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2013On May 17, (gold) mikatahara residential and Santeria Italian 'Ristorantino Epsilon"Let's OPEN this。But since the place is so unclear that address search on Google Maps might be best。If you explain roughly、Eleven intersection hurts Hamamatsu loop line, was to run to the left、3Turn right at the second street。Is the parking lot and left where it was written "Epsilon entrance" into a telephone pole on the left in the back put 7 or so.、A Western-style beige and House、First floor there will be。It seems I missed not yet too busy to sign、At the entrance contains a small easel menu and、Okay from the wreath also decorated.。There was a calm on the front black and white containers general housing is、Is wrong and there are many illnesses and so watch out!


Shop、Counter 5 seats、Table 14 seats and a moist and dark space。Our chef Yuji Endo is French and Italian experience and independent、Are conducted on his wife and his three-legged race。Lunch menu is as follows.。This time the、Let's go with the pasta, please feel free to shop for the first time since.

Choose from the 3-course lunch。
Stuzzichinos (projection)、Misto (starters assortment)、Zuppa (soup)、1000 yen for pasta。
Appetizers、Pasta、The main content is changed、Dolce and Cafe offers a full course includes 2 course 1900 yen and Yen 2700。
* Dinner course by course upcoming seems。


Stuzzichinos "in flan with scallopsIwata mouth ShotenOf the over Yuba bean、With salad and Frittata.

Warm scallop franc has firmly soup, flavorful、Infiltrates into the stomach and with a slick Yuba bean。Frittata is firm and solid.。A look back "of cured ham, pork and wild boar smoked ham"、So that the local farmer's homemade、It's not served in a menu that is not、This opening was put in service。Very helpful!


Misto "bagne cold vegetables、Wrapped in Prosciutto with caponata、Simmering pork au gratin.

So gentle salty anchovy sauce Bagna Cauda is smooth and goodness of the ingredients of local vegetables taste good drawer。Prosciutto wrapped caponata also rely on alcohol would be a nice dish。In the menu "simmering pork" and was written、The fleshy、Feeling fat on your belly、Seemed that finishing the loin cutlet style Gratin。Homemade Grissini, flavored, crunchy, delicious ♪ at this time 1000 yen for lunch that forget it (laughs)


"Homemade Walnut bread" baked good fragrance。Outside is crusty and baked with、While no longer was dust and straw anyway delicious!


Zuppa "using a homemade vegetable onion soup、Smiling Yamanashi auricularia.

As a gentle taste with a nice thick、Is interested in deep fried Basil affixed to the accents of auricularia。Home vegetable garden、It seems to have been his wife's father.


Homemade White Sesame bread pan is free refills。Also walnuts delicious in hot, whats up!


Pasta "involved in the thick ragu with homemade fettuccine duck and pork.

Also I coupled coarse duck with shredded pork topped with homemade fettuccine, nice 絡mimasu。On top and served with fried carrot flowers, looks very cute.。However,、Surprise may come out homemade pasta pasta lunch ¥ 1000 more than anything else! To convey it to the chef, Mr. Endo. "so is the locality、At home, it may、Customers who want a reduction, and provide as much as possible at reasonable prices "with was。It is grateful for your kind words!


Pasta "spaghetti with clams and cooked vegetable garden silk sheath with.

It is oilpasta and the clams and mussels。Nice balance there's shellfish、Shell is produced there、Good easy to peel and spits out and eat it?。Basics、That is a very desirable 余ranai sauce on your plate、When it comes to this pasta、Might be easier to eat more and you already feel oil。


Dolce "tiramisu Epsilon wind、Chocolate sauce "Dolce & Dubai, +500 yen

1,900Dolce with Yen and 2700 Yen course、1,000About Yen course、It is possible to add Dolce set + 500 yen。And destroyed the concept of tiramisu、Tiramisu can feel the originality of Chef Endo、Ride is smooth mascarpone cream on coffee sherbet、On the same Choux dough baked crispy pastry, served with。And、No annex of the dining experience rich with chocolate espresso Cup going out like that。Amid the sorbet melts、It is delicious when mixed with.


Dolce set "coffee."

Only was still OPEN, seems not particularly notice、Pleasant customer service、I do like the course setting a reasonable。Is there a hideaway、Not a problem if you try to visit once。Mrs. Endo、Because the story was fun, and my boyfriend the same 37-year-old's、I wanted to ask also for dinner and drinking at the counter.

Ristorantino Epsilon
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata-Cho 1854-23 TEL:053-571-5772
Hours of operation 11:30-14:30 15:30-17:30 18:00-20:30 Closed on Mondays:Thursday、1-3 Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata town 1854 -23

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