Check in to the sitting-so Izu is quaint deeper history of the plateau and Fushan Springs Ryokan

Seaboard springs of Izu-Kogen nature rich area of prominence as luxury hotel "ABBA RESORTS IZU – Sitting(Zagyosoh) Abu resort is zagyeosou "to!

Here is luxury ryokan boasts a history of over 50 years ' sitting Zhuang (zagyosou)、2014On October 26,、Taiwan companies 'Koi 眾 collection group holding co. Civil GroupHOLDINGS / ABBA RESTORTS GROUP "of capital to introduce、Perform major repairs has been renewed!

This piece of land is known as the village of 山momo、Because it was of fine trees more than 300 years old、Without threatening the life of the tree、Was designed to take advantage、It is just a green nature Japan Garden Inn!

5,000Take the total cost around Yen 1800000000 acre grounds、In addition to the renewal of the two-story main building (19 rooms)、Japanese away from welcoming villa is newly built modern Villa has 13 rooms、Align each of the 32 guest rooms has different types of rooms、Has been serving the finest relaxation at、And Villa expansion underway now、New villas of 3 and scheduled to open in the coming year!

When in March this year, the restaurant use leg and carried、Next time I stay and I、This time、Ryokan we have selected in my 45-year-old commemorative birthday trip is here!

Blessed with the beauty of the mountains sunny weather and fall deeper for this day.、Izu skylineOf10 country pass cable carFrom a comfortable drive with the magnificent Mt. Fuji with snow Hat suggests fallen for it!

You let a little arranged ahead of time、In front of the main door of the carMaseratiAlong with the Quattroporte was to photograph!

Director who met ABBA reside Tokyo Head Office,Sales&MarketingYuko Arai (Noguchi Hiroko Arai)With the sameHiroshi Abe, Naomi (Shihomi Abe)With the greeting and then safely check-in!

While healed good and open all the Windows, flowing garden waterfall sound、In the spacious lobby welcome tea & I'll have sweet tea!

Is knowledge of the tea ceremony.、The green tea me some Mr./Ms. Harada Akiko's staff will be responsible for the preservation of culture、Feel mellow, rich sweet aroma deeply!

The Small cake tailored to your、Adorable Zhu 山momo grounds on the fruit weighed down. real mo. sweet and sour sweet "and I what-no-Sato"。Its actually a wood nymph because、It's said that if you eat one year life span extending!

Deep blue blue green Tweet of the birds singing echoed、The sound of the waterfall to heal heart、While watching the Koi garden pond to swim gracefully、Almost gone stiff green tea time!

After a small break、And given the evening meal time and verify the check-in sheet、I will sign up!

Shinpei Yamamoto of the landlady of the Inn and restaurant "Bayberry" (Shinpei Yamamoto) Joined the chef、Heart photo, received warm welcomes!

Beginning of time relaxing in the sitting-so it starts!

ABBA RESORTS IZU sitting Zhuang (Zagyosoh) Abu resort is zagyeosou
Address:Shizuoka Ito-Shi Yawata area 1741
Toll free number:0800-888-1168

Sitting / Taiwan Reservation website

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