"Home BBQ" BBQ with carefully selected ingredients in France's three earth chicken pulle noir and aichi duck

"Home BBQ" held between the rainy season!

The theme of this time is "Iwata City Inn"Forest Farm Eri"Pulée Noir" of French three earth chickens and a long-established meat shop in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture "Toriichi Meat ShopIt will be a BBQ with a focus on the brand duck "Aichi duck" and brand chicken with high rarity value that will be produced in-house!

"Dom Perignon Don Perignon 2006 Moet & Chandon」

Cheers to the greats at Don Pérignon, which was successfully promotiond by Moe and walked the path as a prestigious Champagne that everyone knows!

"Colorful vegetable baskets"

Vegetables are grown in Shinohara-cho, Hamamatsu City.Yamamatsu Suzuki FarmIncluding the sweet "Onion Nouveau" from Narnori Suzuki and the "child of zucchini harvested in the morning" with outstanding freshness、Comparison of carrots from Iwata and hime carrots from Hamamatsu、Colorful "Paprika" from Iwata, such as "sweet daughter" and "gold rush" corn eating comparison of the morning harvested in season right now, etc.、In a lot of baskets!

[Production area, producer, vegetable name]
Hamamatsu Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm Onion Nouveau
Hamamatsu Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm Morning Zucchini Child
Hamamatsu Tokiafua Yume Hime Carrot
Iwata Suzuki Fujiko Very Rich Carrots
Iwata Noguchi Yuri Paprika
Shizuoka Corn Sweet Daughter
Shizuoka Corn Gold Rush

"Toriichi Meat Shop Aichi Duck Thigh Low Temperature Cooked Stick Chicken Salad (Miso Sesame Dressing Made with Rice Miso from Miso Studio Xita)"、"Red onion pickled in sweet and sour sauce"

Toyohashi's "Toriichi Meat Shop" produced in-house brand duck "Aichi duck" I tried to make it like a stick chicken with plenty of cucumber with a thousand pieces of low-temperature cooking of meat。Last time I enjoyed low-temperature cooking of loin meat, so this time I selected thigh meat and enjoyed the difference in texture!
Red onion is sliced and grated into your favorite sweet ♪

Sesame Miso Dressing、It is made by Mikiko Kinoshita, a miso craftsman introduced by a wonderful couple who I recently met, Mr. and Mrs. Tomoko, "Miso Studio XitaI make it using rice miso!
This sesame miso dressing is not to mention salads and vegetable sticks.、It is also recommended for meat and fish!

[Miso sesame dressing using rice miso from Miso Studio Xita ~ Recipe~]
1 tablespoon miso
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 teaspoon sugar
・ A teaspoon of soy sauce 1
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon grated garlic
1 tablespoon of thyme sesame
※ Easy recipe just to mix the described seasoning!

"Toriichi Meat Shop Aichi Hime's Pate de Campagne with Country-style Liver Terrine Arugula and Baby Leaf Salad"

This is also a product of "Toriichi Meat Shop" and favorite "Terrine of Aichi Hime's country style lever"。
Pork or pork liver、Onion、Pistachio、It has spices and so on.、It is the best wine that you can enjoy a moist, juicy and mellow umami while enjoying a gentle taste with high-quality fat!

"Toriichi Meat Shop Aichi duck soft salami"

"Aichi duck soft salami" is a gem that was captivated by the deliciousness of the shock when I purchased it last time!
I use the meat and the sere of the duck、It is light and elegant, and the taste of garlic and spices is also a good accent、More than anything、I will be surprised at its softness and juwatsu overflowing gravy!
With the fresh taste unique to soft salami, pakpaku and chopsticks advance and go well with wine!

"Sesame sauce of striped green beans from Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm"

Striped green beans disappear when heated、Become a bright green、Because the texture is crispy and soft and harvested with slenderness, there is no muscle, so you can enjoy the original sweetness of beans、Simply have it with sesame sauce!

"Kinko Farm Lovely Sakura Mini Tomato"

My favorite mini tomato is from Hamamatsu.Kaneko FarmLovely Sakura!
Fresh skin full of juice and fresh feeling that can be freshly played、It will be a high sugar content tomato with a sugar content of 12 degrees!
Recently, not only red tomatoes but also yellow tomatoes are made, so buy two kinds and make them colorful!

"Cream cheese and wheat germ cracker canapés"

Cream cheese mixed with Iga pickles and salty canapés combined with mini tomatoes、Cream cheese, honey and nuts combined with two kinds of sweet canapés for sake!

"Sweet length torashi cream cheese stuffed with honbushi raw ponzu"

Charcoal grilled with cream cheese without your favorite sweet-length torashi seeds、Put on the main withering and raw ponzu!
Previous、We arranged the "Sashitomo version" taught by Tomoko with "Anaga Tomurasashi"!

"Forest Farm Eri Pulénoir"

The main dish of the day, skewers、French three-earth chicken pulé noir is prepared with black chicken female meat purchased from "Forest Farm Eri" which is kept in a free-range house!

"Forest Farm Eri: Pure noir skewers"

In order to make skewers, "Mo、breast、Chicken、Furoso、Chicken meatballs、Skin、gizzard、Hatu、Lever" and aligned、Enjoy the umami of each part!

