"Garaku" Toyama, and go by utilizing a revolutionary "Revo"


Resort Hotel 'GARAKU"Is it's French was on the main building B1 floor"Server"The、
2014Years 5 months 22 days.To seeLévo"As has been reopened。
GenuineChishoAim、Owner-chefEiji TaniguchiWho are themselves、
Make the vegetables together with the producer、Picking edible wild plants、Or go to fetch water from wells and、
Ingredients in Toyama、Unconventional is a revolutionary food provided。
Also、Well the latest gastronomy、Pursuing cuisine that combines boldness and delicacy ever had taste.

RevoOfEiji TaniguchiThe chef、Once againNHKOf629, 22: (Monday)-22:48To be broadcast

"Professional shigoto no ryugi"The will be cast!

Just、That day we、To have left on the trip to Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand、
But not this feature in real time、I want to enjoy after returning to Japan, recording!
I think to many people by all means take a look at。
Perhaps、After the appearance of、Easily book devote is they may have、
Possible future、Hope you want to visit on a regular basis.

Professional shigoto no ryugi



Through the dark world、Light step pointing towards the、Director of machine like go to the parallel universe。


Spain writersGines-Ceram - PaganThe works 'Chasing the shadows"And also welcomes many art。


Shop、4The table seats for name and place、Exudes a friendly atmosphere with wooden tables.


Wine cellar

ToyamaThe produced pure water、Winery in ToyamaThe other wines、
Also stored wines from around the world.


Private room

This time、For a meal while taking、Thanks, kindly provide a room here。
An impressive deep blueAlbertzabaroThe surrounded by works、It is the beginning of a nice dinner.


This day's dinner、GARAKU.RevoIs it us introduction
"Cave l ' onde"The ownerDaisuke AsanoMr. happy together。
AsanoMr. a、RevoAnd I to have been sold as such wines that can be、
Owner-chefTaniguchiWith the、As Takashi suit enhanced with a close relationship to、
So in March carried a few feetRevoAnd it's so loves cooking。
NimbleAsano talkIn the listening to the presentation、More delicious dishes!


In the tabletop candles、Nanto City Johana, Toyama Prefecture SouthThe "Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."Maker of specialty
"Barge silk"Exudes a warm soft light treatments, using.

Portugal brands "Cutipol CTI pole"ofGOAWith the series "Laguiole (Laguiole or riyal)"The cutlery and
Sanitary napkin、Courses are set in the drawer of the table。
1 plate per、To use this out of cutlery、On the table are clear.


Table、ToyamaOfUnder 尾和 1-caudate SaoriBy author units
"SHIMOO DESIGN"Who has been involved、RevoAnd it has been ordered as original。
Born in Toyama PrefectureIn the current、FukuiIn the "Chopstick factory shrine bow"Is it in、
ToyamaOfTateyama Mountain range (rear) and water (top)The image of two chopsticks。
But in French、ToyamaThe attention、Filled with the warmth of wood for that measure.、
In addition、お箸が使えるということで片肘張らずに食事を楽しむことができます♪

SHIMOO DESIGN couples produce refined beautiful Japan tools us


As well as tabletop candle "Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."Maker of specialty"Barge silk"Beautiful menu。

Barge silkAnd the、Usually make a cocoon of SilkWorm, Bombyx Mori.、
In rare cases, two silkworms work together to create a cocoon ball.。
Weaving the yarn from the cocoon, made ofBarge silkWith that。
Woven in dupioni with non-uniform thicknessBarge silkThe、2A work of art created by the silkworm of the head。
That's how a unique pattern appears in the world、Can it be said that it is a crystal of a couple spun by silkworms?。

Some time before I had a meal、And the full commitment of many would be uplifting to the spirit of hospitality.

The miracle of South Nanto City Johana "kigyo Matsui" silkworm! Johana beautiful traditional woven natural silk


Set table "RIEDEL Riedel"ofReader or, happy or
Water、Her husband's familyKamiichi townOf the miraculousSpring water in baptism in the Valley of the hole (Anan Tan's off Enshu-Nada)Will。
Staff it seems that andanalyzed frequently had to go!


This time the、The sommelierYoshiokaさんにコース料理の1つ1つに最適なワインを提供していただくペアリングをお願いしています
ToyamaBut unread.Cherryが観れるので春にちなんでSparkling pinkKindly provide.


