See sakuramochi and nail spring"Spring's contact us、Increasingly Hana yori dango is today at this time


Kansai is called the bun-shaped domyoji with domyoji flour steamed dough wrapped around bean jam "sakuramochi.。Kanto "sakuramochi" wrapped in thin pastry flour, bean paste and crepes、From the "JI" is known as so!

It is the difference between "sakuramochi" shape and name to Kansai and Kanto!

Speaking of either、But my favorite is called "domyoji" Kansai "sakuramochi.、The other day、We have inserted the microelectrode Kyoto "sakuramochi" gifted! Mr. Yoshimi、Thank you very much!

Morning and very warm、And walking away、And the season began to pursue bloom on Magnolia Street "yulan magnolia"。Sumiyoshi Kaido "cherry" after flowering and it's going, a little bit.

Said walking is hard on the physical strength-making sounds、Actually,、While walking to or looking for 'good morning'!

Even if some one "Hana yori dango"。

Feel the spring beyond daily views and ingredients、Never misses a monthly nail design also incorporates、Spring day to feel at your fingertips、"Cherry blossoms and pink" theme was finished lightly! stone Hara 貴chi cat I、Thank you always!

We are home to Toyama from yesterday in the husband's family is、Tokai Hokuriku Expressway is still snowbound、Spring in Japan seems a bit more ahead of。Thanks to that?、This year's "winter Buri" is delicious!! Toyama is still best!


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