Popular with couples and "incontro" Madame casual Italy restaurant


What Handa mountain in Hamamatsu is open from 7/2012、To solder mount Madam in a quiet residential area always crowded as popular Italy restaurant "Italy food incontro wncontoro ' to!

Unless the book is always、To ensure your seat pretty hard.、This date is spring break in may、The children were at home while Madame will go hard like、Unusual entry.

And "incontro"、In Italy, means "encounter and connection"、"Through this store、And connect with people、Delicious and dating、To provide a happy time "and request、Fresh ingredients in Italian。
Tomonori Kimura of the owner/chef is、Independent opening goal for 14 years、Piled up training in Tokyo French and Italian restaurants、She moved to Hamamatsu、After learning about the sales in other industries、In this open。
Area is 20 square meters with capacity for the L-shaped floor 26 seats provided, distance has the right to keep、Interior is white and wood combined with a natural cosy atmosphere!

Lunch menu、A-3 type C courses and、All 2-and can choose between four different types of courses、Because of children's chairs, children's menu、Feel free to be parents and children can enjoy.

This time the、A course and add +200 "pasta course 1700 Yen" and "pasta with porcini cream sauce、B course meat dishes "with bone chicken thigh confit with mustard cream 2200 Yen" order!
3Choose from among the set of Dolce、Sometimes called the "white"、We have chosen me to her husband.

Which of course is with "Misto salad" for appetizers、This day is roast beef and mussels.、Salami in leafy vegetables、Romanesco or sautéed、Sweet potato、Root vegetables、Tomatoes, mozzarella,、Good color, with neatly Bagna Cauda sauce!

The homemade Focaccia with、Fluffy moist smooth homemade cream butter is! Certain period of time、Well I'm cream butter is made at home.

And used plenty of fragrant porcini pasta with porcini cream sauce、Very rich cream sauce!

"With bone chicken thigh confit with mustard cream" is、Moist and soft and finished in the oven、Put the knife and fork、In Jusici trickled from the bone 外reto.、Using spices such as pink pepper mustard sauce goes well!

Dolce、Enjoy seasonal Apple crispy pie with "caramel Apple with vanilla ice cream pie and put espresso and vanilla ice cream with bittersweet pain dessert of choice, popular afogado!

Toda Yuna dancing Sun hood has worked as a Hall staff click here、Uchiyama Izumi-Chan in Australia like a sister to me with、Since we met at Izumi-CHAN's wedding reunion!
"Izumi-CHAN's wedding in you ringtone of his wife was like? "And your voices were multiplied!

Just、For the temporary return Izumi-Chan at the Baby show at the end of the month、Was looking forward to seeing each other and ♪ Izumi-CHAN、Dancing Sun her similarly waiting I am looking forward to it!











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