' Park 四tsu池 ' new shape ~ model room sneak preview of announcement-rental apartments


Tower rental apartments adjacent to the Yotsuike park "Park View Yotsuike」のリノベーション企画第1弾が完成したモデルルームを一般公開し内覧会を開催いたします。Utilizing the rich natural environment of 四tsu池 ParkHealthThemed renovation。Remove the partition space、Extra stuff is stripped down、Open room making a simple design, tired of not、Spatial planning can be harmony with nature 四tsu池 ParkPursuing。Uncommon in rental apartmentsSolid wood desigUsed in luxury、Experience the warmth of trees in Barefoot feel。Summers are cool with cool、Warm in winter、Enjoy the texture of real wood for climate and features liveOffer。Living space、Kitchen work、Home partySuch as in the homeEventsEasy to hold andPublic spaceAvailable as。Also assumed that usually dwell、For a long time standing in the kitchen housewife、For the making of space overlooking the living room relax family while doing chores、And expressive diagonal lines on the chest wall was built so they wouldn't block the line of sight。開放的な空間や自然素材を用いることで感じ取るストレスフリーの生活環境を念頭に置いています!ご来場の方には健康テーマに欠かせない話題の健康ドリンク「Original green Smoothie」をご用意しておりますご興味のある方お友達などお声掛けの上是非ご来場ください!お待ちしております♪

Date and time:2014/9/6(Sat.)、9/7(日)の2日【13時~17時】Until held
Location:浜松市中区幸3丁目14-13 パークビュー四ツ池407号室
( * at the entrance of the room number407を押しCallPlease press the button )
Award:An effective natural skinOriginal green SmoothieAvailable

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