"Mandarin Oriental Taipei" Italian restaurant "Bencotto" Introduce the excellent sommelier !


"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"of
5 floorTo the all-day Italian sales "BENCOTTO"The、
Michelin 3 starsI have won
Tuscan-born ItalyMario Cittadini()And supervised by the chef、
In the classic what heart warming、Country-style restaurant will。
The chefs prepare your meal、Using the finest fresh ingredients、
Authentic immersive open kitchen with an Italian as well as、
Such as a variety of wine and cocktails that fit well in the Italian gastronomy are also available abundantly ♪


In the spacious interior、Filled with warm shades and tones and、
Provides table and sofa seats、Provides good atmosphere。
Specifically designedChef's tableThe very popular、
In addition to12~ 50Until there are two private rooms available.

The last、Click the URL below article for lunch!
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei" Popular Italian lunch in "BENCOTTO"


This time the、Unfortunately miss the afternoon flight to、I had lunch.、
Friends of Venkat sommelierAlex TsaiThe've and leave out!
After meeting with Director of communicationsLuanne LiAnd
Marketing Communications ExecutiveBellona MaAlso joined the、
While enjoy the chat time!


The sommelierAlex Tsaiis、
"This time、I can't give you the terrace、Instead of giving my favorite!"
And specially his favorite is wine that was prepared! (Surprise!!!-
AlexThe、My 1973, born in the same year。
Intelligent and kind gentleman and perfect man!
The next time、I want to have something that when you see him happy。
Alex, Thank you very much! This wine was very delicious!

Alex Tsai profile
1973In August 20.:Born in Taipei

Biology learning at University of Leicester, United Kingdom、
1997Since worked as a laboratory assistant at the General Hospital of the Rong people Taipei。
2005From UK Friancy Wine Tasting Club, consultant and lectures。
2009Since engaged as sales at the wine shop Evergreen Laurel Collection。
Give up with academic career path、Wine and dating at work、Go to the sommelier road。
2011Since Pin J French Cuisine Restaurant in Taichung in premium Beverage Manager & sommelier。
2012Since Taipei Salon Wine Bar Manager & sommelier。
2013From "Taipei Grand Victoria, premium beverage Assistant Manager and head sommelier。
2014Since "Mandarin Oriental Taipei" Of "Venkat"In the
Fee swallowed and then became the Assistant Manager、Today。


Director of CommunicationsのLuanne LiAnd
Marketing Communications ExecutiveBellona MaWith photo!
As a fan of the dead necessarily hotels、Even a little of Japan
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"of
To good to know、Would like to communicate with their future.
Luanne,Bellona,Alex,Thank you for your time!See you again soon!


"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"From the、"Taipei Songshan Airport"The car around5 minute areaAnd conveniently located for、
By express bus from the Songshan Airport "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"Until the head。
Prior to、Take the express bus from Taipei main station、Had to go to Taoyuan International Airport、
Hotels near Songshan district in、It is recommended that passengers from Songshan Airport to。
Luanne LiAndBellona MaIn gratitude tells、
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"To enjoy, come back to、I think good bye! (So thanks! )
In it、Next is "Taipei Songshan Airport"From learn how to ride to the bus.

Lunch:12:00-14:30、Dinner:18:00To 22:00
Trattoria & Bar:12:00To 22:00
* Reservation is required because、Reserve your room as soon as possible。

Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:Dunhua North Road, Songshan district, Taipei City 158
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

Dunhua North Road, Songshan district, Taipei City 158

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