Gorilla cream big impact! A giant Gorilla Cafe & flower shop


-Motohama-Cho, Hamamatsu City further north were opened in August last year 2016 Cafe & florist "gorilla-cream (Gorilla cream) ' To!

Is an illustration of a giant Gorilla suddenly appeared in the residential area of motohama-sign in、Bright Navy Blue exterior was giving off a strong impact!

Five more parking behind the front left and、It is convenient because it suggests in the car! Because it was received last is my home "MASERATI Quattroporte"、It seems most of your car in the parking available?!

This is Sapporo "But even m.(Nickname) "Mr. Beach received a request from the friends of pine from the owner、Store Manager has been put in charge、Sunday-Thursday 11 am-Café is open until 6 pm and will be! Closed on Fridays and Saturdays!

Mr. even also the Manager of the chef as well as、Has been active as a florist bouquet for birthday parties and anniversaries, such as the stores and do a regular flower arrangement, including、Morning、Flower importer at the flower market is flooded with、Surrounded by the scent of flower、Would be very extravagant consolation cosy space.

Looks like inside the same in shades of Navy Blue and、In the atmosphere in combination with dark brown wood、Boldly decorated with big gorilla photo Panel on the wall、Thanks again great impact! Pictures of gorillas suggests that the gentle, quiet eyes caught in the jungle、Watch and be sucked into the glamour is.、Also, even as the owner seems to work fell in love with!

Lunch 11 am through until 3 pm and、It then enjoyed a dessert as time until 18!

Lunch menu daily skillet lunch (drinks included) 980 yen and pasta lunch (drinks included) 950 yen and even the original, even have Curry Lunch (drinks included) 950 Yen。On this day、Skillet lunch, "cod Meuniere' and ' nor even Curry" order!

The topics provide the hot skillet、Wood tray with salad rice lovely and CHOY、And miso on the set of good Western food set、Cod is moist and burning is Good!

Curry takes Curry with rice in the deep、Served with hard-boiled eggs。
Feel the sweetness of the onions and、Beautiful colorful broccoli carrot chamfered and tender Braised beef、Volume of the equipment is also、Lou's dense and good balance of spicy flavor of choice!

In the nutritional balance in this price range comes with a neat salad! Is surprisingly homey taste delicious Curry food shops less. so I'm addicted!

After dinner we iced coffee、Also, even with staffHosoya ikumi (Ikumi Hosoya)In the theatrical excitement and、Could spend hours of fun!

The next time、Clubhouse sandwiches of roast beef and Turkey will push menu to would want to visit ♪ again found Nice shop!









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