Italian "Naples NAPOLI" oven-baked pizza and southern Italian cuisine lunch

Authentic Neapolitan pizza and southern Italian cuisine grilled in HamamatsuNaples (NAPOLI)"To go、Pizza lunch with friends and family!
Moved here from nearby Tomizuka town where the first shop opened about 17 years ago、It has already been 11 years since it was reopened.、It will be a popular restaurant loved by many fans, "If you eat pizza in Hamamatsu, this place"!

Because it is a store that becomes the design of "Warmth Studio" when the founder Shigeru Sasaki was alive and well、From the characteristic two-tone appearance to the soft atmosphere of the interior with the ceiling arched with the painted walls of the generation, it is wrapped in a warm atmosphere that feels warm!

About three years ago, the True Neapolitan Pizza Association (Associate Verde Pizza Napolettana):It becomes a genuine Neapolitan pizza shop certified as a common name AVPN)、A big sign of AVPN on the façade is a landmark!

There is a wood-fired kiln with bright blue tiles in the store.、Yoshio Yamamoto, owner chef and pizza craftsman(Yoshikazu Yamamoto)Because you can enjoy the scene full of live feeling just like the performance that Mr. carefully extends and bakes with your hands one by one in front of you、You can also enjoy the waiting time until freshly baked is brought!

It is cut together by owner chef Yoshio Yamamoto and his wife、A lively shop run with hall staff!

Lunch、Choose the main from the pizza lunch set and pasta lunch set menu、Salad as a set、Drink、It will be with today's small dessert or gelato! The blackboard on the wall also has an à la carte menu and wine list perfect for wine applications、There are plenty of menus that you can enjoy casually at night!

"Lunch set salad"

"Italian veal tripper salad with lemon flavor" +580 yen

Fragrant olive oil with salt and lemon in a refreshing sauce with acidity、You will have a veal tripper with a salad that you can enjoy the texture!

The fragrant scent baked with firewood drifts、It is the outing of Neapolitan pizza with a delicious face even if it looks!

"Margherita Extra" 2,090 yen

In the menu of the shop push、Margherita using Motsuarella buffalo in Campagna、Even plump ears can be delicious with a chewy texture dough! Melted buffalo with smooth mozzarella and acidity、The balance with the sauce condensed with the umami of tomatoes is exquisite、An unbearable dish for margherita lovers!

"Spaghetti with Hiroshima mussels and mini tomatoes" 1,580 yen

The first dish of pasta is chosen from "Today's Recommendation"、It is an oil pasta that can be easily flattened in one dish where the dashi and the sourness of the mini tomato are splendidly emulsified from soft mussels filled with umami from Hiroshima!

"Romana" 2,030 yen

Romana with anchovies and oregano on top of margherita、The salty taste that is good enough to want white wine will whet your appetite!

The hand-stretched fabric is thin.、You can enjoy the good smell of powder in the fragrance、Ears (Cornicione:Picture frame) is a piece that is plump and firm and responds!

Carbonara 1,580 yen

A delicious carbonara with mellow egg yolks and bacon fat and umami sauce with cheese! If you add +300 yen, you can change bacon to pancetta!

"Lunch set drink"

Italian eye speech tea (sugar) and refreshing iced coffee available for a limited time!

"Dessert for lunch set"

"Caramel gelato" with rich taste and "pistachio panna cotta" with rich and smooth texture! It is a bite-sized dessert, but with a satisfying taste、It is a nice service to be able to have it as a set! Surrounded by delicious Neapolitan pizza、I was also having a fun lunch time with my friends and family!

From Today, August 8 (Sun.), Hamamatsu City will also be subject to priority measures such as prevention of spread.、Alcohol has been stopped.、Next time the man-proof is opened, I would like to enjoy delicious southern Italian cuisine with wine by all means!

Naples (NAPOLI)
Address:2920-33 Tomizukacho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka
Hours of operation:
[Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays]11:30-14:30(L.O.14:00)、17:30-21:00(L.O.20:00)※It closes as soon as pizza is sold out.
Closed on Mondays:Thursday
Parking lot:Fully equipped in front of the store

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