The miracle of South Nanto City Johana "kigyo Matsui" silkworm! Johana beautiful traditional woven natural silk


From now on 440 years ago in Kyoto "Higashi honganji Temple"For as a branch in the southern Nanto City Johana in Toyama
"Johana Betsuin zentoku Temple"He moved、Flourished as a temple town "Kyoto in ecchu"At least called johana town。
Also of Higashi honganji Temple in inami 'Shinshu sect Otani faction wells wave Betsuin zuisenji Temple"One for。
Nanto City has also two branch, seen nationally rare said。
And silk fabrics began in 1577 in the age。


In long-established textile industry "Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."The、
1877Since founded in (0/1877)、140Nearby, one between the、Has been the manufacture of silk fabrics。
Here you will、2One miracle produced silk fibers "Barge silk"And、
Silk gauze、斜子、Monsha-、Has been produced as well as herringbone。
This time、"GARAKU" And "Lévo"The did you know that there
Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Is it of you visitors of textile industry with、
The youngest daughter is currently working as a sixth eyes Matsui homeMs. Noriko MatsuiIs going to come to see。

"Garaku" great inbetween Toyama's best resort hotel accommodation Chronicles


Sixth eyes apprentice who greet you with Lavender color with a refreshing summer kimono, Ms. Noriko Matsui


In the factory、Who put a bunch of Cascina with dupioni superb harmony sound playing the dawn to dusk。
In ancient times、It seems had been also silk cocoons out of yarn、
Due to changes in the economic structure and economic growth、Sericulture in Japan Japan is almost extinct so。
Current、Nanto is the filament in the city without、Just purchased raw silk was played around with actually。
Dupioni made two silkworm cocoon from the、The difference with silk usually glossy、
There's firmness and strength、A unique clause remains in the impression beautifully。

* Showroom and factory tour. "Barge silk coaster"A souvenir、1Person 600 YenAnd will be。
Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd.
Contact TEL:0763-62-1230




The silkworm, Bombyx Mori、By yarn and create a cocoon、Release the unwanted proteins in the body too much eat larvae around。
Make the cocoon、Is a pupae become adults, it is difficult for an act of essential。
On the inside the cocoon、100S to 2-born second by only three percent.、Produce the two horses 'dupion' is.、
Is nearly twice its size compared to normal cocoon。
But the dupion from yarn can be called a dupioni、
In ancient times、Woven in this dupioni silk see section silk "and call、By becoming a fine kimono、
Is discarded or sold on the cheap。
However,、The Johana idaman、The dupioni section "Love of two crystals"And the word" tangible "、
Produce natural miracle fiber、As dupioni a rarity worth a look out、
Assemble the paper as part of the space、Such as sliding doors and Interior、
Will be tailored made to fit our lifestyle "Lynching was lined paper silk"The beginning?。


The old、The employees 100 people company-wide by the time was prosperous in silk、
You can get a card was left at the entrance to heavily from。
Now、NorikoAnd it led along with the parents and the number of employees、On the dupioni、A proud tradition and technology has been in perpetuity。




The delicate dupioni、May lose part of the section、Machinery such as Edo、Quietly watch skilled hands needed。


Sister Bay ratio Telecasting shrine

Time immemorial、Etchū-sister Bay ratio Telecasting and appearance because of their beautiful goddess
From the 舟倉 mountain in the hometown of 大竹野 (Cho now) move to be、Since then joined forces with local people、
To develop、Was Telecasting the kind heart ratio、Daughters taught weaving、
Because the villagers were encouraged to attend、
Goddess told everyone you yearn to so was enshrined。

See here、Where I'm 大竹野 I weave machine
Mind also both tone color tone color "

With a bright singing voice compared Yomiuri's weaving machines、And the village flourished in the rich。


