Patisserie originality "Lemon Yellow" performance sweets!


TaipeiThe 8/29/2014 is located in a quiet residential area or district in
"Yellow Lemon"。
London、France、Japan、Shanghai、Experienced in all over the world including Hong Kong S.A.R.、
Born in Italy, Sicily Island little Patisserie chefAndrea Bonaffiniis
Produce innovative original performance sites、
Patisserie has drawn much attention in that sense funny performance。
MRTDazhi stationOf the approximately 10 minutes walk from exit 3.


As an image of the shop、Cheerful colors are bright Design Center。
And set the table at comfortable intervals、Includes the sofa seat and back.


As well as eat space、
Excellent showcase for take-out、The pastries and baked goods will enjoy the gift!


Born in Italy, Sicily Island little Patisserie chefAndrea BonaffiniFrom the received an offer、
Received will greetings! (buongiorno! )


Shop、The suites their pastries giving rise
Vibrant and open kitchen.


And performance sites、
This was multiplied in Hawaii, including during the years of table art.。
Spread the vinyl table、Little Patisserie chefAndrea Bonaffiniis
Using a source like a clean canvas paintings to draw bold art!
American painter "Jackson Pollock"LoveAndreais
Image of Pollock while、"Space"Is the beginning of concept draw performance sites.


Sources used in performance suites and suites


In the restaurant guests、Good tempo will continue fighting the suites!


Finish make the fantastic rendition by using liquid nitrogen!


Set in the Middle last chocolate robot、Performance Wirt "Space"The is finished!


We created from originality and a unique suitesAndrea Bonaffini
We recommend menu!



"FLOWER"And is named suites、
In the form of Sweet-Sour strawberry, edible flowers yogurtofrorsnmues.、
Served with caramel rose、Suites vanillazery rosewater and Elle had wishes!
Especially with mouth melt is a good smooth on the tongue a refreshing dessert.


Into egg mixture with Bacon was introduced in a frying pan、
So sign on the shop's Suites pour-190 ° C in liquid nitrogen and made
What can you do!


"BK (French toast egg Bacon ice cream)"

Breakfast FAQ's
Egg Bacon French toast served with dessert, made in its name or "BK"!
The BK named from breakfast、Dish to represent the yellow Lemon。
Add egg Bacon on Brown and burnt caramel brioche made with liquid nitrogen ice cream。
With the sweetness of the crunchy caramel brioche、Sweet-and-sour tomato Strawberry Jam、
Once tasted salty egg Bacon ice cream
Is a strange combination of dessert!







There are creative menus in addition to look for dessert don't look like!


"Grand Victoria Hotel"of
Friends can be served as a sales Assistant ManagerKenji TakahashiAnd I'm in for interpreters、
TaipeiWe have a unique experience in the popular restaurant and patisserie.

Yellow Lemon
Address:No. 561, Mingshui Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Hours of operation:Monday-Thursday 11:00To 22:00、Friday 11:00-23:00、
Saturday 10 am:00-23:00、Sunday 10 am:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

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