and cheese cake with a refreshing acidity ♪


Finally, commemorative photo with you!
蔡振田(Chris Tsai)With his wife林婷婷(Tina Lin)San、
Me to interpretation陳郁涵 (Hilda Chen)San、Lin Shuo, Bernard Lin (aka:Bernard)San。
Thank you! Also ♪ Let's Love Affair Contact (Xie Xie! Saiken ♪)

Cafe Ballet
Address:8, Lane 36, Lane 5 of Minsheng East Road in Taipei 62
Hours of operation:Weekdays 11 am:30To 22:00· Weekend 10:00To 22:00

8, Lane 36, Lane 5 of Minsheng East Road in Taipei 62

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