"Felgectina / Franciacorta Rosé Brut" Italy Lombardy

Presence of typical for Italian sparkling champagne to compete。
This isPinot Nero speciesRosey with 100%、Raspberry、To settle the mind, such as cherry blossom leaf flavor
Well there are nuances of Strawberry、36Guests can enjoy the full taste of the wine was aged for months。
AsanoMr. a、It may actually go to the winery、
Beautiful, stylish bottle、So using this pyramid shape upside down the lees to save effective as。
And the wine was Mr. Brewer's son worked for the first time。
Knowing what's behind the wine taste is a blissful time.


Entitled prologue、Start the prologue course。
Born in Toyama Prefecture SawakiLet's have one could you please explain、
Staff here it is you、Toyama valveIt seems will have committed so much!


Prolog "Guyer、Vegetables croquettes、Eelpout.

With fragrant smell Flos magnoliae (nioicobsi) 3 species。
As Guyer、In the cozy cheese shoe skin、
Roasted marinated and grilled, breaded onion powder on the flaky dough、
Vegetables croquettes、Enjoy the bitter spring of light cloth with crisp。
Slime is another of the characteristics、And fried crispy and savory、The bone delicious。
Instrument is also nice、釋 Yong Yue (shakunagagaku)And it's works
TaniguchiAnd it's is used that you ordered at the request!


Prologue red beet meringue liver paste

Miracle of healthy vegetablesAs buzzRed beetsAnd meringue、レバーペイストをサンドしています
Amuse something like watching a work of art is also nice!


"Yao Takano hard-top in mackerel Rillettes"

YaoOn being made 'Takano also shop」さんのスティック状のお洒落な最中の皮に鯖のリエットを忍ばせています
If the original、Bean pasteなどを忍ばせ和菓子として用いる最中の皮に
TaniguchiIn a unique conception of the chef、様々なリエット等と組み合わせてアミューズとして提供されているようです
Crisp made of glutinous rice and crispy skin、Goes well with the salty smooth mackerel Rillettes。
Set during the bark and crushed bean paste、GARAKUAnd it's has been sold at the shop、
I think in my home like Rillettes, cream cheese, etc. in the applied on liquor。
In addition、下に敷かれた麦芽にナッツを合わせたものがとても香ばしく美味しかったです♪


"Cod brandade pistachios"

Sum as metaphor in the forest Moss look nice!


Goat milk and white asparagus

冷製のスープで近くで飼育されている山羊のミルクにホワイトアスパラガスを合わせ、Is wearing the olive oil。
Slightly scented goat milk flavor、Rich while enjoying more was and is the spout。
The instrument、Takaoka, Toyama PrefectureThe castings manufacturers 'TAKATA seisakusho"Made of pure Tin castingsOf the work for、
You can keep cold things cold and kind!


Off to drink soupRevo spec!The logo and understand
Click here alsoTaniguchiChef orderRevoIs the original work of。
The shop nameLévoAnd the、Revolution (Revolution)The seems to have been taken from the stands for、
CertainlyTaniguchiThe chef's cuisine、ToyamaThe food and beverage industryRevolutionSeems to have stirred up!
I am sure in the near future、Will be in spreading around the worldTaniguchiChef coming in as the eyes!


France Loire Muscadet Sable et Maine sur lie 2012

The next dish、 Toyama Bayの生の海老料理に合わせて用意されたロワール地方のワイン
Clear fruit aromas with freshness and taste a refreshing white wine is!


"Toyama lobster / fermented extract"

Toyama lobsterAnd the、タラバエビ科に分類される海老の一種でToyama Bayで大量に漁獲されるためにこの名が付けられています
Put the fire lighter and Yamato shrimp、
Kraut slice or peel、Leaves of Turnip puree、Granular finish cucumber jelly、Served with edible flowers brush!


Liquid nitrogenIn the extract fermented Kraut powder on leaves and fish sauce and finish cooking.


The beautiful powder-like sauce and poured、Piled on a plate、We will continue to melt。


Vibrant colors decorated with whiteToyama lobsterThe art is、まるで日本地図に見立てたような仕上がりで
Toyama shrimpToyama Prefectureを表しているかのように見受けられます


Homemade bread of flour

Is filled with warmth of wood "SHIMOO DESIGN"And I in butter also seems to be pretty!


