A light classy Tempura and fried flaky in 'alpha' counter


Hang a little goodwill to Chitose、Standing quietly in touch like Tempura shop "Alpha"Mr.。Its predecessor was known as a sushi shop、In the sonTakeo KazutakaJust after training with deep expertise in Asakusa Tokyo、Return to Hamamatsu, taken over 20 years ago as the Tempura shop shop。At an early age from its predecessor says Kazutaka"You become a Tempura chef! 」And、As had been said、And aim already Tempura chef around with discretion determined it had been。There Tempura shop hard to find even in Hamamatsu delicious Tempura FRY to counter such owner.


Reservation 10 counter seats and a shop's shop。And I saw the Tempura FRY owner、Should you enjoy both hearing and clear sound。On this day、Recent successful performance art eventYamauchi, KiyoshiKun and his friends inKazuhiko ImaiSan、And, the younger brother of Kyushu Institute of technologyYamauchi based,And dinner at five。And the fun bunch provided a teaser from Imai, an ardent fan of Seiji-Kun。This menu is 5000 yen.、6,000Yen (finish of the Tempura donburi)、7,500Yen (sashimi + finish of Tempura donburi), provides a、Serving tempura is 12 items at that time.


Champagne 'Bollinger Bollinger

Its distinctive personality and character tastes for some reason、BollingerThe、1884 yearIn the United Kingdom Royal warrant in specified。If you lover her Majesty the Queen、"On her Majesty's secret service" than to patronize。The Bollinger、James BondMovie007 seriesA nutritionally。Fragrance、Darker color、Heavy to taste、"Wishing liqueur" almost did not make、Brut (hot)The on line.Go Extra BrutIn near fine wine tasting、So well with our meal and you have、Especially excellent compatibility with the Tempura dishes are!


Assorted appetizer

Home-made salted squid、Kiss gather somebody's ashes、Taro Braised、Grilled white fish、Wipe steamed、Edamame。They are delicious in taste.、Especially homemade salted、Commercially available stuff without strong salty、Feel the smell and taste is!


On the wall behind the counter、Part time seasonal specials are written。Now、Leave on this day let us! Heaven is the dipping sauce、And a classy juice and soak with plenty of grated bonito flavored soft and fragrant、The salt、Standard、Green tea salt、Among 3 types of pepper will be with your choice!


Shrimp legs



Tiger prawns




See Frederick Magnan Puligny-Montrachet 2011 ' France Burgundy

The world's greatest white wine-producing-regionPuligny-Montrachet。The number in some Burgundy appellations、And then dominated the white wines、Is recognized as the world's best white wine。In Puligny has also rich in Meursault、Fine minerals and at the same time moderate viscosity。Guests can enjoy a village with rich, full-bodied taste.


Small onion










Lotus root


See, Louis Latour Domaine Latour corton Grand Cru 2000 "France Burgundy

Varieties:Pinot Noir 100%。Are various from the Colton hills、With the expressive potential of the Pinot Noir、Mellow and、Full bodied wines。Torotto was dense and rich feel.




Shiitake mushroom


Scabbard fish


"Sotto reflect 2006 ' Spain Catalonia

Small production5500BookOnly Spain very difficult to obtain dry full-bodied red wine。Grape varieties:Merlot seeds 50%、Carinena seeds 30%、20% Cabernet Sauvignon。Aromas of dark chocolate and blueberry jam fresh and powerful feeling, mixes、Guests can pamper themselves cozy feel good tannins and forcefulness in acid and spicy aftertaste。Size of etiquette but also fresh.


"Heaven tea and bran

Finish of the Tempura batter、Do you you leave it?、As heaven tea or Tempura served with your choice。I am now.、Poker, you worry about the calories in fried、Her husband gave in natural Brown I love delicious soup and trefoil with horse-radish。Here is、Bran to classy, desirable and tasted!


Conger "melon、Watermelon、PEAR "


The two met in order to meet the。Straight power attracts people of Kyushu Institute of technology and an energetic piece with an innocent heart feeling sensibility owner、Mr. Imai together picture of herself very happy smile。It was great meeting! Mr. Imai、Thank you very much for your invitation!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Chitose-Cho 11 TEL:053-452-2228
Hours of operation 18:00-Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Chitose-Cho 11

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