In "Neapolis" red wood-oven baked authentic Neapolitan Toyohashi!


If you came to Toyohashi、Enjoy the authentic Neapolitan "PIZZERIA NAPOLETANA NEAPOLIS Pizzeria NAPOLETANA Neapolis"To revisit the Dinner time!

This is pizzeria apita grounds opened 3/2009.、Area of Naples Italy Ischia Island preparation and authentic pizza provided!

Also contains a wood-fired oven, Red、Whets the appetite feeling of performance chef each piece carefully baked live spectacle! The dinner menu、Pizza appetizers (baked chicken thigh meat) + soup + favorite 2600 yen and a special course!

Provided in this appetizer "chicken thigh meat" is especially recommended in the、Savory baked skin surface、Inside is as full of gravy and enjoy flavor in Jusici finish!

Choose what you like from 22 different kinds of pizza、A happy combination of the classic "Margherita" and topped with poached egg and mushrooms this time Bismarck's choice! Dough with flour and is flown in from Italy、Enjoy a chewy texture, good flavor、Served in a light taste.

Being alone and will be dedicated to pizza making、It is a smile chef show occasionally with reticence is impressive, good staff service shop!








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