After graduating from the local high school、Immediately went to a private University in TokyoNorikoMr. a、
Lady will enjoy Tokyo brokerage sales jobs。
At that time、Would succeed to the family business in johana hardly head and did not truthfully told。
2008In the years、Rush big flood、Town of jōhana suffered extensive flood damage。
Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Also suffering near catastrophic damage、The fatherFumikazuMr. a、Iota didn't fold up the textile industry is likely。
At that time、Was in TokyoNorikoIs it for、Size of the current damage、Knowing Russia and has become a serious thing、
"Now if you want、That is just so friendly to French father、My father is still great"And、
Told of tears to severe recovery。
Such a thing、NorikoJust the trigger go in this way and、
His father,FumikazuMr. Tokyo、It was accompanied to France。
In there、And the nature of the silkworm, Bombyx Mori、Working、Material splendor、3And knowing the deep relationship of silk over the millennia and the person、
"I was surprised really so out of what were dealing with great material and"And。
That day on the boundary、New in mind to succeed to the family business and then decided、2010In the summer of his hometown to return、
6As their eyes、Is a start from scratch learning about silk。


Tone color、Tone color and silky sound resonates in the plant。


Different weave look for、Only one fabric is born。




2,400Put the thread weaving units。
That thread has come to an end and、Am waiting for the detailed work that connects single new thread by hand。


Finished fabric is soaked in alkaline liquid、
Get rid of colloid components of silk "sericin"、Refining work loosen soft fabric and stain will be here。
Dyeing techniques are important、NorikoMr. a、Told with pure silk is the most beautiful。


Matsui home


Barge and take a look the silk sliding doors、Was invited to the family living room。
In the same room、Be carried out 5-lynching of a six-year as well as the brilliance of the silk sliding doors、
50-60 years of lynching celebrates the silk sliding durability and aging、You can see a hazy texture of pure land。
Toyama、From black sliding around Kanazawa、Sliding door of dyed golden color is so popular。
"Men of old times、You're the light, candle light, this barge was enjoy the difference between silk if"And、
Sliding door, happily speaksNorikoMr. a、Appeal of silk with a barge that increasingly have been fascinated by it is。
Silk、With sunlight sunshine anti-war on countless、Has a beautiful glossy shine that nature、
Parallel with the shades of the Windows、Is also nature soft delivers a strong sun light、
2With each lap and cut UV up to 70%、Is a creature that can lower the wind chill temperature is 7 ° C。


Barge silk sliding doors


Barge silk shade


Sara knelt and 斜子 tape


Barge look of silk shade、Rippling water travellers also ask。
This delicate patterns by layering dough can be "Moire"And it is called、
Makes me feel like as if gazing at the painting。



To take up various items for decoration、Is designed for light effects、We offer showroom convey the allure of silk fabrics。


Johannes Stoll


Textile products


Silk paper accessories


NorikoAnd he's come so far、And thanks to the people who are all active in jōhana, Toyama。
As a daughter of 3 sisters born in Matsui home、Write "human", "糸henn"Noriko
Those "Is your child knows yourself in touch with yarn.。Related thread to herself is understood"And he said。
The word Street、Equestrian days kick flexibility to、
That adorable smile and poured into the surrounding、A warm hand around her、
And、She possess a strong core in crisp silk-like existence of the must。


Spring water in baptism in johana


Goromaru ya T-5


Gaya baked


"Lévo"ofEiji TaniguchiThe chef came to Toyama 2010、
And、NorikoMr. years family business and returned to decide home heart 2010。
"Spreads a strange coincidence that year from、Miracle connected with many peopleSister Bay ratio TelecastingThe power because I think "
And、To feel the weight of history proudly smile 零remasu。


Johanas Johannes

Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd. inNorikoLet's propose using the new 絓 silk launched the brand "Johanas Johannes"。
Johana silky charm as many people trying、
She was insatiable even today without challenge in the chest、You can walk steadily human weave weaving human importance day by day。

Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd.
Toyama Prefecture South Nanto City Johana 3393 TEL:0763-62-1230

Nanto City Johana 3393, Toyama Prefecture South

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