"Dimitri Glipa/Mudi Maury Gliza" France

The sommelierYoshioka.、次の料理に合わせてくださったワインですが
TaniguchiFrom the chef "Challenger NAA!"And it was pointed out (laughs)


鳥の巣に見立てた上に器を乗せ横には卵の殻を忍ばせ、With the white smoke of the contents、Still wrapped in mystery。


You open the lid and、Cherry wood smoked right burst into scents can help!


"Scrumptious and pipérade"

Getting smoked by a momentary smoked egg is slipped into has been for the screen。
And pipérade、In the traditional home cooking in the Basque region of the Pyrenees、
Red bell pepper、Onion、Garlic、Sauce, chorizo cooked!


Toyama SAYS FARM osicoshardone 2012

Companies engaged in fish wholesale in Himi fishing port's parent company to have、Set up a winery
ToyamaThe "SAYS FARM says farm"And it's wine、Is made from grapes grown on our own all、
The second ""SAKURA" Japan Women's Wine Awards 2015"In the
"Chardonnay 2013」は見事受賞されています
This timeOsicoshardoneThe、そのシャルドネのセカンドラベル
The wine goes with fish, shellfish and other fish dishes、Will fit the following fish dishes!


"Rock fish / bear / be."

Are wrapped in natural 漁れた in nearby rock fish net greasy bear rolls。
Can be shredded.、Thin shavings of Ikeda's peanuts to accent。
Will rock fish was burned and filled with elegant, gentle flavor vegetable jus!


See Nanao of conger eel and green beans"

Has fried conger eel natural yeast used in bread wearing clothing。
Finely crushed green beans with youthful Green Sauce、And served with Pea Shoots。
Crispy clothing、You are plump and soft Sea eel、そして春の味覚であるうすい豆とのソースのコンビネーションも素敵
The instrument、釉薬の中に漆を入れてレザーのような仕上がりにしている特殊な仕様は
The previous釋 Yong Yue (shakunagagaku)さんの作品となります


"Flying sheep"

In JapaneseOSAWAさんが造られており数々の賞を受賞したニュージーランドのワインで
Will fit your dishes next Sesame Bouillon.


Perilla Raven / Yamada village

ToyamaIn in bouillon with overlapping efforts and trying to increase the use of perilla perilla will。
Align the homemade bacon fumet de Poisson、Combine with sesame sauce、Umami has been condensed and concentrated、
Cod during a candid full of flavor、And squid ink scent remains、Sweet is the excellent stand!
Equipment click here、Raven seriesAnd that is釋 Yong Yue (shakunagagaku)And it's work、
Delicate detector、Careful attention has been applied payments maintenance。
Extremely thin finished its specifications、Is giving a beautiful shine!

"Gaku Syakunaga" Live as a ceramist at the nostalgic cityscape Iwase Toyama


"Steamed Shinko non Gro / Greens / charcoal"

Nodogro the Xingang and steaming coal and、炭焼きした山菜のタラの芽と蕗の薹を添えています
この日のどの料理にも言えることですが魚でこのような火入れ感は、First taste texture is shocking!
ToyamaThat's why the ingredients are of course is、Learn the ingredients、Utilized in the extreme。
AsanoIs it according to the information、TaniguchiThe chef、Always, earlier than anyone else in the kitchen with、
It is wearing out and peeled vegetables and brewed in the spirit。
And vegetables by the chef himself actually、And to keep a position directly listen to the voice of the producer。
Blessed withIngredients in ToyamaTo without buying、Is this stance to grapple、Was convinced that this food and energy industry!


"Chateau Chauvin Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2003 ' France Bordeaux

Deep dark Ruby color、Feels fine aromas of sweet tannins and BlackBerry and cherry、
Lingering long with dense, thick wine。
Next suckling lamb dish will fit!


