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"Basin of the wind"In Yatsuo-machi is famous on a nationwide scale。
Stepped into the Yatsuo town for the first time in Toyama from her husband's maternal family。
In Yatsuo-machi、And the hilly, narrow mountain roads、Under the 尾和 Gen.With cageCoral and Mrs. Unit writer
"SHIMOO DESIGN"The House and Atelier。
This time the、In a peaceful natural environment makes will be a tour of produced wood furniture。


Couple with furniture making apprenticeship in 1998, independent、
But Carpenter has been indebted to cooperate with、The couples who made the most of home and Studio。
Corner of your living room and Gallery、
Like the model works on clean and simple。
Wood works are all works of the two men seems to。




All their creations are manually、To admire the solid wood cut out student sticks out will, over time。
That is like the beauty of the wood grain、All materials are made using ash wood。
Feel stylish and age 'Grace、Beautiful Japan tools"Pursuing the concept、
A draft design brainstorm with each other based on、It is further opinion, go to and derive。


From the TakaokaUnder the 尾和 GenMr. a、Way of the Takaoka bronze casting sculptor father was sorry、To the world of woodworking。
Whom the woodworking Department of the College from the high school of Arts and crafts、20Will find employment at the young age of Alpine furniture workshop。
In there、Discover the fun of furniture manufacturing、
Some day "Who do not do things to make"And it seems that I。
Independence first、Repeated attempts, in a variety、
1998Of the year "Craft city Takaoka craft competition"To the opening、
Fine won the Grand Prix and grasp the big dream。


Bow table

To subtract stripped-down useless design、
With sophisticated furniture was still too much and did not、Lightness and starts aiming。
Winning machines、Have the confidence that、Improved stacked a bit further by。
2008In the years、Kuma Kengo architecture urban design OfficeDesigned by
Located in Saint Germain des Prés in Paris "Shou-Temple Paris store"To seeHAJOKU"The bow high to pay, and、
We are seen internationally in Japan and overseas。
The original、The bow by a friend received the request from the master of the tea table、These preconceived ideas traditional to、Propose a new style。
Due to simple design、Attention to detail over the details、Expresses the beauty of the wood grain。


Edge tools

ShimooMr. a、You have lost your mother、Feel to the rules of the traditional Buddhist altar、
It easy to accept freer, now age-styleThe are thinking?。
And、2008In the year "Edge tools"The naming、
Parents have to take care, was the keepsake ornament、Concept of honoring deceased on、
Buddhist altars wholesale of Takaoka, altar to announce collaboration。
Remove the doors and decorations are all、Adapted to the living room to finish、
Desire to feel closer to home at any time be put。


ShimooAnd he and his wife "Lévo"ofEiji TaniguchiMeet chef、
You and your contacts from the order table in the restaurant and equipment ago the opening。
RevoTo seeNo one outside of、I want to Toyama!"
Such a thingTaniguchiPassion of the chef how was born nice woman edge。



RevoBut wood instrument。
SHIMOO DESIGNOf the works、To the Interior from the furniture ranges。


Sometimes a House surrounded by trees、Settle down flow air somewhere spacious living。
For my wifeWith cageAnd I'm in for some tea and、I enjoyed your story。
The Japanese-style confection provided with your tea、
Kyoto 'Wakuden ""The Lotus cake、"West Lake (Edit)"It is。
And "West Lake"、Like a pure lotus flowers in beautiful Lake bloom、
From the riverbank mud, in pure Lotus、Loved, and respected as a man of flowers。
And from its root, Lotus root starch、Wasanbon refined sweetness sweets、This is called West Lake。
Woodlands on the brink and vine in the frozen dessert was delicious is in the gentle mouthfeel。
7Because it may turn out in Kyoto、You would like to visit。


We visited also recently finished working on Studio。
Aromas of the wood workshop。
1Two for one limited production quantity manually、Current、Is looking for people who work together。
If you are interested in、Contact us, try。


Put a line on a piece of wood、Steady work it just cut with electric filing Guide。
TaniguchiThe chef also has、Shiga Prefecture "Tokuyama sushi"Introduction、Order from a variety of restaurants is increasing。


Friends from school days followed by 2 people、It is a couple of lovebirds together act together have always been a。
Each other and respect each other's opinions、Couple units build on each other's work。
We lay together with herMr. and Mrs. shimooIn looking forward to success!
In the summer、In a nearby Blueberry farm Blueberry
Because it was very tasty with plenty of shaved ice shop and ask、
ShimooSan、With cageSan、Please let me play it!

SIMOO DESIGN Shmoo design
Toyama Prefecture Toyama City, Yatsuo town Matsubara 251-5 TEL:076-455-3191

Toyama Prefecture Toyama-Cho Yao Matsubara 251-5

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