Drive and dine Ministry statement Chan Kouri island's beaches while Okinawa lunch

In the northern part of OkinawaNakijin village now(Nakijinson) on the island,Kouri island(Kourijima) is、In a circular-shaped upheaval coral island、The area is approximately 3.17 k m²、Makes approximately 8 km around、It is a small island less than the population of about 400 people!

Surrounded by oceans the degree of transparency of the Okinawa main island topKouri islandThe、And crystal clear emerald blue、Kouri advantage blue at least known beaches will be popular!

That Kouri island、Will be able to circumnavigate the island after running 10 minutes in the car!
While enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of Kouri island is surrounded by natural beauty blue waters and sugar-cane field "Aqua car rental"For you to enjoy a drive on the beetle (Beetle)!


Tourists located at the entrance of the popular Kouri island "Kouri interest Beach"The、Hotel market to sell Kouri Island seafood and souvenirs and Okinawa cuisine dining and shops "Kouri Island Plaza"The parking is available!

Food and beverage stores "Food and hotel"The market adjacent to、Kouri island in fresh vegetables and fruits is a sequence、Speaking of Okinawan souvenirs of candy "Chin chinsuko. introduction、Sweets using the island's famous "red potato.、Black sugar is made from sugar cane、Okinawa salt rich in minerals、Come together, seasoning with "island pepper"!

Seafood corner is available in the back、Can be bought from the sample the Okinawan-style "sea grapes" or "mozuku.、While I buy souvenirs!

Would be 2 minutes ' walk from "Petting"Kouri interest BeachTo and shall、Enjoy the white sandy beach at the foot of the furuu's Beach!

12Say, beach and children、Beaches attractions the tourist bus also stops for、Many tourists are seen on the beach!

For a shallow beach、Seems to enjoy the beaches and、To truly swim in temperatures of around 20 ° C is still early for、Issue goes barefoot Beach returns、Horses and enjoyed the waves and why kids!

2005Opened on 8 FebruaryKouri Ohashi bridgeThe、Nakijin village nowOfKouri islandAnd NagoIslands(Yagajishima) between、And causeways of 1960 m in length、Toll free!

Islands over the Kouri Ohashi bridge through、It would be nice to look at Kouri island and along the river!

IslandsOn one side of the bridge、Garden Restaurant Cafe 'From the beautiful terrace."And、Here is、4Two dining and souvenir shop、Facilities consisting of free space.

Kouri Ohashi bridgeThe fit panorama、"From the beautiful terrace."View from the Observatory located in is the best!

On the lookout、Are equipped with lock Adam and Eve in a shop that sells、How couples visited by riko! Okinawan version of "Adam and Eve the legend" the legend says "love Island (Kouri).、It is also a power spot worship sanctuary and lovers!


Became concerned about were floating on the sea and rocks.、And look along the beach suggests that once again gets in the car and wander around!

On Google Map、Get national and "Okinawa love fun Park"The pathway along the coast to go、To the beach of the reef up close!

And landed on the beach、A dazzling Rainbow hanging onto the rocks.、My dash!

Rustling in the white sand beaches、Shimmer and sparkle with white coral and shells、Beach nobody is off the beaten path in the off the beaten path!

Kouri islandTo return、Looking where you can have lunch and、Okinawa old soldier in an intense touches such as hand-painted Shisa "Dining room statement Chan I"Discovery!

On a hill "Dining room statement Chan I"The storefront、Me met warmly made lanterns stomachs fluttering in the wind and seashells on the other、Feel of Okinawa will fail!

The restaurant offers table seat、Let's lunch and still good Vantage terrace!

Here is、In the mother serves as the current owner has opened shop、After the joint's daughter、Opened 10 years now!

On the menu、Middle and Okinawan specialties and fresh seafood meal、This "Bowl (w/mini Okinawa Soba)" order 1500 yen and Okinawa Soba 700 yen!

Famous for sea urchinKouri islandThat is the、Causes include overfishing、In recent years, without reaping in the fishing ban、Seems to not eat the Sea Urchin was caught on the island! Many tourists still seeking a "Sea Urchin rice bowl" for、Sea Urchin from the Mainland are provided!

Will be served with plenty of such sea urchin [Bowl]、While small bowl、About spilling over from the bowl lined with fish、Okinawan tangerines will be squeezed tightly! On bubble wrap and sea grapes as they play fresh octopus or squid、White tuna and gorgeous、It is a good balance between takes can enjoy Okinawa Soba in small bowl until well menu!

Okinawa Soba、Take a thin Okinawa pork soft noodles on sweet 煮付keta、Will accompany the sea grapes and pickled ginger!
So pickled in awamori Okinawa island chili seasoning "colleges" resides on the desktop、Enjoy the taste changed and is recommended!

Kouri Ohashi bridgeAt lunch while enjoying the views! Drive continues!

Fureai Plaza food and hotel
Address:Okinawa Pref. kunigami-gun now back Nakijin village Kouri interest 323-1

Dining room statement Chan I
Address:Okinawa Pref. kunigami-gun now back Nakijin village Kouri interest 457
Hours of operation:11:00To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday (summer hours)

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