Red shiso leaf juices and refreshing taste in summer heat prevention and diet


6MoonTo be hitPerilla Frutescens。The perilla Frutescens、Various medicinal properties known from old、Has been used as food or medicine、A wide variety of nutritious ingredients、Vitamins B1, B2, C, E,、Iron、Contains calcium, such as。Among them、The ingredients you want to focusAlpha - linolenic acidIt is。Alpha - linolenic acid、In a kind of polyunsaturated fatty acids、This alpha-linolenic acid、In the body、There the work is converted to EPA and DHA。Not be synthesized in the body、Essential fatty acids must be ingested by eating.。Made by using the nutritious red shisoRed shiso leaf juiceThe、AnthocyaninsRich in、Tired eyes and eyesight improvementAllergy preventionAnd、Beautiful skin、Probiotics、Recovery from fatigue、Increase appetite、DietAnd is said to have a variety of functions。Fatigue strength of the recoveryThe excellent、More Detox effects、Is the appetite-promoting effect.、Summer heat protectionA perfect red shiso leaf juice! Further good news is that delicious drink、Diet effectsBetter he should、This is again not make unacceptable! (Laughs)、ImmediatelyHomemade red shiso leaf juiceThe recipe here!

Various effects of Red perilla leaf juice

[Allergy prevention
Hay fever or eczema、Allergic diseases such as asthma,、The increase in leukocytes from TNF (tumor necrosis factor) are one of the causes。Perilla oil contains alpha-and inhibit this TNF increase in linolenic acid、By drinking every day helps improve allergy。 Also、Constituents of perilla contains Luteolin inhibits the occurrence of histamine、It is said to relieve allergy symptoms。

Blood smooth effect]
The perilla leaf、Said one of the representatives of the anti-clotting vegetables helps reduce the clotting of blood and、Those who eat a diet rich in meat and oil is recommended! (It is my:Lol)

[Bowel settling and appetite effects]
That my stomach, no appetite、May prescribe shiso leaves in traditional Chinese medicine for anyone who wants。Powerful antiseptic shiso and detoxification、Helps digestion and absorption and secretion of gastric juice interaction、Further gastrointestinal peristalsis (zenndou) works to enable settling bowel support action!

[Fatigue effect]
In stress, tired, no energy、Who said that modern trim body balance gradually effect of perilla、Will refresh you!

[Prevention of cold]
Sweating with shiso、Expectorant effect、Antipyretic effects, such as help in body。In the summer to catch her husband let us drink!

Rosmarinic acid in perilla, there diet。Carbohydrates in the small intestine.、Are broken down into glucose、Be absorbed into the body.、And changes to triglyceride and glucose into the blood taking in too many carbohydrates、Lifestyle-related diseases, such as diabetes or、Leads to obesity。This to prevent、Rosmarinic acid in perilla Frutescens。Rosmarinic acid、Enzymes that break down maltose、Stop the maltase、Is working does not break down into glucose.、溢rezu excess sugar in the blood by taking perilla (rosmarinic acid)、High blood sugar levels are less、If ingested over a long、Even on a diet、It is said there is likely to get the same effect as the low-carb diet! (My joy)

Shiso is a powerful germicidal、Bacteria suppression、And it is said to have a detoxifying effect、Cut out skin bacteria、Avoid the "fissures" due to aging。For Acne to troubles is recommended!


That is always very much "Farmers market three-way branch"Mr. at the、Perilla Frutescens1 bag purchase。Stems from taking only the parts of a leaf、And weighingRed shiso leaf 200 gIt is。Leaves of perilla Frutescens、Better put in a bowl with water and wash、Leave the Dish drainer。Now、Let me introduce the material to prepare!

Homemade red shiso leaf juice

Perilla Frutescens (leaves of only 200 g)、Water 1.5 L、Caster sugar 200 g、Lemon juice 50 cc、White wine vinegar 100 cc。
For * Red shiso、Sugar or granulated sugar is equal、Not too sweet and has taste。


Put water in the pot、Add a red shiso leaves in boiling。Immersion in water with chopsticks、7Minutes to boil about 8 minutes。Lye take without forgetting.


Empty basket once you 煮立tetara、Get rid of perilla Frutescens、Leaving red perilla leaf extract in a saucepan。Go there、Granulated sugar to melt into mix。(* Red shiso reuse methods:The remaining shiso with salt and Flex、Dried and then red shiso pretend in a food processor finely you to!)


Becomes a bright pink color and add lemon juice.


Many of you、Red shiso leaf juiceRice vinegarSuch as in use、For the "vinegar" like her husband in the home、Do not put vinegar (to be exact、In a refrigeratorMizkan easily be useful include vinegarOnly)、This time the、I tried changing to white wine vinegar! The wine vinegar、Because it uses the same wine grape mainly、Amino acids are less、Contains a lot of tartaric acid。Tartaric acid known the intestines can be、For white wine vinegar are also bactericidal action、Would be perfect for summer cooking grape vinegar。Because some distinctive scent、Even though red shiso leaf juice, non-alcoholic、The finished red shiso leaf juice can be found at the moment I'm drinking the wine (laughs)、Put a boiled bottle、Keep in the fridge.


Homemade red shiso leaf juice

Tamer sweet with refreshing white wine vinegar aftertaste、As a healthy summer、It is a very refreshing juice! Divided in the carbonated water and sparkling sense of Carpe diem、It is like drinking non-alcoholic sparkling wine! Mint Sheen also shades of bright pink and cute!。Not personally straight and on the ice soon enjoy fashionable chilled flute glass is recommended.


Bought at the farmers ' market, as well asHerbWho has been replanted in pots on the patio。In the bowl of the right、Sweet Basil and Spearmint、To perilla。In the bowl of the left、Alone, Rosemary。In the rain paratsuku、And her husband's grounds with a crisp Sunday afternoon in the two。"I hope grows!"And、Was also one more holiday fun!


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