French restaurant "lagapp" and his wife invited Parties!

The party moved to the Lake, played a second time、Fujieda City's favorite "I love"France cooking restranlagap"ofMatsushita, Hiroyuki (Takayuki Matsusita).Yuko Matsushita (Yukako Matsushita)It is a dinner party of the couple invitation!

I couldn't come to the "Moving Party" because of my work.、He said he would come to my house to play between busy holidays.、I always tried to be the "entertaining side" to the chef of the "entertaining side"、I was able to meet you in a full course of homemade dishes with all my heart!

Cheers、Mr. and Mrs. Matsushita gave us a move gift to us at The Champagne "Daniel Dumont" / Brut Grand Reserve NV (Daniel Dumont) / Let's have Brut Grande R'serve]! High transparency and fine taste of bubbles!

Cooking from the day before, I worked hard to prepare it.、Prepare 13 dishes from appetizers to main dishes、The potter of Toyama who supportsWing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)with vessels including new、my favorite woodworker.Shimoo DesignShimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo) / Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)We will make full use of the "Floating Series" of the couple.、Surround the gorgeous dining table!

[Dinner menu to entertain Mr. and Mrs. Ragup Matsushita]
1Makinonative "Honey boy" honey nuts and cream cheese canapes x Shimoo design KAZARIARI

2Nara salmon, bean seedlings and radish tuna salad x if Blue

3Sprinkle with stick vegetables and smoked tea with salmon cream dip x Mt. Sasanaga age New work

(4) Herb spice-soaked stone kiln roaster of sardine sand liver x Mt. Tsujinaga mars himawari

5 Ethnic Salad with Salmon x Mt. Tsujinaga Reversible Shire

6 Potage "Le Capanne" Extra Virgin Olive Oil x Mt. Tsujinaga

7Kaneko Farm Lovely Cherry Blossoms and Anchovy Bruschetta x Italian Chiurato Wheat

Bogle Vineyards Pinot Noir 2014 (Bogle Vineyarde Pinot Noir 2014)

8 Lotus root crunchy cheese x Mt. Sasanaga Reversible Shire

9 Curnontue's Conte Sausage Maille Moutarde , l'Ancienne au Pinot Noir & Choriso Sec x Acacia Board

10 Tsubo-fry ripe habanero sauce x Mt. Tsujinaga mars flat dish new work

Pakna 2011 Pachna Pacina

1 1 Japanese pork thigh block low-temperature cooking refreshing Meyer lemon aroma x Mt. Sasanaga reversible stone dish

13 Asari and Shiitake's Western-style cooked rice Tajin Nabe x Mt. Tsubonaga gen thin bowl

And i'm lovingly offering one dish at a time while becoming a kitchen dranker、I'm going to put mushroom cream sauce on the sauce of the main dish "sauteed lamb"、What! I was in trouble because I made a mistake in forgetting to buy the milk bowl.、Mr. Matsushita stood in the kitchen.、Sauteed mushrooms with butter!

Make the best mushroom sauce to go with the lamb with the seasonings you have.、Who knew...、No way "Ouchi Ragup! 」!

1 2 Sauteed Lamb With Spice Fragrance Mushroom Sauce with Cresson x Mt. Yunaga age

After dinner、The other day, I wapped "Lagup"AbondanceI recommend it to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard of、I was born to kickthat that you went out to eat、This time, Mr. and Mrs. Matsushita (abondance)"To stop、Because the colorful "Macaron" which is perfect for the tea cake was put in、"Brazilian hand-picked ripe beans" of "Mameyaka Fue" is brewed in the bowl.、Relax and have a good time!

1 4 assorted cheese 3 kinds (Mimolette)、Munster、Rockfall) x Mt. Sasanaga Reversible Shire

15 Shine Muscat x Kiriko

17 "Mameka Fue" Brazilian hand-picked ripe bean coffee x Finland ARABIA & Danish relief

Ground coffee beans there, Yuko-chan the mill of hand-ground experience while、Experience the delicious taste of coffee brewed by itself! Coffee is still freshly roasted ground freshly brewed fresh!

Care was a 6 time has passed between the、You could have fun bloom in France NET and good preaching! Mr. Matsushita、Yoshiko Yuki-CHAN、Please come hang out!

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