"Salvatore Cuomo&Bar "emerged in these city Hamamatsu pizza!


In the FC deployed nationwide brand Salvatore Cuomo Japan / Salvatore Cuomo Japan feel free to enjoy the authentic Italy Neapolitan、In July last year had come also in Hamamatsu!

On this day "ZaZa City Hamamatsu (These city Hamamatsu)"In the West Wing on the first floor"Salvatore Cuomo & Bar Hama Matsu(Salvatore Cuomo&Barr) ' to go、Representing the Hamamatsu City Music in the prefecture's largest musical instrument specialty stores "Quest music Hamamatsu these city store"The Dinner Meeting with Ichiro Suzuki, the President!

The shop is open、And the open kitchen overlooks the kitchen featuring Naples kiln、Enjoy a live feeling to rife with the process until the pizza is ready!

The staff moves、A refreshing smile is comfortable and produce a good、A bustling restaurant exudes a cheerfulness of Italy! And name plate on the chest of the staff、So every call by Italy names (nicknames) is being thorough!

STUZZICHINO is 300 yen to 500 yen and there was a small plate、Staff recommended listening "pickled vegetables" and "red shrimp appetizer fried.、"Pork Rillettes" won top prize in the pizza world competition called ""D.O.C"-dock-" order! Also gone is the topping on the dough and dust、Cherry tomatoes, Basil、A simple pizza with mozzarella cheese. Don't forget the spicy oil.

Wine、"Y (Wye) Australia produce" Salvatore's original wine Bill。Variety is Chardonnay、In addition to tropical fruit、Refreshing grapefruit scent is wearing、Easy, mellow taste with moderate acidity and refreshing white wine indication will be!

And Jamie、While the Discussion about new initiatives for future business、Become a fun Dinner ♪ Mr. Suzuki、Thank you very much!









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