The skewer grilled with the far infrared effect of binkotan does not accumulate a fragrant aroma and a juicy inside and moist!
Pulée Noir with a moderate elasticity and tasteful umami。In particular, the freshly prepared visceral system has a rich umami and is a treat!
In order to enjoy the original elegant taste of meat, you will only have french "Gelando salt"!

The freshness of onion nouveau and zucchini with a sweet and melty texture is also so popular that everyone groans!

"Toriichi Meat Shop Aichi Duck"

The main second dish is prepared a loin meat mass of the brand duck "Aichi duck" with high rarity value produced in-house by "Toriichi Meat Shop"!

Binnagatan burning with the fat of "Aichi duck"! The fragrant aroma will whet your appetite!

Bake the skin in a fragrant way, then turn it over.、Raise the center temperature to 60 degrees while keeping the lid a little smoked.、When you finish baking, wrap it in aluminum foil and let it sleep for a while, and cut it with thick slices!

"Toriichi Meat Shop Aichi Duck Loin Charcoal Grilled"

"Aichi duck" burnt in a beautiful rosé color has a dark and mellow umami、The more you chew, the more you enjoy the umami.、As long as you are happy with healthyness above all else!

"Aichi Duck" is a limited edition of the best wine made in Burgundy by Koji Nakata, a Japanese familiar with the label "Tenchito", "Bourgonne Passetout Grains Cuvee Tagami" / Lou Dumont (Burgundy Pass to Gran Cuvée Tagami 2015 Lou Dumont)"

A wine specially made as a wine that go well with yakitori for yakitori tagymi, a shop run by Koji Takitori, who is adored by Mr. Nakata of Lou Dumont.、You can enjoy a fresh taste that increases the freshness of the fruit by fully demonstrating and making original manufacturing technology!

Geland's salt is also good.、This time, we will combine the fragrant "Monte Product Auri di Langa White Truffle Salt"! The umami of "Aichi duck" that is not defeated by the smell of white truffle! I'm afraid!

"Spare ribs made with domestic rice pork prepared with special original BBQ sauce"

The spare ribs of the cutty pork soaked for 6 days with a special original BBQ sauce finished by making full use of herbs and spices are enjoyed with gutsy cheeks and meatyness by hand!

"Forest Farm Eri Pulénoir TKG (Egg Rice)"

The best TKG (egg rice) made with freshly served eggs from Pulénoir、Kamaage Sakura Shrimp and Korean Nori、Large leaf、1000 green onions、Guerando Salt and Soy Sauce、White Sesame、I will have you pour a little thick sesame oil! In addition, it is accompanied by a special soup made from pulle noir chicken gara!

This is a nice thing "I've never eaten rice with eggs like this!" And、3There was a strong person who changed the cup (laughs)

"Hinon Agriculture Angel Sound Muskmelon"

Hamamatsu that my family loves "Hinone Agricultural Angel Sound Muskmelon"The、With the unique "double ripening" technology that greenhouse muskmelon farmer Masaya Kageyama has developed、You can enjoy the supreme fragrance and rich sweetness、It is the ultimate muskmelon with a maximum sugar content of 16 degrees!

No matter who you recommend it to, it will be the ultimate gift that you can rave about without flattery!

"Shunkado Koshi-ming bean paste, grain bean paste, black bean paste"

Hamamatsu's famous confectionary "Eel Pie"Spring Flower HallIn The Japanese Sweets of、Please add 3 kinds of koshi bean paste, grain bean paste, and black bean paste (buta-ming)、What is the sweetness time of bliss?、Self-roasted bean shop in Fukukoi CityBlister and Japanese restaurantWith iced coffee brewed with freshly ground "ice blend"!

Click here for the lineup of wine and sake that I drank this time!
"Dom Perignon Don Perignon 2006 Moet Chandon」
「Miraval Ros C te De Provence Jolie-Pitt & Perrin(Miraval Rosé Côte de Provence Jolly Pit and Perang)
Kindeli Insieme Bianco
「Bourgogne Passetout Grains Cuvee Tagami / Lou Dumont (Burgundy Pass to Gran Cuvee Tagami 2015 Lou Dumont)"
"Enka Legends Series Takashi Hosokawa 45th Anniversary Special Limited Sake Naniwa Bushi Life"

If you notice it, it's night and、In a day spent in no time、Perhaps it's because I've been too careful here and there.、My dog Chocolat, who sleeps in the evening with a good night's sleep, was the best healing! (laughs)

Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm
Location:725 Shinoharacho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Forest Farm Eri
Address:1720-107, Findi, Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Toriichi Meat Shop
Address:26-1 Higashi-Odawaracho, Toyohashi City, Aichi 440-0886
Hours of operation:10:00To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:On Wednesdays、On Sundays
Parking lot:Aerobic

Hinon Agriculture Co., Ltd. (Representative):Masaya Kageyama)
Address:118 Oshimacho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Blister and Japanese restaurant
Fukuroi-shi Muramatsu 2607 TEL:0538-42-7222
Hours of operation 10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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