From morning until night open! Feel free to craft beer in "Burbank" standing!


2013/3To open and、2First yearWelcomeShintomi-Cho, Toyama CityThe "Burbank barbanco"Mr. a、
Pour the beer tap provides 8ports、Instead offers a variety of craft beer standing bar every day。
"Drink! Eat! Laugh!"Have a concept、
And heaps of different lifestyles to suit preferences、
Cafe & deli's and feel free、In the morning what11oclockIn the more idle time without OutlookUntil the night
Lunch deli for doing、Handy lunch Lady。
11:00-14:00Until the、Some menus give us soft drinks or soup of the day, so you get!

On the storefront、Athina as part of shop owners own built in wood sculpture、
Italy bars, and stylish interior to、
Standing style counters and tables are provided。
Regardless of the time from morning till night all menu provides、
Of course even the beer and wine from morning CHOW、Unlike the Japan promotions, IKE!
The owner and his wife "Enjoy drinks and bar where free style"And I think he、
This style is carried.


Manager of Bata starKawakami YoshinobuMr. representative of the wifeHideyuki KawakamiMr. Mr. and Mrs.。
The original、They are like eating out、Every shop and complete.、
Not to mention the materials、Got a commitment to provide help、"Making you want to go"It is aimed at。
I'm sure、I think no one can seeI had a shop like this."Many jammed into this shop!


This time、ToyamaIn the when I went home、"Cave l ' onde"The ownerDaisuke Asano,、
In the limited time、Toyama night full so you can enjoy、Quick pub crawlOf the plan and asked。
Entitled、"Asano presents! Hot Toyama in quick turns, Night!"
AsanoMr. Food Marketing ManagerDepartment of ITO KengoMs. us couple 4 person 6 pub crawl planning!
The memorable first House here.BurbankMr.。
Standing style with start from the local craft beer is、
As you'd expect、AsanoSelect!
ItoMr. a、Specialists in imported foods and in what58Years of age
6And enjoy seeing the hotels pub crawl、Is an owner of the stamina of hard (laughs)
AsanoSanItoMr. a、"I wanted to do something together before!"That story is much like was in two、
CurrentCurve roundThe nationals placed、ItoAnd it is has demonstrated its own!


BurbankIs it in the beer drinking、Instead of leading manufacturers of mass-produced beer、
In the relatively small breweries all over Japan and abroad、
Provides only unease craftsmen who love beer microbrewery。
A glass poured from a beer keg filled with craftsmen's passion。
Each has a unique、For different tastes、I want to enjoy several types.


Craft beer tap behind the counter sort array、Delicious beer poured with spirit one Cup appearance、
Ago you will be out dancing heart thrilled and。
BurbankMr. so、Always 6-8 typeOne can enjoy a craft beer kegs in。
Will also try drinking craft beers of different specialties, good!


Johana Brewery (Toyama) hakama ALE 750 Yen
In the liver flavor with plenty of rich、Is a concentrated rich wheat flavor and bitterness taste。
"Baeren (Iwate) summer weizen" 750 Yen
Feel the banana flavor is rich and rich taste is characterized by mellowness women is popular。
ROGUE rogue (Oregon) OREgasmic ale 800 yen
100% Oregon grown、Malt made from barley grown。
Brown offers a spicy taste of hops malty aroma。
Amber Swan Swan Lake beer (Niigata) 800 yen
Using the caramel mold、Mellow flavors of American hops and sweet、
Characteristics of brown craft beer is a delicate flavor with a rich malt flavor。
Evaluates to beers of the world's first class international beer Summit 98, shining gold。


For my wifeMasayuki.、Pinchos type where you will find easy snack baguettes and helpful!


"Pintxos assortment"

Tasmanian grain mustard, served with chicken and mushrooms。
Is eating eel FRY in the Spain culture.、Arranged in a white fish、Fried quail egg。
Carifurore Mont-Blanc sauce。
Ham, Italy's Parma pro shot。
Volume there is none、It looks too cute.。
Baguette is original、Bakery I the is are we making good Buri.


"European Union OOW (Belgium) black and European Union BLACK OWA" 850 Yen

In the Japanese brewerImai thanked EuropeLet's build a Belgium beer。
Dark brown reddish。
Rich, roasted flavor and fruity scents mingled、Enjoy the scents of complex。
Sweet and sour、Good balance of bitterness、Generous sense of flavor、
And、Enjoy the pleasing to the last lingering beer!


ToyamaOn a hot night、Selection of craft beers, starting with、Still lasts!
KawakamiSan、MasayukiSan、I will come again?!

Burbank barbanco
Toyama Prefecture Toyama shintomicho-Cho 2-5-3 TEL:076-471-5355
Hours of operation:[Tuesday-Saturday and holidays] 11:00翌-1:00 [Day] 11:00-24:00Closed on Mondays:Monday

2-5-3 shintomi-Cho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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