Eel restaurant "Live Eel Eel Heaven" Eel eel weight on doyo's day

Live eel on the spot、Boasting an excellent freshness of the cana weight "Live Eel Eel Heaven"To!

Here is、It is a new store of the son who inherited "active eel eel heaven" on December 19, 2008 from the father of the future who has been operating an eel restaurant since 1985! The place is located at the intersection corner on the playground side of Shinohara Elementary School.。
The old store changed the name of the store andOld eel shopIt is about 200m east of "Umaten" as、Mother is cut and existing!

Although it is a store built with a new construction about 13 years ago from now、The tiled roof uses tiles collected from many old private houses.、It is reproduced the old private house in a conventional wooden building so that you can feel the remains of the good old days、The restaurant feels comfortable in a calm atmosphere with its store style and comfortableness。This is、It is born from the desire of the owner who wants you to taste the eel dish that has been passed down since ancient times in a tasteful appearance and taste。

Today is "Doyo's Day of the Ox"。
Midsummer ox to eat the "eel" is a habit from the Edo period、Is reported as the origin、Scholar of the Edo period, gennai hiraga、To jazz up the acquaintance was no sale of the summer eel eel "today、Midsummer ox "and wrote, the signs on the storefront、Was thriving, thanks to the publicity effect has been that beginning!

Will be good to eat something "ox (unohi)" with a "u"、"Udon"、"Umeboshi"、And a "melon"、In the recent、From the stamina to stick "beef"、And join the "horse" as well as、"Eel" is one of them, and the above origin theory is famous!

I usually like my favorite in the neighborhood.Rin the eel shopI'm going to go to、I visited here this time to try to develop new ones once in a while!

There are 5 private rooms、One table seat for 6 people for barrier-free support is also provided、In addition、There is a large room where about 20 people can sit in the back、We will respond according to the number of people with partitions!

This time the、I was guided to this private room.。Because it's coronal disaster.、I am glad that private room correspondence is good!

Warm lighting of garashi shades that make you feel the Japanese antique's Great Blue Roman。

Looking forward to the time when you meet while inging green tea、It is also good to wait for the eel to bake, wrapped in a fragrant scent that drifts from some place!

They are well-cooked、It is the appearance of freshly baked "yingae"!

"Yingashige (top)" 3,600 yen

This eel is particular about the ingredients.、Mikawa and Kyushu, etc. without sticking only to the local Lake Hamana、At that time, the owner himself was examined for the best eel with the most fat.、After receiving the order, prepare the eel that remains alive、It is baked without steaming!
Take the broth with the eel bone and head、Soy sauce、Liquor、Using 醂 sauce that is seasoned with taste and seasoned, slept for half a year and matured! Rice is made from Ishihikari directly from Niigata production area!

The elasticity and fat that feel tightness from baking without steaming。To prefer good starting、Personally, I thought it would be good if there was a little more grilling.。For those of us who are accustomed to the elegant sauce of "Kanerin", this sweet and sour sauce that has a slightly darker firm taste。It may be good for those who like a gutsy and thick taste!

Like an old clock ticking、I was able to find an eel shop with a good atmosphere!

Live Eel Eel Heaven
Address:20181-2 Shinoharacho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka
Hours of operation:11:00-14:30(LO.14:00-、16:30-20:00(LO.19:30-
Closed on Mondays:Thursday (Please check the official website)
Parking lot:Store-in-front (2nd parking lot is also available)

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