Lake Hamana round drive in the father and the open car of the field


Like a classic car as a fellow、Friends of my father and since were talking about before "when it gets warmer convertible with each other trying to drive"、Today is perfect for driving that is set home.。The father of the coverage、The number on your favorite open case Rowan arrived in a vehicle、I will take a picture to celebrate Alfa's car and that!


Two years ago、The zero-one has just overhauled the engine、Show us as the perfect, comfortable ride! The convertible、Also was touring in before and after、So communicate smoothly if you speak a little louder, signal stop、It is a fun way information。And、As a unique convertible goodness、Feel the wind、The moment slip through a green tunnel、Good is open to taking a shower of negative ions is! most、This destination、But it has tight bathing in Sun (lol)


Today、In the middle of the course to go around the Lake Hamana "Yamaha Marina Lake Hamana"To stop、Back to photo Lake Hamana and cruiser.


And I enjoyed driving around the Hamana Lake boat comfortably、Tranquil Lake Hamana Lake、Adjacent to the peopl...、Coverage of Dad's home near "Fuji Marina"Well I stopped by。


But still a bit windy so、Across the pier are very good.。"I let、I was near the sea like "and、Sea and fishing are favorite epochally dad delighted。As well as cars, owned and experienced dads also ships the very makes learning fun。Now take the initiation of fishing while enjoying a cruise next time。We have played patience fishing? (Lol)


Click here for、Land a Marlin! Looking forward to!


Just、Is the pitching staff had been the maintenance of the other boat and the boat view asking。-Maintenance is always in the hands of their leave and that is、Communication is very important.


In the last、Zero Kanzanji Temple Pulpal behind by Buckshot and decided! is a bitter ~ ♪ shops at lunch I stopped in the middle of the drive>>>NEXT.

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