"Mandarin Oriental Taipei" "Bencotto" Dinner while drinking a select wine of exclusive sommelier!


Hong KongTo set up home、More than 27 countries worldwideTo expand the、Also loved by international royalty and celebrities
As the world's leading luxury hotel chain、5One-star hotel Crown to hand
"Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group"
Taipei CityThe classical-modern European-style City Center decorated with taste、
Approximately eight years old over the years, and construction、It's opened2014 May 18,.Of that。
Already celebrates two-year anniversary、TaipeiThe symbolic presence of the leading hotels in
"Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei"What。
Place、MRTOfNanjing station (formerly named:Nanjing East Road Station)From8 minutes walking distanceAnd with、
The beauty and the city、Lush greenDunhua North RoadAlong the landmarks。
Taipei Songshan AirportUntil the carApproximately 5 minutesTaoyuan Chiang Kai-shek International AirportAlso in the carAbout 40 minutes distance.Next、
famousTaipei 101 TowerUntil well in the car15 minutes distance.、Located convenient to local shopping areas as well as、
Taipei tourismTo say that was really fantastic!


Taipei CityAnd the beauty、The huge and heavy feeling building entrance、
And teeming in tranquillity and dignity、Surging tension and elation。
Smiling in "Welcome to! Mandarin Oriental Taipei"And、
Doorman who welcomes two men smile makes my heart suddenly becomes light。
The precious whiteMarbleUsingEntrance hallNow、
To symbolize this hotelCrystal chandelierPlease welcome the guest into the glittering world。
Here is、CzechoslovakiaThe designer is giving the design、
The number of what!510,000 pieces.Those using the Crystal、1.4tWhat are chandeliers shine bright weight!


This time the、Marketing Communications ExecutiveBellona MaReunited and played、
"BENCOTTO"At the dinner meeting。
Here "Grand Victoria Hotel"of
Friends can be served as a sales Assistant ManagerKenji Takahashi,
You can translate、Very helpful!


"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"of5 floorOn the day Italian open
"BENCOTTO"The、Michelin 3 starsI have won
Tuscan-born ItalyMario Cittadini()And supervised by the chef、
In the classic what heart warming、Country-style restaurant will。
The chefs prepare your meal、Using the finest fresh ingredients、
Authentic immersive open kitchen with an Italian as well as、
Such as a variety of wine and cocktails that fit well in the Italian gastronomy are also available abundantly ♪


The spacious interior、Filled with warm shades and tones and、
Provides table and sofa seats、Provides good atmosphere。
Specifically designedChef's tableThe very popular、
In addition to12~ 50Until there are two private rooms available.


This time through seat on the couch、Relax and enjoy the meal。
Japanese-speaking staffEdward LuiSmiley staff!
Mandarin Oriental TaipeiIn the restaurant、
Prepare all Japan Japanese menu、No language worries help!


To the delight of reunion、Bellona MaThe lade planning [Japan traditional crafts and silk (SILK) and travel series] As、
"Look what I 'm"In Toyama Prefecture, Nan famous boasts a history of over 140 years in the city "Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."The sixth generation in
Ms. Noriko MatsuiAnd I recommend "SILK Fairy for Bath"We have introduced。
Enjoy the scent of cherry blossoms here、Moisturizing power of surprise is、
In a deep sea water of Toyama Bay and containing minerals make skin moist、Guests can enjoy beauty and skin!

Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Handle "Barge silk"、2Three silkworm weaves together power
Woven with miracle dupioni[Crystal of love of two]Give birthIs a great fabric come。
Before you travel to Taiwan from Japan、Japan celebrates traditional crafts of Japan-Taiwan relations better[Marriage]As possible.、
You choose the products、We have been presented to staff。

We will introduce youMatsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Of the product、With excellent local products Japan should be proud "The Wonder 500"Also has been elected、
The other day、"Taiwan Design Expo 2015"But published in the exhibition
Brand new "Johanas"The next to silk (SILK)、
Japan traditional crafts in the world stretches.


Japanese-speaking staffEdward LuiThe、Kenji TakahashiAnd it's former colleagues were、
A chance meeting that very pleasing was like.


The sommelierAlex TsaiAndKenji TakahashiAnd I also had a good friendship、
Relationships built up good。
TaiwanBut Hotel officials camp community and、
While peers and exchange information.、Horizontal ties are important to each other and compete!


This time though the sommelierAlex TsaiPlease charge table、First of all, you served champagne toast!
AlexTo let the wine、Please select a cuisine with matching wines.


