"Garaku" hex "Revo" Taniguchi chef initialize finally NHK professional appearance!


Resort Hotel 'GARAKU"Is it's French was on the main building B1 floor"Server"The、
2014Years 5 months 22 days.To seeLévo"As has been reopened。
GenuineChishoAim、Owner-chefEiji TaniguchiWho are themselves、
Make the vegetables together with the producer、Picking edible wild plants、Or go to fetch water from wells and、
Ingredients in Toyama、Unconventional is a revolutionary food provided。
Also、Well the latest gastronomy、Pursuing cuisine that combines boldness and delicacy ever had taste.



Through the dark world、Light step pointing towards the、Director of machine like go to the parallel universe。


Writers of Spain on the leftGines-Ceram - PaganThe works 'Chasing the shadows"And also welcomes many art。


Shop、4The table seats for name and place、Exudes a friendly atmosphere with wooden tables.


From Hamamatsu "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"The owners friend and his wife、
Tetsuya OnoWith his wifeYukiko YukikoFacebook and we look forward to doing this dinner together。
RevoOfEiji TaniguchiThe chef、Once againNHKIn the broadcast

"Professional shigoto no ryugi"The will be cast!

Just、That day we、To have left on the trip to Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand、
But not this feature in real time、I want to enjoy after returning to Japan, recording!
I think to many people by all means take a look at。
Perhaps、After the appearance of、Easily book devote is they may have、
Possible future、Hope you want to visit on a regular basis.

Professional shigoto no ryugi


This also、The sommelierYoshiokaAnd I'm in for the terrace、We will start with the great Champagne is hard to find!


"Gran anrigiraud-Cru iyu-de Chêne Blanc HENRI GIRAUD de Blanc 2002"

"Without leaving the talented eye village Grand Cru Chardonnay express"That was born from the desire of rare champagne。
Fragrant tree with delicate minerality、This champagne with a bouquet of candied orange and spicy, concentrated、
Said to be expressed exactly with Henri Giraud style Chardonnay。
1990Year 1000 was released by vintage、Illusion champagne just
Blanc de Blanc Buri 12 years back in 2002, vintage!
It's all in a numbered limited edition、On a global scale is a rare phantom shortage of champagne!
Fragrant scent of the trees was aged in traditional oak barrels、Guests can enjoy a delicious honey taste is filled with strong body!

Henri GiraudMr、Created by Masuo sake of Revo here also dealt in spring
"Masuda sake brewery"Is it at least has been collaborating、4 kyuzaemon Masuda, Jiro and profound friendship.。
"Masuizumi"The junmai daiginjo Henri Giraud Argonne produced in oak casks in six months lay the building"Masuizumi x Henri Giraud"。
2005In the vintage、Blanc de Blanc a rare keg has been used。
In the next Toyama、Once "Masuda sake brewery"And I also seen bringing the feet are!


As well as tabletop candle "Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."Maker of specialty"Barge silk"Beautiful menu。

Barge silkAnd the、Usually make a cocoon of SilkWorm, Bombyx Mori.、
In rare cases, two silkworms work together to create a cocoon ball.。
Weaving the yarn from the cocoon, made ofBarge silkWith that。
Woven in dupioni with non-uniform thicknessBarge silkThe、2A work of art created by the silkworm of the head。
That's how a unique pattern appears in the world、Can it be said that it is a crystal of a couple spun by silkworms?。

Some time before I had a meal、And the full commitment of many would be uplifting to the spirit of hospitality.

The miracle of South Nanto City Johana "kigyo Matsui" silkworm! Johana beautiful traditional woven natural silk


Prolog "gger"

Entitled prologue、Start of prologue course from bite-sized dishes。
The Guyer appeared, and fragrant with the smell Flos magnoliae (nioicobsi)、
Brandade with spinach and cheese, composite、Enjoy a light texture and flavor!

4Course feedback, click here
"Garaku" Toyama, and go by utilizing a revolutionary "Revo"


Prolog thin bread, Toyama, wheat and potato

The thin bread baked using potatoes and wheat, Toyama Prefecture、
Image of silk paper with menus, and made、Like leaves in the mountains were giving Director。
Curricula and texture、Gentle sweetness and aroma of spreads in the mouth!

