Disciple their French masters who are active in the "L'atelier de Joël Robuchon Taipei " around the world


Development is remarkableEastern、Hsinyi new life squareThe、
Tourists as a major tourist spot holding I shall seeTaipei 101"There。
7Over the yearsThe period after、2004At December 31,To and celebrates opening at the entrance ceremony held、
Height509.2m in、101 floors above ground、And from the fifth basement level、The name comes from this。
The appearance of the high-rise tower、BambooAnd image、Lucky numbers8Of the layerFrom the group consists of。
89Floors and floor 91In from the indoor and outdoor observation deck、View overlooking Taipei City's popular。
Middle floor became an office building、Five floors from B1 floorUntil the lower-layer floorTaipei 101 MallNow、
It is possible to enjoy the shopping and gourmet ♪


2009 yearIn the opened as a luxury brand shopping mall "BELLAVITA Bellavista"。
Called "Noble lady Department Store"。
In ItalianBELLAVITAAnd the、Beautiful life means、An elegant atmosphere like the name。
BellavistaBut"Lady Stores"And the point is called、
As well as its luxurious appearance、Is the story's amazing story!


BellavistaThe、The term Taiwan IT industry executive father given to 3 daughters and gifts。
3Café of Europe and loving sisters、
Can's wait queue、In the densely populated Taipei、Make Cafe feels like Europe and time was a dream.。
BellavistaThe、Built under the principle of sparing no costs of three daughters and his wife, the owner、Store planning。
A luxurious relaxing atmosphere、Attracting attention from around the world as being that defied common sense of a normal department store。
4 basement floors、Ground 9-storey general area of 16000 square meters、Sales area is only approximately 10000 square meters next to、
After all become public space、Space for very sumptuous.。
1Feeling of openness in-floor atrium、Fountain was set up in the hotel's number is what five places and creates an elegant time。
The owners themselves、Revenues in the profit-oriented but not、
It indicates that the facilities for relaxing time to enjoy。
Tenant brands shopping、
"HERMÈS"、"Van Cleef & Arpels.、"BVLGARI"、"JOHN LOBB.、"Christofle"、Tod's,
Finest brand Gotham!
Also when I visited six months ago、As sickening as the Department store、Too quiet at that time flows slowly stirred confusion、
Would be perfect for those who want to spend a luxurious place。
This time、Ask for the、Such a thingBellavistaThe soaking up accolades from foodies of the world are on the fifth floor、
Masters of French who won the 3-star Michelin in history shortest
"Joel RobuchonIt has been opened as a Taipei branch of "
"L’atelier de Joël Robuchon Taipei"。
Also 3 to floor "SALON DE THE de Joël Robuchon"So、Together here!


2009 October、In Taipei, "L’atelier de Joël Robuchon Taipei"Together
"SALON DE THE de Joël Robuchon"Open。
The first opened、As an important staff support the Joel Robuchon、
16It has been served yearYosuke SugaThe chef、Between approximately 1 and a half years、Was Executive Chef、
2Year ago from the currentOlivier JeanChef has not been appointed as executive chef ♪


The restaurant's interior is、Roppongi "L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon"In and recreate the atmosphere、
The contrast of red and black has produced elegant chic。
Chef and service staff across the long counter to converse with while、So feel free to enjoy、
Space embodies the Robuchon advocate 'convivialite (of the party).。
While enjoying the live feeling of finished dishes in the open kitchen、Provided at the time of the exquisite cuisine at the counter。
Lunch course only、In addition to a multi-course dinner、We loved the small dishes a la carte.


The other long counter、46 table is table seating Loveseat、
On both sides、Provides relaxing sofa corner 3 so、
Acceptance, such as young children and are allowed、Much appreciated by guests in the family。
♪ that this day also Japanese family had been coming to the store with her small children


One of the leading wine from around the world in a huge wine cellar has not been prepared ♪


Here you will、"Chateau Restaurant Joel Robuchon"To this month10March 21It is Closed to
Executive ChefWatanabe YuichiroHad we introduce from Mr.
Japanese, which is working as a chef PatissierKazuhisa TakahashiIs it (pictured left) have。
TakahashiAnd it's amazing delicious dessert、Later will be introduced with a view!

