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2014/3In Fukuroi is moved.、The Hamamatsu sanarudaiBody make-up professional personal training StudioAn open and"Do-tight! Thebes"San。BuzzTrainingAnd the Center、In the exercise itself heavily in the Lord、Aiming at the target proportions、In order to relieve the suffering of the body、Depending on the age, gender and fitness level、To create a further consideration is that personality, etc.Motion menu of made-to-orderWill do in a one on one。No one comes to mindTorso, belly, back, hips, and thighsTo choose professional targeted Studio、Personal trainer, ownerYamada Makoto Shingo-Kun、Got a professional knowledge、Boasts proven leadership of more than 7,500 times ever more experience as a specialist in body modification、Short period of time (3 months to 6 months) inEffective trainingWill you support!


In the Fitness Studio、In a refreshing space filled with a white staff、In the glass wall L enclose characters、Before it is possible to check the poses of their training from the angle of the horizontal。And to put artificial turf on the floor、To reduce pressure to the legs and knees during training、A body-friendly environment。Balance balls on the wall with the array and array of iron tools and training mats big success if necessary!


For the first time、First of allCounselingFrom the start。Goals and objectives、Period and then interview、Want to get image of figure。And indeed、Make a simple action, check the State of the current body! Poor posture and weak muscles、You can check the balance of your body, such as。In the course of the first、Approximately 60 minutes、Now do what is training on what schedule?、We will determine the approximate。And、Making sure on whether or not continue to own important and、The goal is、Only those who attend at least once a week as a member will contract。I、Existence of a training Studio hereFacebookThe use of several friends to know、2014On March 20,.To have exactly the experience。From Garland to train once a week.、Entering 3 months early。lade, viewers are advised toDietary restrictionsFor the little、Sober is (laughs)、Slowly has been nostal variation and effect。Yamada trainer、Do not forcibly impose their diet is basically。However, except for the (more intensive)、You advise and a degree of control is required.。And、Well, if you wish a good efficiency of teaching。Excessive weight loss diet diets never for the body that will better not know。Repeat the reckless diet with more than、Weakening we trained contracting muscles on the inside of the body、Purpose is to get steady to body.




Before and after training、Aerobic exerciseThe walking and。Point in heart rate to burn fat。1Set the speed and time suitable for 1 person。After a warm your body by walking、The different training content。The basic way to a beautiful body、Lower body training is important。Training in the correct posture、As well as the legs, butt and stomach tightening effect is outstanding!




MaineTrainingThe、Concentrate your efforts on areas of body care。Thanks for showing the model without hesitation and Yamada trainer、Looks easy to see the attitude、And actually try it yourself、Kitui is pretty (laughs) how to、We realized not use muscles in daily life?。Young younger around the trunk did not wane even、Muscles that are not used will、Along with the age and aging will help wane。Yamada trainer says、To be disrupted and weak trunk muscles、Bad posture、And bad posture、Or poor blood flow、Harden muscles、Slows the metabolism and、Says there is no good thing。As a result、Decrease in muscle to support the body obese too body line of severely affected would seem。Such training, in the Center、By making the appropriate number of (different for each person) in correct position、Coming up efficiency enhancing effects、Youthful body making unabated trunk muscles is important!Even if Grandma wants to walk on my feet?!




After the training、If necessaryStretchWill you go。Yamada trainer is not exaggeration to say synonymous with sweet Devil、I am stiff body "Ital! Italy! Itatatatac! "And if you scream and yell so please (hehe) stretch will be very important、So shape up enemy's stiff muscles。In that stretch to improve blood circulation and、To promote fat burning.。I hard body、Were all encouraged to stretch than the daily workout。Each day steadily、I want to work hard.


Don't forget to exercise、HydrationIt is。And easy poker sweat this time.、SaltIt is important to charge! Do-tight!Mr. so、Staff training in hydration and salt charge。In addition to、Such as those rich in essential amino acids are essential to make the muscles to increase the combustion efficiency of the standard、Goods movement which supports are equipped with。The supply and、Students to better make a good muscle!

Together with you-Let's Do-tight!


Type B body trunk (torso) specialty personal trainer Shingo Yamada (born 6/6/1981)

Three years in Osaka and Hyogo.、After the fitness center business、25To be independent as a trainer for years、Going to Tokyo。Tokyo Center always seven or eight outlets of sports clubs and facilities signed、And one-on-one exercise training to the general public、Professional athletes、Tied up an exclusive contract of professional training and care、More than 850 hours per year training guidance。At the same time、Admitted to PNFC TEC JAPAN Shinjuku school。Learn advanced exercise and stretch therapy。28At the age of、Return to the locals, Shizuoka、Personal training &PNF bodywork Studio opened in Fukuroi-shi。Individual movements and body more than 700 hours per year for General adjustments。Also、6To expand the original stretch class, eight community centers and other public facilities based on PNF theory。To over 200 classrooms and lectures。4Over the years、After working mainly Fukuroi, Kakegawa and Iwata、Decided to relocated to Hamamatsu City。2014In sanarudai, Hamamatsu-Shi"4 D body stem training PNF stretching Studio Do-tight!"Open!

Do-tight! Thebes
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sanarudai 1-20-21 2F TEL:053-415-1232
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00(Last admission 21:00) Weekends and holidays 10:00To 18:00 * Hours negotiable
Closed on Mondays:Occasionally parking 3 cars
First experience (60 minutes) 4000 Yen

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sanarudai 1-20-21

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