The last menu silk paper、Pink was used because it was the season of cherry blossoms、
This time the、Enjoy the summer change from pale green to dark green with green gradient silk paper。
Very detailedTaniguchiComes packed with the hospitality of the chef!


Prolog "asparasobergiu croquettes"

A small croquette of asparasobergiu coating on the surface with parsley、Wearing the baguette on the。
Toyama was laid beneath the candy store's malt milking in nuts to dried grounds、
Order picking and savory and delicious!


Prolog "Yao Takano hard-baked mackerel middle"

Made by Yao "Takano also shop"Is it of using fashionable during stick-like skin、Grilled mackerel Rillettes has endured during the。
If the original、In the skin of the bean paste, such as robes, Japanese-style confection can be used during、
TaniguchiIn a unique conception of the chef、Is provided as an amuse, in conjunction with various Rillettes, etc.。
Grilled Saba with flavor and aroma skin infused with black sesame seeds in the middle of the sambar!
Perennial grass and sesame seeds, served with、Effects such as planters out of fresh shoots or cute?!
"Takano also shop"Is it's set while rind and crushed bean paste、GARAKUAnd it's is sold in shops。


Prolog "Eelpout"

Slime is another of the characteristics、And fried crispy and savory, sprinkled pepper on the skin side of the Eelpout、
Smell, rich and delicious bone to offers。
The instrument、ToyamaOfUnder 尾和 1-caudate SaoriBy author units
"SHIMOO DESIGN"Who is a nice warmth filled with trees, touching hands are involved。
At a later date、SHIMOO DESIGNAnd I also ask、For to see a nice tail down and his wife you、We will introduce later.

SHIMOO DESIGN couples produce refined beautiful Japan tools us


Set table "RIEDEL Riedel"ofReader or, happy or
Water、Her husband's familyKamiichi townOf the miraculousSpring water in baptism in the Valley of the hole (Anan Tan's off Enshu-Nada)Will。
Staff it seems that andanalyzed frequently had to go!


"Rock fish / Rose / Fermented extract "

For 漁reru a lot of fresh, natural rock fish、Under the process carefully and、
Will be made with red cabbage lactic acid bacteria fermented extract with Elle (edible flowers)。
Tartness is embraced by the scent of fragrant roses、Chewy and enjoy the rock fish with an elegant dish!


"Prawn / Daimjouhovs / Chrysanthemum "

The shrimp in Toyama Bay wearing a bright yellow chrysanthemums、
37.5You can dip a little low-temperature in ° c、Shrimps intended for further withdrawals.。
And together with the Greens of daimjouhovs、Nutty taste。
The tuile made with potatoes and shrimp、In France, means "tile"。
Scorched vegetable powders with accents。
The instrument was ordered by Revo spec Toyama Glass Studio、Gold x black Dunhuang and or or in is a great weight.


Rice rice flour bread


Toyama wheat bread




"Eggs / Red bell pepper / White kabisausage "

Use only the egg yolks of the eggs、To have dipped in a pickle、Have a gentle acidity, it is。
The Hida Kiyomi "Curnontue curnonchue"Is it of tailored red bell peppers to the white kabisausage of the most popular sources
Enjoy the food, served with Parmesan cheese and Croutons made with Chorizo。
Coriander aroma is spreading.、Weekly increases appetite.

Previous、We interviewedKyurunotyue co.,And it's articles click here
Kiyomi "curnonchue" is seeking the taste of authentic France legend ham and sausage Shoppe


Born in Toyama Prefecture SawakiJust because he also politely explaining one plate at a time、You can enjoy the food more delicious.


"Conger eel / Green beans / Homemade natural yeast cloth "

The conger eel、Homemade natural yeast used in bread and clothing、And fried crispy and savory、
Is aromatic.、Branches tend to be used for stick such as black text on、Provided with houki草。
Under the、We will enjoy the texture with one's source of green beans and green beans, crumbled.


Toyama SAYS FARM Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Companies engaged in fish wholesale in Himi fishing port's parent company to have、Set up a winery
ToyamaThe "SAYS FARM says farm"And it's wine、Made from grapes grown on our own all。
The Sauvignon Blanc、It is a controversial land Himi feel soft and mineral rich, dry white wine。
Sour taste and aroma.、Salty、Expand your mouth layer makes bitter!