And、Sommelier speak Japan France Montélimar born (born 1967)
Benoit MonierIs it (pictured right)。
Once all over France 3-star restaurant training in、
in Japan"Cave Taiyuvu~anSometimes it served as a sommelier of "BenoitSan。
In Japan, a unique moment that French jokes、Service minded person she is! (Nice!)
Wine makers、BenoitYou may want to leave the select first to give ♪


Course menu1,380TWD in three courses of A ~ C (lunch only) ~ 2,880TWDTo provide。
This time the、Asked by Chef course.

"MENU A" 1,380TWD (about 5,100 yen in the Japanese Yen)
Amuse Bush、Appetizer one article、1 entree items、Dessert one article、Drinks and small confectionery

"MENU B" 2,280TWD (approximately 8,440 yen in the Japanese Yen)
Amuse Bush、Appetizer 2 dishes、1 entree items、Dessert one article、Drinks and small confectionery

"MENU C" 2,880TWD (approximately 10,700 yen in the Japanese Yen)
Amuse Bush、Appetizer 2 dishes、Main dish (2 kinds)、Dessert one article、Drinks and small confectionery


Executive Chef · Olivier Jean Profile

1986Born: in France, Valence。
2009March-12/2011 Paris Michelin two-star "cube de Joel Robuchon Etoile" Deputy Chef responsible for。
2012January 6-9/2013 in Monte Carlo two-star "Joel Robuchon Monte" chef and then became。
2013November - now "L’atelier de Joël Robuchon Taipei"As the Executive Chef。


During the staff、So who can somewhat speak fluent Japan language、
Very kind and friendly to you, please support ♪


Amuse "mousse of duck lever"

With Parmesan cheese aroma clad in smooth duck liver mousse foam、
Rich starts from the sense of warmth and amuse.。
It will mix so as to scoop up from the bottom with a spoon ♪


New menu "le quinoa, heart of gold, chewy bite smoked piquillo ス パ イ シ ー キ ヌ ア 」

Smooth mashed potatoes a superfoodQuinoa (※)The dish was coated。
Quinoa bubble wrap、Enjoy a crispy texture and flavor、
Accented with Chili、A spicy taste.

(※) quinoaAnd the、
In focus NASA 21st century superfood cereals (grains)、Among the celebrities are popular ingredients。
Regular milled rice and less than carbohydrates (sugars) in the、For the same energy、
2Fold proteins、5High quality lipid x、8Double fiber、6Potassium times、
10Double calcium、7X mg、7X Lynn、8Contains the iron times。
High protein, low GI、Contains rich minerals such as iron and dietary fiber、
Includes mimics female hormones and photo estrogen、
The ♪ has been a woman in happy Beauty Food


Bakery Chef Tomohiko Nakamura (Tomohiko Nakamura) Profile

1980Year Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture was born (35 years old)
2002Year March - Robuchon Tokyo in February 2007
2007December - New Zealand Bordeaux Bakery October 2008
2008Year from November to September 2009 La Boutique de Joel Robuchon
2009Year from October to April 2010 Robuchon Taipei
2011April to September 2011 year Sydney Fujipan Bakery
2012March year-present Robuchon Taipei

Bakery ChefNakamuraCum、
As it happens、We liveHamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Kita-ku, Mikatahara choThe origin of the things! (Surprise!)
And the coincidence is too much、Lead us to the edge、Just goes up the tension (lol)
10 month(march) endFor a vacation、So it will be returned to parents in Japan、
Right or wrong、With delicious local discourse is.


Petit baguette、Petit Pan de campagne、Twist bread of Alsatian sausage and onion、
Bread au fromage、Brioche、Focaccia、Focaccia with tomato、Squid ink bread Viena、EscargotAnd、
Daily basis is also the number whopping nine lineup of bread!
French restaurants in the bread was issued an amount of up to here is the first experience! (Surprise)
After、Bakery ChefNakamuraIf you hear in-kun "It is Taipei unique volume"And of that (laughs)
While in phthisis、Smell of both hard and soft type none、Fresh hot!
Especially torsion bread the best I kneaded the Alsace of sausage and onion!
The sommelierBenoitMr. "I'm、10Year lobionimasga、He GA 1-death!"If passed was (laughs)
Pity that I can't eat all types of、So your takeaway tasty bread it was!


