Aqua car car rental Naha airport shuttle! Okinawa travel by rental car professional beetle!

Nagoya colored in a Christmas mood in the winter "Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)(Chubu Centrair International Airport) "from、Would be about two hours and a half for flights departing、Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Naha city, Located in Okinawa Japan "Naha airport domestic terminal(Naha Airport) "to arrive safely and、Climate change radically、Warm to mild Okinawa!

Gentle air felt、Airport flow Okinawan folk song became the southern Ryukyus mood、See mennso-and、Every Okinawa (Okinawa dialect:Come) "and the barrage was written、Receive a warm welcome!

First floor of the airport at the arrival lobby、In Okinawa's tourist attractions "Ocean Expo Park, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium"And supervise the Giant Aquarium、Healed appearance with bright colorful tropical fish swim leisurely、Okinawa feel and more!

In Nagoya, this temperature is around 10 ° C and、That was cold enough against the cold in a heavy coat and gloves scarf、On the first day in Okinawa at a cloudy sky temperature 20 ° C and、And light long-sleeved one piece about a very mild climate、I am overjoyed for us in the cold! Temperate regions!

Now、Speaking of items indispensable to Okinawa、The car still be required and alternative modes of transport!

For car rental in Okinawa during your stay、So far each car hire comparison site in Okinawa on various research、Insta Sheen can be expected in、Discover the shop price reasonable and conscientious!

This time the、Suitable for drives in Okinawa surrounded by sea, "Volkswagen (Volkswagen) "The new beetle special"Aqua car rental(AQUQ Car Rental) "for I was allowed to sign-up via the booking form!

Car rental charges 2980 Yen / day ~

Reservation 0120-782-025

As soon as arrived "Aqua car rental"The phone contact with the staff、Please come to the Shuttle airport.、For us flight arrival time in advance、Without waiting for a smoother response.

Transfer car、And the minivan type of Volkswagen vanagon、Clear green color stands for!

"Aqua car rental"Is from the Naha airport as close、Due to arrive in less than 5 minutes by subway、No loss of time!

At the counter in the shop、Fill out the rental agreement、Marys procedures such as licence submission review、Get the description of the terms of use and notices! Emergency and general insurance about the accident when you say there、For that, including any insurance Guide、You can enjoy Okinawa drive with peace of mind!

Now、The vehicle we chose to accompany the trip to Okinawa、"Volkswagen (Volkswagen) "Is a limited version of the new beetle and"colore"! Body color、And colour-colore speed Blue Metallic、Blue to vivid seats、It will shine in the clear waters of Okinawa!

Determining how to staff started.、If prior approval of Interior and exterior scratches and dents and finish completing the rental agreement!

Before boarding the new beetle、So was Hibiscus flowers、From love's yellow color and plenty of choice!

And beside the small vase was placed next to the Steering、The bright-yellow hibiscus car shows bright and colorful!

Because USB has been installed、By connecting the iPhone that bring the charger、While driving and charging iPhone、Very helpful!

And then find the Okinawan folk song on YouTube、While enjoying BGM Okinawa unique worldview、It is a pleasant drive start!

Driving IC nakachi, tomigusuku Castle Naha airport Expressway、In about 1 hour and a half drive、Okinawa island destination 'Kouri island"To!

Naha (Naha Airport)
Location:Okinawa Prefecture, Naha, pleural fluid 150

Aqua car rental (AQUQ Car Rental)
Address:1F, 1-4-20 and Phoenix akamine, Okinawa Naha akamine
TEL: 0120-782-025

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