"Gazpacho / Mozzarella cheese / Kaga drink Kyun peas in a pod "

Finished and put instead of gazpacho。
Tomato and Kaga drink wars in the jelly of mozzarella cheese、Basil oil、
Served with Herb Chervil or alyssum edible flowers dish in a cool and beautiful!


"Raven / Perilla in Yamada village "

黒作ri culture and associate from Toyama、Cod surface paint squid ink slightly aged。
Asparagus or cabbage in the bottom、Top with Sunflower sprouts、
Yamada village in ToyamaIn, using overlapping efforts and tried to spread the production of Sesame Sesame bouillon
A deeply flavored rich beers!


"Non Gro / Masuo fountain junmai daiginjo sake Lees / Turnip "

2 dish eye fish、Is the ink sauce and asparagus non Gro。
Wuhu-a powdered citrus crusted。
Align the turnip and Masuo fountain junmai daiginjo sake Lees, concentrated flavor sauce。
Turnip leaf oil、Sprinkle the buckwheat、Radish flowers、Can be served with。
Is it melted sweet spot until now in non Gro、
"What Kore! What Kore!"And so normaly voice is fine!


OPUS ONE Opus one 2007 California

By Robert Mondavi and Baron Philippe Rothschild two giant pieces Opus one。
2007The Opus of the year、Along with the popular 2005、This is a great vintage of the year got the highest rating!
Deep, dark garnet-red colour、A fruity fragrance、A delicate tannin、
Creamy taste with a lingering enjoy excellent fruit concentration.


"Kurobe suckling young goat"

Suckling raised in Kurobe, rested for 1 month young goat、Is burning and。
Thigh and fillet、Guests can enjoy a taste of every part of the meat。
Natural mushroom chanterelles in France、Morel mushrooms、Roast onions、A kind of wild nettles、Served with Sorrel。
Fit truffle goat soup and basil sauce。
Very soft and Milky、So no habit of white、And offers!

Start with the prologue Guyer、Yao Takano hard-baked mackerel during instrument、
Raven / Supplementation of Yamada village leather-like texture generator、And with all this meat dish the dirt like、
Tateyama-Cho coming from with in the old town of Iwase workshop now、Have been the potters 'Gaku Syakunaga"And it's works。
Full of verve、Draw put Taniguchi chef needs is a sophisticated original, has been produced、
Food nestled firmly.。
At a later date、Gaku SyakunagaAnd I'm in since coming to the workshop、We will introduce later.

"Gaku Syakunaga" Live as a ceramist at the nostalgic cityscape Iwase Toyama


"Mango / Coconut / Kijo-Shu "

The image of the pina colada cocktail、
It is a dessert made in versions with Masuo fountain, jyouji wine instead of rum。
Kijo-Shu combination of mango on coconut and pineapple
On the brink with the texture and the powder、Summer meal in a dish is perfect in everyone loved it!
The instrument、Artists in Hokkaido "Machiko Ogawa"And it's works、Ya Lok Kutchan's numerous works are exhibited.


"Mulberry leaves / Sweet / Chocolate "

Ice cream of the mulberry leaves。
On top of that、Put candy of using buckwheat and Kaya real (kayanomi)、
Rest the merengue、Complemented by sweet rice with red beans cooked with chocolate。
Served with chips and rice、The bitter sweet flavor and tender sweet and Mulberry leaves、
With Western elegance, such as Japanese-style confection is the best dessert!
Desserts are perfectTaniguchiChef。
Food gives us this impression does not exist easily。
Is worth Toyama over about 4 hours and a half, go here!


Double espresso


OnoEnjoy a great time with his wife after、
TaniguchiChefs who go because we have a talk。
6In visits to Thailand's luxury resort trip
"Asia's 50 best restaurants"In the winner at the top of the 2015
India restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand "Gaggan"Mr.
Was ranked in seventh place this year as well as in Bangkok, Thailand "NAHM Naam"Is it to inform to hear and、
"I want to go!"And、Studying keen on taking various stimulus "He still is"And be humbleTaniguchiChef。
Increasingly we Toyama home excitedly looking forward!


In the lastTaniguchiEnclose the chef staff withMr. and Mrs. OnoWith photo!

Was your most important thank you for hospitality.


2015Accommodation in early summer is here!

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture TEL:076-467-5550 http://www.garaku.co.jp/

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama-Shi, Toyama Prefecture

Ya Yue Kutchan deals accommodation plan introduction

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