Wine Bar Park at "Antimite" view Yotsuike model room complete launch after-party


Enter sakana-Cho Street from these city 30 meters on the left、New stone wine bar in the 2nd floor of the building "Intimite アンティミテ"Mr.。Of the ownerTian ZhonglongTaste delicious wines were selected-Kun、2Not to mention on how to settle down a bit in the second, you want to drink、2012March 5More new chefTaninoBy Kun greeted new、Meals that are offered。At the same time opening hours 18:00-the open and as soon as possible、It is recommended travelers would wine while enjoying a meal。2013/11The、On the first floor of the main building "Obanzai and IchiRyo"With daily that you you hit counter、大人の雰囲気のダイニングバーもオープンされ、Is a building crowded with antimite, together with a popular shop!


Shop counter 5 seats。1-In small groups of 3 persons、Will still enjoy conversation and Ryu-Kun at the counter leisurely moments to taste good!


2012After years of puchirinyuaru、In the atmosphere, such as giving the curtain divider is at a table in the back is。Table 4 × 3 seats 12 seats.、Because the side walls are sofa seats、Small number of adjustments is possible。However,、The number of seats is limited, so、予め予約をされてから足を運ぶことをお勧めします。Now、Leeさんで食事をし赤ワインまで飲み干しましたがこちらでは軽めに白ワインで〆ることになりました♪


We will select the wines recommended for owners of Ryu-Kun!


See Sancerre tail-de-man Bray"France Loire white

レ・メイユール・ヴァン・ド・フランスでサンセールの次世代を担う造り手と評価されているルヴェルディ家マンブレイ村の周囲の斜面に現在14haの畑を所有し畑は40以上の区画に細分化しており樹齢は15~70年に及んでいます土壌はキメリジャン土壌の石灰粘土質驚くほどの貝殻化石(ジュラ紀)が転がっていますドメーヌはパスカル(兄)パスカルの妻ナタリーと故ニコラ(弟)の妻ソフィーで運営を行っています。Grape varieties:ソーヴィニヨン・ブラン100%サンセールの風土をそのまま表現したようなミネラル感に富み果実味と心地よい酸味が印象的なワインです♪


Appetizer "raw ham rillettes" 生ハムの塩気がワインに良く合い最適なおつまみです♪



Intimite アンティミテ
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 312-8 new stone building 2F TEL:053-454-7081
Hours of operation 18:00-25:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

312 -8 sakana-Cho Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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