Correct drinking of health drink "green smoothie", which is also suitable for skin effect in diet


Strangers in the now high sense of who are loved enough not toGreen smoothies。Actress and model、Celebrities such as their post on the blogDiet success!And is covered in the media such as magazines or TV health drink。Beauty and healthy, happy、BasicsGreen leaf vegetables fruit waterBlend in a blender, making、Easy is a great drink delicious while efficiently nutritional meals that can be。The recipe is very simple、That would halve the effect with incorrect material combinations and how to make、Depending on the dosage、Women's archenemy"Cold disease"Of note is necessary because it may cause。To get the karadakiray、Make the right、It is recommended to drink properly.
The effect of green smoothies

-Skin effectAnd can eat the living enzymes、Metabolism becomes vigorous、Fresh vegetables and fruits vitamins and minerals、Join phytochemicals、Beautiful skin is reborn。
-ImmunityAnd green leafy vegetables are low calorie / nutrient density is very high.。So rich in folic acid and calcium up immune system、To prevent disease and good physical condition.。
-Diet effects"Constipation" in to keep drinking...、"West is refreshing.、Such as skin trouble resolving benefits are、Mathias to a happy woman。
◇ blood sarasara effectAnd that an advocate of green smoothiesVictoria butencoMr、Contains many leafy vegetablesChlorophyllOf the molecules、Very similar to human blood molecules、It is said to take into the body and blood become smoother。

Green smoothiesIs basically、Green leafy vegetablesAndFruitOnly that the rule is。The vegetables be put primarily、Spinach、Potherb mustard、Rape blossoms、Chinese cabbage、Bok Choy、Spinach、Tasai、Trefoil、Garland chrysanthemum、Auction、Celery、Watercress、Kale、Large leaf、Leaf beetle、Carrot leaves、Horseweed、Tomorrow leaves.、Coriander、Basil、Parsley、Mint、Corchorus、Arugula、Lettuce、Red leaf lettuce、Paprika、Tomato、CucumberSuch as。Use only certain vegetables、May cause disorders body by bias。Use only the same vegetable、You can cram a lot of vegetablesNGIt is。Simple 1.、2Types of leafy vegetables work rotation and intake!.



Green smoothiesTo be takenFruitThe、Apple、PEAR、Peach 、Naphthalene 、Plums (prunes、Plum)、Strawberry、Raspberry、BlackBerry、Mulberry (Mulberry fruit)、Blueberry、orange、Navel oranges 、Citron、Lime 、Mandarin oranges、Lemon 、Grapefruit、Dekopon 、Sudachi 、Papaya、Passion fruit、Mango、Banana、Pineapple、Dates (date palm)、Avocado、Persimmon、Grape、Kiwi、Fig 、Melon、WatermelonSuch as。So the most nutritious part stuck just beneath the skin、Eat the texture、More fruit enzymes and fiber.、You can ingest minerals。Skin soft fruit (Kiwi、Persimmon、Fig、Tangerine、Mango、Peach、Plum、PEAR、PEAR、Prune、Apples), such as the core, skin and use!







Starchy vegetables、Bad flavor and fruit、In the intestine gas likely to occur becauseNGIt is! Examples of unsuitable for vegetables、Cabbage、Brussels sprouts、Carrot、Pumpkin、Chinese cabbage、Beets、Broccoli stems、Zucchini、Cauliflower、Eggplant、Okra、Pea pods、Corn、Potatoes、Root vegetablesSuch as。






Soy milk

Green smoothiesThe advantages of、Is there a better absorption of nutrients、MilkAndYogurtCommercial juiceSoy milkSuch as、For meals with protein and nutrients less is absorbedNGIt is。Green leaf vegetables fruit waterThat combination is a base。First is the proportion of fruit and vegetables 6:4And get used to the extra fruit it is important。That is easy to drink、You can keep drinking every day without the stress。However,、Fruit in sugar and high in caloriesAvocadoAndMangoOf note, put too much。If you can stomach anything without fastingUnitBy chewing slowly and drink it、To arrive to bowel smooth、Green smoothiesOf the maximum absorption of nutrients。Also、Too cold smoothies to drink "Visceral chill"And finally be called inPoor blood circulationThe pitfalls so、Let return to room temperature。After 40 minutes-1 hour eating anything is not better。Green smoothiesStarted drinking in the first time around、Sleepiness and fatigue、You may feel anxious, feeling nausea, such as。To:、Temporary symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea can occur。Other、Stomach pain、Frequent urination、Increase in menstrual blood during menstruation、Fever、In some cases symptoms such as breakout。Such symptoms appear, seeReaction"Said.。While our bodies、Stress and additives、Effects of ultraviolet rays occurs in the reactive oxygen species and、Reactive oxygen species、Negatively affect cells throughout the body、Cause of disease and premature aging。Green smoothiesDrinking and、Large amounts of liveEnzymeEnter the body。Is superior to the enzyme redox power、For that excellent ability for detoxification of reactive oxygen species、Green smoothiesDrinking and、The bad guys attack the cell oxygen Assistant begins to fight to protect the body, killing、Enzymes to excrete body wastes and hazardous chemical reaction takes place.。Green smoothiesStarted drinkingReactionIf you would like、Increase the amount of water added、1Drinking just one cup a day、Should also be devised, such as reducing the amount of vegetables。I am every morning.、Instead of breakfastOriginal green SmoothieWe have。Learn how to make a correct and proper way to drink、My favoriteGreen smoothiesCreating、Everyday your delicious and beautiful!

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