"2004 Pierre Péters Champagne Grand Cru Cuvée Speciale Blanc de Blancs Les Chetillons"
France Champagne

District Court de Blanc Grand Cru "Mesnil-sur-And Ogier "production、
At the highest single vineyard "Les-Shetty young.、
Flagship cuvee Chardonnay old trees of more than 70 years old only。
Single variety、Single vintage、Single Klima called "Clos-du-Mesnil philosophy".
Champagne Salon styles do not use any barrel blend!
Combined Chardonnay clones are 45 species have been immigrant cherish from generation to generation、
The bottle 72 ~ including taking 96 months、1One creates complex flavors and depth。
In the elegant flavors with delicacy and glitz、
Feels solid acid、Give a relaxed impression.


"OTORO TUNA LOIN ALLA PIZZAIOLA suggested for 2 to 3 (tuna Carpaccio with 2-3 for the public)
-、1600 TWD (Japan Yen:5760 JPY)
Carpaccio, tomato jus, Chili, stracciatella flakes, black olives and oregano
Click here order the 1。
Equipped with long tuna Carpaccio、
Tomatoes and smooth mouth melt with a good Butler to Parmesan
A refreshing dish served with salad.


850 TWD (Japan Yen:Approximately 3060)
In Hokkaido scallops, white asparagus textures, sea urchin vinaigrette
Hokkaido scallops and grilled crispy surface、
In finishing at medium-rare、Feel the sweet taste of steamed lettuce、
Serve with fresh passion fruit and vinaigrette sauce.


The last wine youAlex TsaiThe、
Sommelier knife cutlery specializes in building "KATANA"I was given!


To mean a Samurai sword "KATANA"And the package was simple and cool design!
Whatever it's outstanding knife、Rode the boom in overseas Japanese swords、That popular sommelier knife!
"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"ofTetsuyoshi OnoIs it to pretend we have。
Sommelier knife collectionAlexTo seem happy and glad.




Sommelier knife gift give this a try!、Did enjoy the good in sharpness.


"2006 Montes Alpha M"

The Montes Winery Premier muchly wine, that、
Since its founding in 1988 by the specialists of leading Chile's wine scene、
Continue to innovative winemaking、Around the world are used as a restaurant and airline in-flight wine、
Will be representing Chile now undisputed top winery。
"M"TheMagnificent、AndMontesOfMagicThe "M"And in the、
In addition, MontesMr.MontesAndMr.MurrayThe initial, and、This is exactly what Montes's wine!
Grape varieties:80% Cabernet Sauvignon、10% Cabernet franc、
Bordeaux style Merlot and Petit Verdot 5%。
Rich aromas of red fruits and Cassis、Cedar and cinnamon、Combines fascinating fragrances such as vanilla or coffee、
Fuller fruit flavors with silky tannins that have、
Are wines with no added flavor concentration but beautiful taste lingering.


Pasta and risotto、According to the rib-eye steak main dish、
Please click here to select、Is also very compatible with food.


480 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1730 yen)
Eggeplant stuffed ravioli, burrata, Cherry tomato
Butler to cheese and eggplant ravioli、Skin no longer was and then click、
While bean is very juicy、Good balance of acidity and cherry tomatoes.


650 TWD (Japan Yen:About 2340 yen)
Saffron risotto with braised Australian veal-ossobuco style
By simmer duck tongue with red wine、Keep the flavor, soft finish、
Will be served with saffron risotto made in Italy。
Shades of Saffron that is vivid and rich taste.


Introducing the luxury rib-eye steak main dish!


The size of the United States of rib-eye steak is what 700 g!
Keep the beautiful rose color、Juicy!


3350 TWD (Japan Yen:12060 JPY)
US Prime whole roasted bone-in rib eye,Mashed potato and sauteed vegetables, capperata and roasting juices
American Prime libai steak cooked slowly in STAUB、
Moist and soft finish.。
Must be accompanied by mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, caponata.


"TARTELETTA AL CIOCCOLATO" Please allow 15 minutes baking time
- (- )"350 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1260 yen)
Warm dark chocolate tart, vanilla ice cream

Rich chocolate tart is very rich in taste with a smooth finish。
The fragrant vanilla gelato and sauce is also good.


"The white one is MIMOSA"
White sponge, lemon curd, Chamomile sorbet.

The fresh lemon、With a combination of lemon curd, dense and sponge、
With a light taste、
Unleash the scent settles is Chamomile sorbet!
1 plate chocolate with rich flavor、Finishing in mouth in 2 dish of lemon!


Julia Kuo

Vancouver, Canada-born。
Learn about the bakery and confectionary in the Vancouver Community College。
To improve the technology as a pastry chef at the Four Seasons Vancouver、
Now、While active as a confectionary of the Mandarin Oriental Taipei Venkat!

VenkatFor the confectionaryJulia KuoHanging out、Dessert of the infinite possibilities is the best!
VenkatNow、Feel free to enjoy meals à la carte、
Will be pleasant to enjoy an elegant dinner with sommelier select wines.


Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei、Xie Xie! Landlord!

Hotel 5th floor
Dinner:18:00To 22:00
Trattoria & Bar:12:00To 22:00

Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

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