"Suckling lamb"

Suckling lamb slowly over time and are cooked at low temperature。
Jerusalem artichoke, Toyama Prefecture, Japan、Onion, grilled and、To the source、Lamb moistened with carrot sauce。
Actually,、The husband of a little bit like sheep、Be honest、Lamb is not good.、Neither did eat the asshole、Of course not (laughs)
TaniguchiChefs believe、One rip-off。
"What it is! 」And、Unexpected voices from next door leaking?! (Surprise)
I am also assured that voice、SIP and、No doubt suckling lamb haorimashita there!
Is drinking milk from、Fishy smell is not nearly in the same、With less fat、Are a delicate meat to the unique。
Actually,、I like both sheep and lamb is、I'm just fat。
Are worried about whether or not you can eat a little、
Results、2Is uncomfortable with people wherever you do! In the feeling、
Keep the soft fleshy、Was the State of gnawed to the bone at the end (lol)
Desire to be deeply moved not main dish now。
Although a large number of dishes、Potions, as is a sense of good size and、So will advanced cooking ago the wine to taste too much.


Masuo spring oak barrel aged, jyouji sake

Era 0/1965 ginjo sake is not already taken in the world、On high-risk seeGinjo Masuo fountain"As、
Has been prominent as a goal of national breweriesToyama City, Toyama PrefectureThe "Masuda sake brewery' Who's 'Masuo spring oak barrel aged, jyouji sake"It is。

"Takashi jyouji sake"And the、During the preparation、Usually water to pour into the tank so far、Sake at sake already manufactured train。
To further put into oak barrels and aged for this!。
Fresh scent with a sweet、Honey-like sweetness and fullness is。
Coupled with the elegant oak oak、With texture and feel comfort every sweet aftertaste。
So each other such as foie gras nuances such as botrytised wineKijo-ShuIn taste sake I don't think!
Will fit the last desert click here。
"Shotoku glass' Who's 'Light beam daiginjo"The glass drips design also nice!


"Ice cream soda"

Play playful dessert、Cream soda。
Melon and raspberry、And the powder of melon made concealed in、
From above will fit with plenty of natural water espuma。
Rich melon flavor、Raspberry soft sour、And with a smooth espuma、It is a classy dessert!



ForestThe dessert was entitled、Lush greenForests in ToyamaIn what will be in the mood to explore、
With ingredients grown in the mountains of the Toyama Tateyama spring expressed! (Inspiring! )
Under the、Mountain grass ganache hardens, crushing the、Mulberry leaf ice cream、Red bean pie or cream peas、
Split up coffee tips、Also sprinkle the crispy Kaya called homemade nut and fruit (kayanomi)。
The instrument、All the same "SHIMOO DESIGN"And it's works、Shades and variations、Here is also nice。
Visuals of goodness、Quality of the instrument and the touch、Fragrance、Texture、It is a course with dessert flavored with all five senses stimulated teeming with excitement until the end!


"Double espresso"

AsanoMr after a great time、
TaniguchiChefs who go because we have a talk!


Born and raised in a family of cooks from the KansaiTaniguchiThe chef、Aiming at the chef from a very young age、
After loaded training in a variety of popular restaurants、Margin was 34-year-oldToyamaTo。
4Years after the date of、38Under the current "Lévo"Has been opened。
ToyamaThe first came、TooToyamaIn was left inTaniguchiChef。
"EAT WINE TOYAMA"The events inAsanoMr. met, trigger、
ToyamaThe talented writer's、Craftsman、Producers and also makes up with little、
ToyamaOf goodness direct to cook your meal reflected in as it seems。
Chefs own vineyards on foot carrying、Mountain to search on the go、Go to market。
Though the holiday、Always seeking good food、It is there that would come up as time permits。
By reducing the distance between the producers to produce more、And food producers face is visible on。
It is、Has talked about creating your own。
"Convey the attraction of Toyama still continue、Grated roots in Toyama、
Continued study of Toyama、My mission is to disseminate and、I become a brand。"
And、Hot thinking even while talking quietly come gave us his。
Good news is that、TaniguchiThe chefDuck dishesLike the best、AsanoMr. also"Come his duck food! 」Has been boasted as。
Many of the dishes I was shocked in the past not、
Chef loved ingredients rich in Toyama and Toyama's feelings was harnessed, although most expressed。
The next time、TaniguchiEnjoy teppan chef duck dishes would want to visit.


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56-2 Kasuga, Toyama-Shi, Toyama Prefecture

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