With exquisite timing、Food we brought from the kitchen。
Tapering 2m near tallOlivierThe chef、With the overwhelming sense of presence in the kitchen、It is so gorgeous!
A tall while using tweezers fine up to、
Provides a delicate French。
"Bon appétit Bon Appetit (enjoying a meal ♪)"And gently voice over to please Was ♪ been


"We put in caviar tailoring of seasonal vegetables eggplant"

Eggplant paste grainy feeling of eggplant species was named from the fact that seem to caviar
"Caviar de Aubergine.。
In the arrangement of the popular dishes of the cuisine of southern France、
Vegetables in the vegetable garden beautiful dish you dip the。
Romanesco sauce。
It is a healthy cuisine ♪ to enjoy the texture of the eggplant of sweetness and seasonal vegetables


"Carpaccio of octopus and salmon roe"

And thinly sliced Octopus Carpaccio of salmon ROE is。
With plenty of olive oil of perilla Frutescens、Along with the Chrysanthemum colorful dish!


"With Loti Iberico pigs chorizo ​​juice gnocchi of scallops"

Roasted Hokkaido scallops and、Ginger and chives、Served with Sun-dried tomatoes、
Two of Zucchini & Iberico chorizo sauce。
Homemade gnocchi、Also I can give a click!


"I served with potato salad of mackerel of Poiret shallot flavor"

漁reta in Taiwan with fresh mackerel, skin 目konn and roast and spread、On the thick-sliced shallot flavor potatoes served with mackerel、
It will be charged with lemon support Bayon source of ♪


"Fragrant with the ravioli of pumpkin soup ricotta cheese nutmeg"

The ravioli that was concealed ricotta cheese
We will put nutmeg of the pumpkin soup was clothed the aroma with plenty ♪


"In fricassee Chateau Sharon source of chicken thigh and champignon"

To roast a chicken、
Fricassee (that of France cooked white sauce) by France from Champignon。
Specific Van Jonu made from Savagnin species built in the Jura (yellow wine)
"Chateau-Sharon Château-Chalon" the sauce。
In the thigh was finishing juciy moist and very tasty.、
Taiwan size of meat、A good volume for stomach 追i付kimasenn (lol)


"The source of roti citrus duck breast meat"

The duck breast roasted skin side、During the roast moist and、
Served with daikon radish and it brought out the sweetness and chicory。
It will be charged in the duck juice and citrus sour a source of ♪
Here are also thought whether there is a multiple of the potion of Japan (laughs)
Taiwan people、And enjoyed the meal, take time and slow food culture、It will be a thriving food culture。
I heard according to such national volumes of。
The next time、Let us advance less, ask!


"Robuchon special mashed potatoes"

Take simple mashed potatoes Robuchon in hand、The rich differ in the sense of。
Using lots of unsalted butter and milk to potatoes、Smooth finish。
And our main meat dish.、With its rich and mellow
Also you can enjoy a little bit different flavor ♪


Chef Patissier, Kazuhisa Takahashi Profile

1979Year Born in Chiba (36 years old)
1998Year - 2000 Rihga Royal Hotel
2000~ 2003 holds an nn nn ku Ritz Cytec have suitable
2003Year - 2005 Ecole Criollo

2005Year - October 2008 La Boutique de Joel Robuchon
2008Year from November to April 2009 France Paris
2009May year - October 2009 Alain Ducasse
2009Year from October to January 2012 La Boutique de Joel Robuchon
2012March year-present Robuchon Taipei

And it is working as a chef PatissierTakahashiMr. a、
Previous、Tokyo's "La Boutique de Joel Robuchon", had been active in 2010、
In collaboration with Sapporo beer
Such as joint development of suites fit Yebisu、Representing the Robuchon, has been working extensively、
From the assumed in this Taipei、The ability has been demonstrated much。
This time the、Such a thingTakahashiAnd it's including the new menu、We have enjoyed a variety of desserts.


