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Aya Japanese restaurant and cherish the quaint sum of AOI East behind the Princess Highway, main "Tempura" taste artisan natural and political will must。Prior to、By ueshima from the time more than 40 years had been in business as a、Moved to AOI East here is now joint second after, it marks the sixth year early。So that weekend as long as open only at night on weekdays, has been open for lunch、When I heard that.。


Shop in the atmosphere、10 counter seats and spacious and cozy tatami room seats 18 is that floor because。And there are big parties in the big room available in the back room。Weekend evenings、We recommend that book because I heard often during peak。


The proud Tempura、Making the best use of fresh ingredients, it is fried and。Finish it to be moist and the satisfaction。Order of Tempura and queer and course、Put the Tempura on the Nachi warmed stone, seems to provide us with。In doing so、Be eaten freshly hot、From the delicious, and not collect any excess oil from the effect of the material spread in the mouth!。The freshly fried、Heavenly spicy bonito is served with dipping sauce。(And coarse salt and Curry salt) to the other、Sake、To or want to eat this rice dish、So there is ample à la carte menu、It is used in the drink of the night。Below is a rough menu。This time the、Because it was the first time casual ordered the donburi.。

♦Tempura chef course
On a (full-fledged) 2100 yen (seasonal-vetted material、One heavenly Government)
Super Deluxe (full-grown) 3360 yen (superlative flavors utilizing fresh ingredients)
(Rice, miso soup is another note)
♦Meal (appetizer, rice, miso soup, pickles, dessert)
Heaven m. Zen (tempura and sashimi) 3150 Yen、Tempura meal 2100 Yen、Sashimi Zen 2100 Yen、Fried Zen 2100 Yen、BBQ table 2100 Yen、Bird fried chicken meal 1580 Yen
♦Donburi (miso soup, pickles, dessert)
Tempura 1260 Yen、Kakiage-Don 1260 Yen、How much rice bowl ¥ 1260、Tuna rice bowl ¥ 1260、Bowl 1470 Yen
* Banquet and ceremony (3680 Yen-10500 yen) of reservation is possible。


"Tempura" 1260 Yen

Shrimp 2、Conger eel、Kiss、Eggplant、Zucchini、Big mushroom、Bowl of sweet potato ingredients along with the addon thing、Power is great.。So from the fried and dipped in the soup、The finish and moist。Shrimp, conger eel and puritsu tender、Vegetables are a juicier。Soup depth and sweetness as it is delicious with a good balance.


"Tempura donburi" 1260 Yen

In abundance and with dry shrimp also from the Bowl will scroll I (laughs)、Is the best combination of sweet ingredients of onion。So it's just moist finish、The amount many monotonous taste will become too much.。But because a significant volume may be pleasing to the men of the morning、As the woman is pretty small and I'm happy。


"Miso soup" tofu with rice bowl set、Nameko、Elegant fragrance with a trefoil red miso soup。Relatively、Miso is good。


Pickled white radish "Pickles".、Well it's not the pickled radish。What is amber I'm soaked?。It is delicious。


Dessert "green tea vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with soy sauce

Rice alone I feel at a reasonable price、This set is thus attached to the dessert.。The next time、May as well enjoy Tempura separately for the sake at the counter.

Taste artisan natural politics
2-14-17 East, AOI, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi TEL:053-489-7002
Hours of operation 12:00-14:00(Saturday and Sunday only) 18.:00To 22:00Closed on Mondays:Every Monday、Third Tuesday、Irregular times per month 1

2-14-17 East, AOI, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi

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