Attracted to the birthplace of the "thank you feeding cattle" crepe Breton Galette


Aimono-City off in the central city of Toyama sogawa、
Fascinated by Brittany Galette home mainly to France's small dining room reminiscent to
"Thank you feeding cattle quatre"Let's be。
Cute like you've wandered in the corner of a small town in northwestern France made、
Michelin doll becomes the mark!


And exudes the calm landscape of France with filled with warm colors and a woody taste、
Store loose air that evokes the atmosphere。
Is Brittany in northwestern France.、Birthplace of crepes。
For the Gallic ancestors in France、Brittany is Celtic immigrants and、
Originally independent State in their own language、Developing cultural。
Do not grow the grapes and wheat since ancient times is the regional cuisine of Brittany was developed from a dead soil、Buckwheat crepes "Galette" is。
Sparkling wine made from the apples instead of the grapes grown there "cider"、Spirits 'fines'、Famous during the "PoMo"。
In the local、People's creperie (Galette、Crepe restaurant) to gather、
Cider、PoMo、Fines sipping diet Galette、Eating a crepe for dessert、So enjoy the talk at all。
Culture of Brittany's shop here、Has been openly seeking to disseminate the culture of France in Toyama.


Owner-chefMiyakoshi hisayasuMr. a、
Dishes using quality of Brittany、What you're wearing or my car in France Mono、I love gentlemen, France。
"Asano presents! Hot Toyama in quick turns, Night!"In the third、Click hereCattleMr. in the
Sitting on the counter、France loose to enjoy!


"Val de Rance / Cider (hot or sweet) "¥ 750

Built in France-Brittany from Apple 100%
Natural sparkling wine cider ferment。
Guests can enjoy the rich flavor and use only organic Apple, condensed。
Build the "Val de Rance" cider、Les serie Associés Inc.、
1953In the producers ' cooperative was founded in、500Participating farms with more than。
In France today there many cider makers、Without any of concentrated juice and sugar、
Use only natural fruit juice the apples were harvested in that year Brittany produced 100%It is said
Brewery has inherited the tradition until today.。
And either say、Cider had a sweet impression.、
This taste is medium dry、As a nice sweetness and acidity and vibrant flavor、
Healed by the fresh smell of an Apple while、Much easier to fit, and easy to drink。
Because a low-slung, with alcohol content 4%、I can feel free to drink, brunch or lunch to be listened.


"Galette of putty cheese"

Garrett was poured into the dough mix, buckwheat flour, water and salt, and laid down a heated pan or Galette special cooking griddle、
Stretched out in the trowel thin circular、Unlike the crepe is cooked on only one side、
Meat, such as prosciutto、Fish and seafood、Grated Gruyere or Gouda cheese、Egg、Cooking decorate salads with the。
This restaurant uses buckwheat from Hokkaido。
If the original、The sheathed photos Garrett on the menu is pretty open.、
4Not to share the chef you care me、Easy-to-eat contributed, in the form of volume!
As the snacks delicious crispy Galette、Also is recommended for focused wine.


"Ham & Cheese-Walnut Galette"

Types of toppings、While there are、Walnut accents can be enjoyed the texture and flavor。
The next time、I normally open cute Galette is received on a branch.

Merci cafeteria Cattle
Toyama, Toyama Prefecture Nishiaimon cho 2-10 TEL:076-411-8810
Hours of operation:11:30-15:00 18:00-23:00Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Toyama, Toyama Prefecture Nishiaimon cho 2-10

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