Nagoya flight of the "Central Japan International Airport Centrair" departure of Singapore Airlines


In the event of Cape Town to the journey、Found where partner looked for tickets on the netCentral Japan International Airport (Centrair)Development of the Singapore airline tickets!


Korea trip since February is coming to Centrair.。10When is a 30 minute flight、Airport arrived in 8:30 about 2 hours ago。Anticipating congestion or trouble cases、Early action is better。In the airport、And the shops of Japan and the world as well as local、Restaurant、Relaxation facilities、A wealth of art galleries and other commercial facilities、It is time to say goodbye to low.


On the check-in counter is Ninja! Can't help with this without a fixed concept of Japan = Ninja from foreign tourists who would (laughs)


The weight of the suitcase is regulated and up to 20 kg per case。This time the、Because it was scantily clad, however unlike France, rather than thick coats, such as one week worth of clothes only had 17 kg。It is exactly good weight to go home, put the souvenir.


Is flight while waiting in the departure lobby。In the lobby、Fitted table you can charge your phone or computer、To charge the battery、Wait a pleasant views, to advance development of the flight before the plane is possible!


Now、Boarding announcements, go to the boarding gate。Your passport and airline ticket gimpp。Take my airplane seat、Carry-on baggage。There are various limits carry-on baggage。2007From the March、Now limited also carrying liquids on board。The women especially with、Such as creams, wax, gels, lotions, toothpaste, mascara (no problem, wet wipes, gel Bras)。If you bring on board liquids, gels, creams and aerosols including、And do not bring the following。

Liquid items、100ml containersOn all vessels、Resealable transparent plastic bagTo put (aspect total less than 40 cm bag, 1 bag per person only)


Is the State of the economy class cabin。Spacious head with sheet。More legroom in the front foot space is reserved.


1One sheet is equipped with monitor、On a long flight、Movies and TV、I enjoy music and games!


In the cabin、Serving alcoholic and soft drinks。But CA's Singapore Airlines uniforms are exotic and nice!


On the menu、What kind of drinks and lunch is written in English and Japan。


"Singapore Sling"

Speaking of Singapore would be this cocktail。As the name suggests、Singapore-born cocktail。Cocktails, like juice added sweetness and acidity with a gin base.


This is the lunch meal.。
Appetizer "smoked turkey and curry flavor of the pasta salad"
Main "fish sautéed with white wine sauce、Served with spinach and potatoes.
Bread、Butter、Cheese and crackers、Ice cream、Coffee、Tea

The flight to Singapore、Very cool with air conditioning。In a hot drink is somewhat saved、Is the cold with just provided blanket。But you should tell CA's temperature could adjust the extent、How many minutes、Many people will be difficult to keep the temperature seems everyone is comfortable。A cold?、You can also add a blanket or、I recommend bringing in as much as possible of my haori coat of the。Now about six hours of flight room safe、Singapore's Changi Airport.

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Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)

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