Overlooking the Lake "eel restaurant Katsumi 3 months, head" of eel


Speaking of Lake Hamana、The eel。The eel is the Facebook "Kamo"、Today unfortunately Wednesdays closed。Many shops are open、I found the、In the location overlooking the Lake Hamana and inohana Shin-Seto bridge (red)、From the Hamana Lake boat dock "Eel restaurant Katsumi"Her.。


Enter the store、Surprised at first to view。Facing the Lake, quiet lake completely。Today is sunny and airy and exhilarating in "view rates" seems to be good.。67 table's table room people。The funny thing、Stick at the 3 cushions。Dad says coverage、Said to be from the "eel."。Is it really? (Lol)


This is the Lake.、Also referred to as inohana Lake。She swayed gently to Lake、So please forget over time。


First come the eel bone。Salty good eyes so、Seasoned wants beer。


Pebble Island (tsubutejima)-unagi donburi, sunomono, hepatic absorption and pickles-¥ 2500

Stone Island (tsubutejima)、Hamamatsu City, 3 months, Cho Osaki peninsula of 400 m off the coast of、The only island in the Lake Hamana.。This is taking the name of this island, carrying half-eel rice bowl。By Katsumi、Quality materials, carefully selected only large eel stocking、Come from orders、Intact with an open flame grilled at once called me up out of。104 meters underground at pulling out dirty.、By eels themselves too weak to pull excess fat、With home-made sauce、Quick baked over an open fire?。It is a so-called Kansai-style。Rice is a bit soft because、Children and old people is easy-to-eat?。The pride of、The additive is not used、It is a little sweet impression。And 注gi足sa since its inception and continue to be inherited、Would have continued in Hamamatsu locals love the taste of。


"Dazzling topping"-half-eel, hepatic absorption and vinegar, condiments, pickles-¥ 2500

Same gravel Island Rinku kannagi's bust。And cutting it up、Onto the warm rice in the porcelain rice keeper。The porcelain rice keeper cups 3 cups-almost 4 cups of、Considered good to eat, which divided into three。And to eat at least three different "good glare" in referred to as delicious to eat。The first Cup、Take one cup of teacups, eat and leave.。2The second cup、Eel on a dazzling spring onions、Pepper、You put the condiments, such as Nori、1Glass eyes and I will enjoy the different flavor。And、3The second cup、2Just like the cup of good glare to put condiments、Eat boiled rice in the soup.。


3And the second cup、It is an indescribably delicious texture of boiled rice because my stomach is bloated and smooth through the throat like。


On the set with daikon radish "Pickles"、Carrot、Narazuke pickles、Seaweed。


On the set with "pumpkin soup"


On the set with "liver absorption"

Katsumi's eel processing、Including Japan store 3 months 3 months, Internet shop、3 month date Center shop、Katsumi Center、Other stores are deployed。Above all、"Katsumi eel toasted" born not from the、As popular as souvenirs.。

Eel restaurant Katsumi
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku 3 months, Cho shimoo Nana 2257-5
TEL:053-525-1055 Closed on Mondays:Tuesday's opening hours 11:00-19:00

Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku 3 months, Cho shimoo Nana 2257-5

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