"Champagne of granite strawberry mousse"

Under the espuma using various red fruits of the champagne Granita、
Dish w/ thick Strawberry mousse in lower。
Is sherbet of champagne off the lively acidity and freshness、
You let me and refreshing the mouth after a meal ♪


"Sorbet peach soup lemon"

Tailoring at the fresh peach soup、A rasberry、
Berberine herbs (also called:Lemon verbena) of bubbles and lemon sorbet served with。
Dessert ♪ which can enjoy mellow peach of sweet raspberry sour and refreshing of lemon


"I along with a glass of light chestnut mousse and furans milk"

France chestnut mousse with Fran。
Rich milk ice cream with caramel foam、With a stick of black currant。
Mousse so、Is light and does not feel the weight of chestnut.、
You can enjoy the elegant taste ♪


"Smooth Guanara cream and biscuits”Oreo”Together with Kakaosorube wearing "

A luxurious dish with Granola and luxury chocolate 70% Cacao chocolate。
Chocolate plate with animal pattern and lid、
Crush Oreo cookies Choc ice cream, breaded、Enjoy the flavor and texture!
Rich and the moment the rich bitter elegance you feel!
French chocolate confectionery which has a heart-shaped shining in gold and silver is also bought lovely ♪


We have、This time from Japan ceramists in Toyama's friend "Gaku Shakunaga"For had to bring instruments of-Kun、
Click hereTakahashiAlso chef "To travel with the series"And entitled、In his work "Raven series" And "Tree-ring series"Introduce、
Both Robuchon dessert we had the collaboration! (Thanks inspiring!)


"I served with compote airy lemon mousse almond milk ice cream mint foam of Sugar ball apricot"

This time、"Raven series dish"The、Was represented in spherical candy sugar bowl stunning!
During the candy、Apricot Compote、A light lemon mousse、Creme Brulee slipped into has been for the screen。
As they crush it's a crime to beautiful、
While crushing the thin candy and palimparin、Fatty cum tastes in overflowing with sauce。
Almond milk ice cream、Served with Mint-scented bubbles。
Black leather-like texture the brilliantly shining gold candy、
In the wholeMid-Autumn FestivalIs as if represents the full moon ♪


New menu "Foret Noir"

New menu "Foret Noir" And "Tree-ring seriesWas please to collaborate in "! (Impressed!)
Foret NoirAnd the、That means that the Black Forest is、
Is the name of a traditional chocolate with cherries and Kirsch dessert。
And the image of France Champignon (mushroom)、Cherry mousse with umbrella、
Kirsch at the base (and cherry brandy) in finishing with cream and chocolate cream。
Served with Pistachio ice cream、
Chocolate cookies will have us resemble the soil to fit the vessel!
The colon and the bright red mushroom、It's cute、While imaging the deep woods and tasted delicious!
It is nice if you Tour of dared to so much cute mushrooms in the forest ♪


Double espresso


Small confectionery "Madeleine macaroons Oranjetto"

Lord served piping hot baked madeleines、Fluffy boobs and offers light! (I)
Two types of coffee and the rose Macaron。
Orangettes coated chocolate with orange peel。
It is delicious best to even small confectionery ♪


3The floor is "SALON DE THE de Joël Robuchon"And、
Or take out the dozens supplied bread and sweets、It is possible to eat in。
Only Hamburger、Baguette and quiche is so popular!




Here you will、In addition to Joel Robuchon's cooking philosophy-based desserts and cakes、Food is provided and、
To enjoy afternoon tea、Bates has been operating。
Guests can enjoy a graceful moments of cafes unique to first-class restaurants maker ♪


Olivier JeanChef、
The sommelierBenoit MonierSan、
Bakery ChefTomohiko NakamuraMr、
Chef PatissierKazuhisa TakahashiWe were allowed to ceremonial photograph with san!
"The workshop of Joel Robuchon Taipei"For you guys、
Thank you ♪ (Xie Xie ♪)

L’atelier de Joël Robuchon Taipei
Address:Chung Yan Road, 5th Floor, No.28 Xinyi District, Taipei City
Hours of operation:11:30~ 14:30、18:00~ 22:30
Holidays:Seven days a week

Chung Yan Road, 5th Floor, No.28 Xinyi District, Taipei City

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